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Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Having to borrow money has unfortunately become a part of life for some of us. As we often cannot pay cash for our homes, university loans or the car that we use to get to our workplace, we are likely to get a credit. But being in debt is not always bad, since there are things, which are worth going into debt for, whereas others might leave you in a big financial mess.

To differentiate between good debt and bad debt the key is to think about debt as a sensible investment that can help you build long-term financial stability or achieve future goals. For example, a student loan might help you to secure a better-paid job after graduation, or by getting a mortgage you take advantage of rising property prices. If your debt is not an investment in your future that will generate a net-positive return on investment, or you cannot afford the long-term monthly payments, it’s a bad one.

Good debt is used wisely and the sort of credit that you buy essential items to save you time like a washing machine or helps you to invest in yourself such as further education. Especially a mortgage can be filed under good debt as house prices in Australian cities are increasing every year. This means, your home might even gain value every year and living in a house for a few decades that you might even be able to sell off at a profit is a great way to make money in residential real estate.
business loans are harder to get because they are a big risk to the creditor, nevertheless, they might be the best investment you’ll ever make if you want to start working for yourself. After all, it takes money to make money. If you have ambition, skills and the right portion of luck, investing in your first business might be the smart move towards a big monthly pay check, but keep in mind that sometimes even the best ideas don’t always work out as intended before you take the risk of getting into large debt.
Bad debt, however, concerns any purchase, which decreases in value soon after you buy it, or is used for things you cannot really afford. If your purchase won’t go up in value or generate higher income, you shouldn’t go into debt for it. For instance, if you can’t pay cash for either designer clothes, the newest mobile phone, a large flat screen TV or that fancy holiday in Bali but use a credit, all these examples are considered to be bad debt.
To have and live these temporary dreams, credit cards are often used for payment, as the consumers often don’t pay attention to the interest rates. Some credit card companies enjoy rates higher than 15% and are the reason why credit cards are often considered as the worst form of debt since the payment schedules are mostly arranged to maximize costs for the consumer. Hence depending on how long you have to pay off that TV or holiday, the rate might ruin your financial health.
If you can’t afford the repayments, any credit can become a nightmare and you might even end up receiving calls from a collection agency. To prevent this from happening, you will have to find out first if what you are aiming for is actually affordable for you. So how do you know you will be in too much debt soon after the purchase?

To give you a general clue about your financial situation, the most common metric is your debt-to-income ratio. To find out about your ratio, simply add up all your monthly repayments and divide them by your monthly income. For example, if you have monthly repayments of $1,225 and your income is $3,500 per month, it means your debt-to-income ratio is 35%. This ratio is pretty good and means, you won’t be losing sleep over it. Any ratio higher than 43% suggests that debtors might have problems with their repayments and it will be difficult for them to find a potential lender.

Suffice to say, when you’re about to go into debt it depends on how you use it to make it a good or bad one. Always be careful about borrowing money and using credit for something that goes down in value.

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The Curves of the All New Quon

