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Tops Spots For A Beach BBQ In Sydney

Without a doubt there is no better way to spend a day out in Sydney than getting out to one of the stunning beaches for a BBQ. Sydney is more than just the CBD, the shops, Opera House and *tourist attractions*. When you look again, you’ll find that Sydney has some amazing parklands and beaches, perfect spots for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When you want to BBQ in Sydney, all you need do is pack your esky, grab your portable BBQ, pack up the car and head out to some of Sydney’s best BBQ spots.

  • Shelly Beach, Manly:

    Shelly beach is famous for not only being a quiet place, it’s also a very *family friendly* area. The beach has its own free BBQ areas as well, or you can pack your own. There is plenty to do here including hiking, snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming.


  • Collaroy Beach, Northern Beaches:

    Collaroy beach is one of the best spots on the Northern Beaches for spending the day in the sun and enjoying the weather. Of course, it’s well known for it’s surfing history and excellent swimming conditions. Collaroy Beach has recently had an *upgrade* with the park located off the beach renovated, it now has a sheltered BBQ area and picnic tables available. There is even a BBQ inside the children’s playground area which is perfect for a family day out. The spot also includes wi-fi access points, public toilets, rockpools and if you want to try your hand at surfing this is a great *beginners beach* with good wind surfing in north easterly or south easterly winds.

beach BBQ

  • Tamarama Beach, Bondi:

    Tamarama Beach is a quiet beach with great surf conditions, it’s also nestled in along the Bondi to Coogee walk. There is a BBQ area located at the top end of the beach, along with sheltered picnic tables and free electric hot plates located next to the children’s play area. Tamarama beach is surrounded by hills and the sounds of crashing waves, it’s the perfect place to BBQ in Sydney and just relax and unwind.


  • The Basin, Sydney North:

    Is a picturesque setting inside the surrounds of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. While not a beach, there are some nice calm water areas where young children can splash around. There is a grassy area found on the eastern shores of West Head which includes a well-maintained BBQ area. With plenty of area for the kids to run around, and some great views.


  • North Bondi Beach:

    Bondi is without a doubt; Australia’s most iconic beach and the north point of Bondi is a great spot to have a picnic or BBQ overlooking the famous beach. The park has a few picnic shelters and coin operated BBQ’s but if you are not bringing your own BBQ you need to get there early as this spot gets very busy during summer.


  • Clontarf Reserve, Clontarf:

    A great spot for a BBQ in Sydney with Clontarf beach next to the park, a lovely beach with little waves and views of Spit bridge. There are plenty of grassy areas for the kids to play and large trees that provide some shade on hot summer days. Facilities include sheltered picnic tables, toilets, a shaded playground, café/kiosk and free electric BBQ’s.


  • Winnererremy Bay Foreshore Reserve, Mona Vale:

    A great spot right by the water with picnic tables and free sheltered electric BBQ’s. The park is located next to a large gated playground, a bike track and café. Facilities include toilets, café, bubblers, paid carparking and free street parking.


  • Newport Beach, Newport:

    Newport beach is patrolled by lifesavers and has great surfing conditions, if you want to swim, there is a rock pool located at the southern end, with plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants nearby, an enclosed playground, toilet and showers and paid or free street parking.

beach BBQ in Sydney

  • North Palm Beach, Palm Beach:

    Another quiet, family friendly beach with good swimming conditions, great for both BBQ’s and picnics, situated near Barrenjoey lighthouse and the Palm Beach Golf Course. Facilities include showers and toilets, electric BBQ’s, a carpark and located in Governor Phillip Park is a playground.


  • Freshwater Beach:

    Freshwater is located between Manly and Curl Curl beach. Located next to the beach is a large picnic area with free BBQ’s and a playground for the kids. There is also a viewing platform at the southern end, and a rockpool on the northern side. Facilities include showers, toilets, kiosk, café’s nearby, a paid car park and street parking.


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The Most Delicious Debate

Charcoal vs Gas Grills

Why is it always a competition?
The charcoal versus gas or even electric debate has been discussed decade after decade since the 1950s.
We truly feel it’s a preference thing.  In fact, it shouldn’t be a versus, but a more inclusive “and”.  Charcoal and gas grills both have their rightful spots as being king of their respective thrones.  They both serve different purposes while achieving a similar result, although the tastes are incomparable.
Charcoal grills typically used to dominate this discussion but as technology has advanced over the years, gas grills have improved a great deal.
The conversation about indirect and direct heating comes into play too with grilling.  Direct heating means to cook food directly over the charcoal or gas flame.  Direct heating is the fun and exciting kind of cooking that produces crispy sears and sexy grill marks.  Direct heating is the most common when it comes to grilling, due to the quick-fire nature and the crispy texture it dishes out.
Indirect heating can apply to grilling too as indirect heating means to place the food adjacent to the heat source.  You can grill whole chicken and ribs and even baked potatoes in indirect heat.
Convenience and ease of use plays a big factor in deciding which is best but even then, folks typically don’t want to miss out on the smoky flavor of the charcoal grill.
Both grill types have their pros and cons and we will take a look at which grill is ideal for what and examine the pros and cons of each.