Generally speaking, Japanese trucks are perfectly suited for Aussie climate, which ranges from snowy mountains in Victoria to deserts in the Outback. This might be because Japan’s trucks are intended for the global market, so they’re far more versatile. Plus with Japan being so close, it’s easy to get high quality aftermarket truck spares. Some companies even have showrooms and truck assembly factories within Australia.
At this year’s Good Design Awards, UD took top position with the curvy Quon, their newest truck. They credited their win to a strong emphasis on driver comfort. It’s a particularly touchy subject at the moment, because the volume of truckers around the world is shrinking. In some ways, it’s the best job in the world, because you get to travel all over the country, sometimes even the world. You can meet new people and see new places.
Well, that’s the theory. The reality is … driving is a ‘desk job with a view’. And the view isn’t all that, because drivers’ eyes stay on the road. That hunk of metal they’re tugging requires absolute focus, so truckers are often oblivious to the scenery around them. Plus, with routes that stretch thousands of kilometres across the country, the view isn’t always as enticing as you’d think. Lots of times, there’s nothing to see but stretches of barren land.
Mobile but still
Drivers have to bear this for hours, with nobody to talk to, no chance to stretch their limbs, and no possibility of even shifting in their chair. They’re sometimes on the road for months at a time, which affects their family life. And when they finally get to encounter other humans, it’s frequently late at night, at truck stops where everyone is as drained as they are, so there’s not much incentive to mingle all explore. They just want to lie down and sleep.
It seems truckers are also getting older. There’s a broad demographic of empty nesters who can’t afford to retire, and trucking seems like a viable ‘second chapter’. Making the driving experience more pleasant keeps drivers happier, and might even lure back some of the experienced experts that have burned out. UD started their Quon design with this in mind. They have philosophy of design that they call the Hexagon, and its six points are distinctive, caring, smart, harmonised, and supportive.
UD wants the outside of their vehicles to reflect the inside, and they want to blend energy and zen in a harmonious manner. Toshio Shiratori spearheaded the project. He’s the Director for Product Design at UD, and he wanted a truck that was tough and pretty. ‘We know the parts of our trucks that customers like,’ he said, ‘so we kept those and added more. Our focus was on aesthetics and functionality.’ Another key factor was driver distraction.
Texting and trucking
There’s been endless talk about the effect of mobile phones on drivers. The bulk of damage doesn’t even happen while talking on the phone or replying text messages. Most accidents happen in that split second when a driver glances at his phone to see who’s calling, or peers around the cabin to see where the phone is. That’s why one of the tweaks Shiratori made was to design two storage pockets within the driver’s sight, ideal for smartphones and electronics.
The New Quon interior is full of verve, character, and harmony. Careful thought went into everything from colour and texture and shape and position. The ESCOT was redesigned to make it more ergonomic, and the buttons, dials, and switches were re-arranged to better suit the driver’s natural flow. Truck controls are now clustered around the steering wheel so the driver can reach them without adjusting his position. The display screen was also shifted so he can see it without moving his read, and it was adjusted to reduce eye strain.
Driver-friendly design
To account for older drivers, a handle was added to the driver cabin, so it’s easier to get in and out. Similarly, the floor of the truck was brought lower to accommodate drivers who aren’t limber enough to heave themselves into their seats. Lower floors also enhance the ground visibility factor. The President of UD Australia, Mark Strambi, pointed out that appealing trucks are a blessing, both for new drivers and old hands on the road.
He affirmed that their design decisions were informed by ‘driver comfort, smarter fuel efficiency and improved safety’. The customers are happy with the adjustments, and the Good Design Award judges were too. They were especially impressed by the functional interior, which they said would reduce the stress levels of drivers and simplify their work. The judges also liked the downward visibility of the new low-level floor, as well as safety features like the Driver Alert Support and Advanced Emergency Brake System.
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The Most Commonly Requested Spare Parts for Nissan Trucks

One of the most common factors that make a buyer choose one brand over another, besides personal loyalties, is the cost and availability of spare parts. Modern design, manufacture, and vehicle assembly technology has reduced the performance edge that most truck manufacturers had in the past. As such, most vehicles that fall into the same price range generally have the same performance with small variations. For this reason, once you have settled on a buying price, the choice of one truck manufacturer over another is most often based on operation and maintenance regimes.
Nissan Trucks – like a number of Japanese vehicles – are preferred over other trucks due to the accessibility and interchange-ability of parts among Nissan models. These Japanese trucks are also popular because there is a large supply of aftermarket parts. This makes it possible to buy parts at cheaper and negotiable prices, and saves you from the downtime spent waiting for factory-ordered parts to be delivered to your corner of the globe. In recent years, Nissan has adopted a strategy to standardise its spare parts between models thus making parts more readily available and affordable. Here’s a list of some common spare parts used in Nissan trucks.
Filters, like paper cups, are basically designed for disposal. They act as a shield protecting other more expensive parts from damage due to pollutants, granules of dirt and foreign objects among others. Anyone who has ever owned a car can tell you that the most common part to replace is the oil filter. This is done at every basic service done after 3,000 to 10,000 Km based on the quality of the oil filters and engine oil used. Apart from the oil filter, Nissan Trucks also have fuel filters that prevent the fuel pump from clogging.
Vehicle batteries have been known to die without warning especially in off road locations. It is good to develop a practice of checking your engine frequently. Whenever you go to see the mechanic, make sure he checks your batteries as well. A simple activity of filling the battery with distilled water will save you the cost of buying a new one.
All vehicle parts are susceptible to wear and tear and have a predefined lifetime. Nevertheless, the clutch is one part that often needs replacement before its designated time. This is because wear and tear of the clutch is greatly affected by the driving style. Smooth rapid gear changes and keeping your foot off the clutch, for example can considerably reduce the need for replacement.
Fly Wheel
The fly wheel failure is often mistaken for clutch damage and it is advisable to replace them together. This is because a faulty fly wheel can destroy a new clutch and vice versa. Since they work together, the best way to prolong the life of the flywheel is to take good care of the clutch.
You know you need to change your brakes when you have to apply more effort on the pedal to bring the Nissan truck to a stop. Screeching and slipping is also a good indicator that it’s time to swap out the brake pads. It is important to attend to this challenge quickly because driving with faulty brakes is not safe and puts many other road users in danger.
When the alternator is not working well, the battery does not charge efficiently and all the electrical components in the Nissan truck appear to be faulty. The dashboard lights go dim and the other lights could flicker. Alternators generally have a fixed life span and the best thing is to replace it once it loses ability to charge the battery, before it causes further electrical damage to the truck.
Timing Belt
This is the rubber belt that synchronises the rotation of the cam and crankshaft as well as the opening and closing of valves in the engine. With time, the timing belt hardens, cracks, and eventually breaks. Regular inspection of this belt will help you to notice and replace it before it breaks thus avoiding major damage to the inner parts of your engine.
In general, all moving parts will need to be serviced or replaced during the lifetime of the Nissan Truck. It’s the owner or fleet manager’s responsibility, but as the driver who engages the vehicle more consistently and intimately, you’re better placed to monitor the condition of your truck parts, preventing unnecessary damage.
Once any part starts making strange noises or rattling, or if the truck is not performing the way it usually does, contact your mechanic. Most trucks breakdown or and need expensive repairs because the owners ignored the warning signs or waited too long to have the truck checked. Identify a good garage with honest mechanics that are capable of handling your maintenance requirements.
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Bedroom colour palettes that are hot right now

Your bedroom should be the one part of your house that you are most comfortable in. It is the last room you are in everyday and the walls are usually the first thing you see when you wake up. This is why more people are paying added attention to their bedroom décor, with colours taking centre stage to create the most relaxing environment.
Different shades are put together with the furnishings and the bedding in a bid to turn the boudoir into either the most restful or the most romantic place in the house. The results usually let you know what the person was going for.If you are looking to improve the appearance of your bedchamber, we have put together several colour palettes that are hot in 2018. These schemes are will work with different agendas to add a vibrancy to your otherwise underwhelming room. Here are some of the choices.

Fresh with teal and shades of blush

This look incorporates a bit of everything and injects an air of freshness into your bedroom. For it to work, it uses everything from the bed, to the carpeting, the paint in the walls and even the choice of duvets and pillow cases. It has used jewel tones of teal on the throw pillows and the art to set off the greys on the bench. The walls are a cool white and the duvets are in different shades of blush to keep the room looking light. You can even put in a plant to add a touch of green.

Play around with chocolate

Chocolate automatically turns any room into a warm inviting space. When used as a base for decorating, the dark hues are usually offset with brighter colours such as salmon pink and dusky shades of blush. To make the transition between dark and vivid seamless, neutral colours such as beige and grey are added. These are usually used on throw rugs and the pillows with the salmon pink, or any other bright colour, coming in with the bedspread. The chocolate is usually on the bed itself, with certain brands such as the Memphis collection offering a base for décor thanks to the chocolate and walnut coloured bed, bedside tables, and the storage drawers. You can add a light fixture to the room to give it a masculine touch and tie the look together.

Add a bit of turquoise

This is one of the looks that seem to tread on the bold side, while remaining soothing. It is meant for people that are not afraid to try new things and want walls that draw the eye. The walls are painted deep shade of teal to give the room a certain air of class while at the same time setting the tone for the rest of the decor. Adding rose coloured bedding and a splash of dusty coloured art works in contrast with the teal to give the room a romantic yet refined feel. This type of décor works especially well with modern furniture, for instance the Montecarlo range where the design and lacquered surfaces reflect the deep teal. Chrome profiles are also at home here. A couple of marble coloured throw pillows and a turquoise throw rug add a bit of texture and bring the entire theme together.

Make it princess pink

Every little girl at some point has dreamt of having a pink bedroom, either from the many movies they watched as a child or picking it up from a friend’s room during a sleepover. You can use pink to create a lush yet vivacious look for your bedroom that incorporates shades of white to create a soft feminine room. For this to work, the walls, the curtains, window frames, and the carpeting are all coloured white.  A pink bedspread and throw are added to offset the white. Alternating beige and light coloured browns on the pillows will break the monotony of the pink and the white. Instead of a bench you can add a loveseat, a bit of elegant lighting, and a large mirror to complete the look.

Mix greens with a bit of grey

This is a colour scheme that is designed to be contemporary and couple-friendly. It turns what is traditionally a minimalist outlook into a stylish and elegant end product. A sage green is used on the walls to give the room a certain outdoorsy feel. Ash coloured rugs and curtains add the contemporary aspect especially when used with modern lighting. Brocade fabrics are used on the pillows to bring in a vibrant dash of colour and white bedding is used so that they do not appear too garish. Mixing patterns bring in some much needed personality.
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Choosing a Mobile Car Detailer in Adelaide

A car is not just any type of prized possession. To many car owners, a bond can form that is reminiscent of the type that you would have with a dear friend. And why wouldn’t it? It does more than merely taking its occupants around; it is guided by its driver and will tend to give some kind of response, initiating what can be perceived as an exercise in communication, it spends a ton of time with its owner, ever present through many good and bad days with its passive but powerful presence. Therefore, it follows that the care that is deserving of such a friend in your life is something out of the ordinary.
One of the best ways for providing the tender loving care required for your vehicle is a regular car detailing service. This is one which entails a thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of your motor vehicle to leave it with a cleanliness and polish that makes it look as good as new. Keeping in mind that this is not just your regular quick wash, a variety of things must go into your selection criteria for a mobile car detailer in Adelaide. Let us get to some of them.

The fact that it is actually a Mobile Detailer

First, and it is in the name, the detailer must be one that you can actually prove to be a mobile car detailer. This means that one does not have to take the car to the service, the service is brought to you.Detailers that are not set up well enough to do nothing but a quick vacuum clean and some light scrubbing are unfortunately a dime a dozen, and do not make the cut for this.

The convenience

One should choose a detailer that offers that critical aspect of convenience because, far better than a drive-through wash, you can get a drive-to-you wash. Those that cater for utilities such as a power source, water, implements and soaps are those that one should look for. I mean, think about it, all you need are your keys, and you can go about your matters peacefully while your car gets a comprehensive service.

Specialist personnel

Those who have the ability and personnel to give their specialized attention to your vehicle are those who are the most apt in dealing with your mobile car detailing work. Despite being in the age of cutting-edge tech in automation of cleaning services, a human specialist can offer an experienced, deft touch that can transcends these new methods, a pivotal factor in choosing a mobile car detailer.

Crucial services for detailing

Some services are an added advantage to have when you are looking for a mobile car detailer in Adelaide and these include;

Custom detail and polish

This involves a thorough spring cleaning, both in and out of your car. It will be a sorry end for those tough and resistant stains and blemishes which have been a bother in the past and will leave it in pristine condition. A good polish will also be done to leave your car looking as new as on the day it was first used, with an added polish on the paintwork and sometimes even chrome wheels. For maximum longevity of the paint job, a recommended period for polishing is three months.

Paint Correction

This is one that is advisable for cars that have dulled from too much exposure to the elements. A paint correction, otherwise known as a cut and polish, will remove a fine layer of the paint revealing the vibrant paint beneath which has not faded. It then undergoes a polish to bring out the sheen and before you know it, its body can produce a reflection that is as clear as that of a mirror.

Use of a pain perishing preventer

This is, in a nutshell, a layer of transparent liquid film that dries hard and protects your paint work from wear and tear that is often caused by factors such as ultraviolet rays, road salts, animal droppings and nasty chemicals. Using it will increase the paint’s lifespan and resale value when the time comes to hand it over to a new owner.

Removal of Odours

In as much as you may try to keep a car clean, accidents are bound to happen at some point. Even after cleaning some adamant odours may remain to continually terrorize your sense of smell. That is why you should always have a mobile car detailer on hand to get rid of using the remainders of pungent, unwanted smells using purifying agents.
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Activities the whole family can enjoy

Most families go out for dinners, hikes, road trips and holidays to spend time together and bond. Such activities are fundamental to the development of strong family ties. A good family offers a strong foundation for culturing many good human values. Children enjoy healthy cognitive and psychological growth while in a loving, stable family. Moreover, the career of parents who have stable families often has exponential growth. Managerial research shows that individuals who run stable families have a higher output and are effective in their management. Therefore, anything that builds and develops a family is worth pursuing.
In the list of family building activities, you should try out, include boxing. Boxing is a fun sport that dates back centuries into human history. Its inception occurred when the first person raised a fist against another for fun. Fist fighting became an Olympic sport around 688 BC. The ancient Greeks believed fist fighting was among the games played by the gods on Olympus. Since its start, boxing has undergone many changes to make it safe. Currently, boxing is not only a competitive sport but a fun and safe pastime for families and friends. Your whole family can enjoy the different activities involved in boxing.
A healthy family is a happy family. Boxing is a fun way to keep fit and healthy. As families, we share a lot of meals and probably bad eating habits too. Central obesity is common in urban families due to the tendency to have takeout food. In young families, parents work the whole day and the time to prepare a healthy meal is not always there. More often than not, a box of pizza, a bucket of chicken and French fries are the most convenient option for dinner. Unfortunately, most of these foods are packed with unhealthy fat that accumulates in the body. High free fatty acids and LDL cholesterols in the body lead to obesity, a risk factor for numerous cardiovascular diseases.
Boxing training involves endurance training and cardio that burns unhealthy fat. By just putting on your gloves and taking up boxing training, you can lower the levels of free fatty acids and LDL cholesterol in your system and reduce the risk of developing obesity. Boxing requires a burst of energy that recruits fat from fat cells for cell metabolism. The energy requirements during boxing training force the utilisation of endogenous fat and after a few sessions, a reduction of total body fat is imminent.  Moreover, cardiac function is improved following the endurance training in boxing. You and your family can box your way to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.
The boxing ring is a place to build trust and self-control. Putting your children in the ring is bound to improve their relationship. Children don’t engage in contact boxing, but they can still enjoy shadow sparring. This is a fun activity where your two children box without wearing any equipment. The premise is simple, but the catch is, there is no contact. The two practice their skills without launching any offensive contact. Instead, they practise good restraint and evasion. Shadow sparring improves self-control balance and footwork. These qualities enhance both physical and mental growth.
Nothing says, ‘I love you’ more than a blow to the head. Adults can engage in contact sparring where they utilise all the necessary equipment. This fun activity improves sibling relationships and offers couple therapy to young parents. Sparring not only relieves aggression but also improves willpower. Although it’s non-competitive, one always seeks to outperform the other. As a couple, sparring heightens trust and adds fun to the relationship. Working on the heavy bag provides a good opportunity to challenge and encourage each other. For children, it’s a fun activity that builds their core skills. Simply hold the bag for your children and challenge them to hit it as hard as they can.
Boxing increases eye-hand coordination. The training sessions require a lot of focus to execute efficient punches and movement. A good swing involves seeing your target, calculating the right distance and power, and finally executing the punch. With more training, this process becomes more efficient due to improved coordination and focus. Children introduced to boxing training at a tender age, have significantly better muscle coordination and mental focus than other children. Moreover, the sport instills discipline and builds the character of children. For mums and dads, boxing training keeps your motor coordination at an optimal level. Age causes a decline in eye-hand coordination but with boxing training, the process is significantly reduced. The risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders is also greatly reduced.
Therefore, the next time you walk into a boxing club, make sure your family is behind you. Boxing keeps will keep you fit, healthy and together. Don’t train alone, train with those you love.
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How to Check for the Best Site for Your New Inground Water Tank

Water storage is has become a big deal in Australia, with more people investing in one type of storage tank or another. They are an environmentally friendly way of harvesting rain water to use for different purposes including cleaning and watering the garden. They area also require very little maintenance and the entire installation pays for itself purely on the amount of water saved. In fact, some homes around Sydney have recorded a 50% saving on water since they installed a water tank. This has led to an increase in water tank providers within the different cities, providing different types of water tanks including concrete and plastic reservoir.
When it comes to deciding what sort of tank you want for your home, your options lie between an above ground and an in-ground water tank. In-ground tanks come with less intrusion on the aesthetics of your home, and more importantly can be installed in a relatively small space since they will be buried in the ground. When choosing where to install your new in-ground reservoir, here are some of the things you should consider:


Ground elevation is a huge contributor to choosing a place to set up your tank. This is because it determines how much work will have to be done before the install is complete, with regard to the excavations that are required.An even ground more often than not leads to a seamless and easy installation. On the other hand, when the ground is uneven, the excavation work that is required doubles. This is because you cannot install an in-ground water tank on uneven ground. If your preferred location is a hill, you will obviously have to put in work to settle the ground, which might prove expensive. It would be cheaper to avoid such inconveniences if you can, by choosing a flat, easy to work with location. This will also determine how easy it is to construct the cover for your tank, regardless of whether it is made of plastic or from concrete.

Soil structure

When working with in-ground tanks, the soil composition matters a lot. It should be easy enough to excavate, while remaining firm enough to hold the tank. The idea here is to avoid loose soil which as easy as it is to dig out, will also be easily washed away by water or blown away by the wind. It also makes it hard for the tank to remain in one place, by being easily displaced during the changes in water level in the tank. This movement could cause damage to our tank over time, and could even lead to leaks.
Avoid choosing a location where the soil is made up of rocks and other debris. To begin with, the rocks will make the excavation process expensive and lengthy, with specialised equipment being required to remove particularly large rocks. You will also be required to line the hole either with concrete or another type of soil, then compact it, to reduce chances of damage to the tank. Sharp rocks are a hazard that could result in a leak, which is expensive to repair.


The ideal situation is to have the tank installed as close to your home as possible. Proximity to your home is more than just about the distance; it factors in on the cost. When you tank is installed a distance from your home, you will be forced to spend more on plumbing materials to get the water to the home. The length of piping needed is increased which of course means you will spend more on plumbing to send water to the home, and to drain water from your roof to the water tank. You will also have to pay the plumber more for work done. In some instances, you might even be required to invest in a more expensive water pump with more power, since the water cannot make its way to your home on a smaller one.

Available space

People with smaller compounds have to factor this in when choosing a site for their in-ground tank. This is because the land has to be utilised for other things other than the tank. Some people have successfully installed a water tank, and then built another structure on top of it, such as a driveway or even a garden shed. This means that you ave to make sure the concrete cover for your underground water tank is strong enough to withstand certain weights. This is an expensive endeavour since you will have to spend more on construction material. Unfortunately, if your compound is tiny, you may not have an option other than investing in such an undertaking.
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Is Marble made from Limestone?

Marble flooring is one of the most attractive options for any living space. It sets the right statement in any floor space in a home or commercial space. Nothing says luxury more than a well-installed marble floor. During the day the sunlight strikes the floor and gives it a unique glow that brings life to any room. At night, the floor subtly reflects the light in the room, accentuating the comfy feel of the space. Marble tiles have attractive veining and colour options that blend seamlessly with any interior design. Marble installations not only look good but they also increase the value of a living or office space.
Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is formed from limestone. Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to high pressures and heat. This process is called metamorphism. Unlike marble, limestone is a sedimentary rock. It forms from the continuous deposition and cementation of materials on the earth’s surface and in water bodies. The sediments are a product of erosion and weathering. Sediments are transported from the source area to the deposition site by water, wind, glaciers and mass movement. Metamorphic rocks, on the other hand, are formed from pre-existing rocks like sedimentary rocks.
The metamorphism of carbonate sedimentary rocks leads to the formation of marble. The metamorphism process is facilitated by the compression of underlying sedimentary rocks and the high temperatures in the earth’s crust. The intrusion of the earth’s interior by magma and tectonic processes also causes the metamorphism of rocks. Metamorphism involves a reorganisation of rock crystals to form new rocks. Limestone and dolomite recrystallize and form a mosaic of carbonate crystals that make up marble. Silicate-poor limestone and dolomite form pure white marble. Mineral impurities form the veins and swirls found in coloured marble. The green colouration found in some marble rocks is due to serpentine from magnesium-rich limestone with silica impurities.
There are different types of marble and most are named after their appearance. Crema Beige is a marble from Turkey with a cream beige hue. The colour across the stone doesn’t have much variation but the stone still has a depth to it. Crema Marfil looks like marble but it is actually a light cream limestone. Calacatta marble is white marble with light grey striations. It’s a beautiful selection for bathrooms and large floor spaces. The stone is from Carrara, Italy just like Carrara marble. Carrara marble and Calacatta marble share a lot of characteristics but the former has finer, more widespread veins which tend to be fairly linear.
In Australia, the Dark Emperador is one of the most popular marble selections. The stone is dark brown with beige to light cream veins. This stone is originally from Spain but its attractive aesthetic appeal has raised its popularity across the world. Volakas is another unique marble that has its origin in Greece. It’s a stunning white marble with light blue to grey striations. The stone is popularly used in bathrooms and statues. There more unique types of marbles that are used to deliver beautiful interior designs. Flooring experts can give you all the insight you need to choose the best floor for your home or office.
Although marble comes from limestone, the prices of the two stones differ due to different factors. The rarity of marble and limestone affects the price. A rare limestone would cost more than local marble. The appearance of the stone also contributes to its price. Some marble tiles have unique patterns that enhance their aesthetic appeal like the green marble. Others contain particular rare impurities that give the stone added qualities. Certain stones are mined in particular geographical locations have difficult terrain or are inaccessible. If the mining process is costly then the final price will reflect it. Transportation costs of the stone will also feature in its final price. If you are in Australia and you want Volakas, a Greek marble, the price on the stone will definitely include its transportation cost to the store you are in.
Marble has an array of uses in both interior and exterior living spaces. It makes a stunning flooring solution for entryways, patios and staircases. Moreover, marble can be used as a countertop for outdoor and indoor kitchens. However, this application needs the marble to be honed and sealed to reduce staining and damage. Marble serves as an impressive finish for bathroom walls and floors, as well as areas around fireplaces and furniture, such as tabletops. Marble can also be used to make bathroom and kitchen accessories. Although marble is expensive, it’s a wise selection for any home fitting. It’s worth every single penny. As you refurbish your home, look into the different marble designs on the market. Marble may come from limestone but it has its own character.
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9 Reasons Why You Should Improve Relationship with Your Family

Your family does not just include those who are biologically related to you. If you consider anyone as a family, then he/she too becomes a member of your family. Families that are not biologically related have .in so many cases displayed a bond much stronger than even those with blood relations. What then is the importance of improving a relationship with your family?

Stronger Family Bond

For a family to be healthy and strong, you need to develop an emotional closeness with other members of the family. Improving relationship with your family requires you to spend time with your family. Through undertaking many fun and essential activities together, you will get to develop an intense emotional connection. As a family, you will feel closer to each other and thus more open to communication.

Better Academic Performance

The building of a good Academic performance of your child is something that starts in Kindergarten, not high school. Strong family relations involve helping your children with homework and showing genuine interest in your child’s academic performance. From kindergarten, you get to let your child know that they get more attention and reward for good academic performance. A great foundation is what it takes for a child to reach academic heights even when in college.

Greater Self Confidence

Children who spend much more time with their parents tend to develop higher levels of self-esteem. A child who doesn’t spend much time with parents might blame it on himself with feelings of inadequacy. A parent can encourage a child of his potential, and it could be a massive boost to confidence that he/she will carry for the rest of his /her life. Many adults with confidence issues can trace it back to absent or abusive parents when they were kids.

Healthy Long Lasting Marriage

Improving relationship with your family involves spending more time with your partner. This will, in turn, help your marriage get back on track. You will now have what it takes to make the relationship long-lasting. Communication will ensure that you and your partner have a happy and healthy marriage.

Less Behavioural Problems

Behavioural problems have roots in poor family relationships. A child acts out since he/she can’t express his/her frustrations in any other way. Good family relationships create good communication channels where the child can express himself/herself freely. Teenagers with poor family relationships with their parents face a lot of difficulties and end up engaging in risky behavior. If your children learn how to talk about their problems, they will most likely carry on the habit into adulthood.


Human beings all need to feel needed and cared for. Kids are no different; they actually tend to need this more than adults. Meeting your child’s emotional needs is a critical factor in how they turn out as adults. By improving the relationship with your family, you will be much more capable of showing your children the love and appreciation they crave as well as deserve. Your children will develop a sense of belonging that will, in turn, make them much happier. As a family member, you need to be active in contributing to the family so it may function at its best.

Less Chance of Drug Abuse

When the emotional needs of a family member are not met, they tend to seek out other forms of satisfaction. It is easier for this family member to be pressured by peers to engage in risky behavior such as drug abuse. Recent studies have shown that children who spend more time with their families are much less likely to engage in drug abuse. Teenagers who can’t work through their problems are frustrated and will most likely seek artificial highs. The presence of an understanding parent will make a teen feel neither the urge nor the need for indulgence in drug abuse.

Pass on Good Parenting Skills

Children are psychologically mapped to follow what their parents do. What you do to your children is most likely what they will do to their children. Improving relationship with your family has a multiplier effect that can extend for generations. As adults, some actually have enough willpower to overthrow this psychological impact, but most find themselves somewhat unconsciously modeling their parents’ actions. If you teach your children to behave, they will even try to share this information with other members of the family. You will often hear a child repeating what their parents said to other children.

Increased Chances of Success

If you think that taking your child to a good school is enough to propel him to success, you should think again. The success of any member of your family is directly linked to the healthiness of family relationships. It is a healthy family relationship that can create a conducive environment for a family member to pursue and accomplish. When there is a positive atmosphere at home, each family member has a greater chance of reaching their potential and supporting other members to do the same. According to Zig Ziglar, good family relationships also have a significant role to play in your personal success.
The Huffington Post stated that 67% of people defined their success as excellent relationships with friends and family. The benefits of improving the relationship with your family are endless; this list, however, gives you an idea of what you are missing out if you have sick family relationships.
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8 Tips for Healthy and Strong Family Relationships

Family Featured

8 Tips for Healthy and Strong Family Relationships

Family always comes. First, this is a mantra sung by most people but is hardly ever in practice especially in the 21st century. With how busy our lives have become, it’s easy to lose touch with those we call family. Nuclear and extended families of people who are biologically related are what comes to the minds of most people when they think of the term family. However, the family doesn’t really have to include any biological relations. A family doesn’t have to be a blood relative, it can be defined as anyone a person may consider to be his/her family. Considering someone to be part of your family, is among the highest honors and affection someone can show you. How then can you improve the relationship with your family?

Take Care Of Yourself

While this could be a very broad term, its meaning is rather simple. If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of others? Other family members will have to take care of you if you can’t take care of your finances but for how long? If you don’t watch your diet and eat healthily, think of what it could do for your family. Couples have been reported to lose interest in each other when they stopped keeping their bodies fit and healthy. What about the expenses to be incurred if you are diagnosed with diabetes. To have strong and healthy family relationships, you need to ensure that you take care of yourself for your family and for your own good.

Be Mindful About Your Relationships

Take some time to reflect on the relationships you have in your life. Try and think of all the things that you love about every relationship. This will help you become more patient and forgiving in your relationships and create a stronger bond with the important people in your life. By meditating on the positives, you pay less attention to the negatives, and you are reminded to nurture and cater to your relationships.

Make Time for Them

You are bound to regret losing the important people in your life. If you don’t make time for them, this is what will happen. Just a few hours a week can tremendously help improve the relationship with your family. Regardless of the type of family relationship you need to be able to make time for them. No matter what we achieve in life, it’s hard to enjoy it, if we can’t share it with the people most important to us. It is recommended to spend at least five hours every week, doing something with your partner. Chores won’t count, you need to spend quality time with your partner without chores or children. Some couples use this time to go to a movie or perhaps a hike.

Nurture Fondness and Admiration with Your Partner

It is easy to be distracted by personality flaws and your partner’s annoying habits. It is a recommendation by experts that you nurture your fondness and admiration towards your partner to have a healthy long lasting relationship. Many good marriages deteriorate because of the lack of nurturing. You need to remind yourself why you love your partner, time and time again to ensure that your relationship stays strong.

Try and Have frequent Family Dinners

A recent study of 18000 teenagers showed that those who had regular family dinners were less likely to engage in substance abuse and delinquency. This proves that just spending a little more time with your children could have a huge and positive impact on their lives. The importance of family dinners is a concept that has gotten a lot of attention from the media and for a good reason. Its dinner, what do you have to lose?

Be Playful

You are never too old to play; you can utilize it as a means to improve the relationship with your family. A child’s primary form of learning, communication, and expression is through play. It does have its benefits to adults. It is a very effective form of bonding and stress relief for children as well as adults. Embracing the spirit of play is most times exactly what is missing in adult relationships.


While we all love surprises, it’s not always the case especially if it’s not an actual present. Children love routines they like it when they know what to expect. Adults too that’s why we have what we call time-tables and schedules. Making up a good routine will ensure you take proper care of your children’s needs. Kids, too, become less unruly if what is happening is routine. A night-time routine could involve a bath, stories, songs, and good night kisses.


Always find a way to show your partner how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t have to always have to be huge, just a simple token of appreciation will do. This will show your partner that he/she is valued. Don’t let the good deeds or achievements of your children go unrewarded, even if it is through a simple statement of recognition. Do it in front of the others for maximum impact.
These tips are not entirely exhaustive, but they do give you an idea of what you need to do to improve the relationship with your family. Following these tips could dramatically change your family relationships for the better. To get more information on the topic you can easily find books that can expand your knowledge.
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