Charcoal Grills


  • The flavor.Charcoal grill flavor and taste is simply unmatched.  Charcoal grills produce a delicious, rich and smoky flavor in your meats and vegetables alike.  The charcoal and fire create smoke that can’t be replicated, or you can use wood chips in place of the charcoal.  Either way, you are getting extra flavor and deeper taste profiles you can’t get from a gas grill.

As the drippings from your grill contents hit the coals or wood chips, steam packed with flavor rises back up through the food, creating an extremely unique taste you can only get from the charcoal grill.

  • Charcoal grills are less expensive than gas grills. Use those cost savings to stock up on grill tools like tongs, a grill brush, and high-quality steaks!
  • When it comes to heat, Charcoal grills can reach extremely hot temperatures. You need these high temperatures to achieve beautiful sears for steaks.  While you can achieve grill marks with lower temperatures, capturing the perfect crispy sear is the cornerstone for a great steak.



  • Charcoals grills tend to have a lengthy heat up time.
  • A bag of charcoal will yield you about three grilling sessions on average while a similar size propane tanks can last up to a month!
  • Cleanup for a charcoal grill can get messy. While you want to clean it regularly and prevent clean up from being so tedious, emptying charcoal bits and used ash isn’t the cleanest hobby.


Gas Grills


  • Gas grills are super convenient. Gas grills are the preferred choice on a weekday night after taking the kids to soccer practice.  They have a much quicker startup time as opposed to charcoal grills.  Simply press the ignition button and turn the dial. Voila!
  • The temperature control for gas grills are similar to your indoor kitchen. You can change the temperature setting for different meats without having to locate heat zones on charcoal grills.  Sometimes you may not want smoky baked potatoes and mangos.



  • Safety is a major concern with a gas grill. Always perform a safety check prior to grilling.  Inspect the propane tank closely for leaks and rust.  Your grill needs to be free from grease and a fair distance away from your home as another safety precaution.

In our humble opinion, you can’t go wrong either way.
Just make sure you season and cook the food properly because both of these grills will do their jobs!

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While people up north are gearing up for winter, the party is just getting started down under. People all over Australia are wheeling out their barbeque ovens, camping gear and wood-fired heaters for the cool summer nights. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you get ready to fire up your BBQs this summer.


Even the best cooks depend on the capacity of their equipment. Think about getting a Barbeque with a lid on it to make sure your steak cooks evenly by protecting your flames from the wind.


Most wood and charcoal enthusiasts say that their fuels add to the meat’s flavour and authenticity, unlike gas BBQs. However, Weber Barbeque Sydney has come up with a gas BBQ that is fitted with a Flavorizer to infuse the natural flavours you desire. You could also use Weber BBQ briquettes in a normal wood barbeque as they light up faster than wood and charcoal and burn slower.


The main cause of burnt BBQ meat is excess heat. When the heat is too high, the outside of your steak gets charred long before the inside cooks. You can easily control the temperature by using a heat regulated grill like a Beefeater BBQ.
BBQ Cooking Tips


If you don’t have a temperature gauge, try the hand test. Place your hand about 12 cm above the grill and if you can hold it there for up to 10 seconds, you have low heat. 5 seconds classifies and medium heat and less than 2 seconds it high.


Depending on the recipe you are following, it is important to preheat the grill so that you start the roast off at the right temperature. The standard Beefeater BBQ Sydney range comes fitted with a temperature gauge to help you. Preheating also kills off bacteria and helps get your meat ready faster.


Oiling the grill is a smart way to keep the meat from sticking to it. Simply douse the preheated grill with vegetable oil.


Marinating the meat is what sets a good BBQ from a great one. Go through the recipes you have access to and learn how to mix a special blend of the marinade to dazzle your guests.


There’s nothing worse than getting food poisoning after barbequing your own meat. You can prevent cross-contamination by using separate knives and cutting boards for raw and cooked food.


Don’t barbeque frozen food without defrosting it first. Frozen food does not cook evenly and you may find the centre of your steak raw in the middle of your meal.


A chimney Starter is a metal cylinder with a metal basket at the bottom. It helps start charcoal fires quickly by crumbling a newspaper page and lighting it at the bottom of the tube underneath a pile of coals.

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Benefits Of A Portable BBQ

BBQs are an intrinsic part of summer in Australia. However, not all Aussies have big backyards with large BBQs. Thus, portable BBQs are fast becoming the first choice for many Aussies. Here are a list of advantages of owning a portable BBQ.


The biggest advantage of a portable BBQ is its size. If you have limited space but still want to BBQ, then a portable BBQ is the best option for you. When you have just a small balcony to work with, this type of BBQ is the best option for you.


The most obvious advantage of portable BBQs is – obviously – their portability. When going camping, one of the highlights of your trip could be being able to BBQ. And that is exactly what a portable BBQ can do for you. These grills are easily foldable which means that they can easily fit into your car when you go camping, or for a picnic or even going to a friend’s party.
Portable Barbeque


Frequency Of Use

A portable BBQ is a much better choice if you don’t barbeque very regularly. It isn’t a good idea to invest in a large, expensive BBQ if you are only going to use it once in a while. It is much better to have a small portable BBQ that you can store away when you’re not using it and bring it out only when you need to use it.


A portable BBQ is also lightweight, which means that it is easy to move around. Traditional BBQs are usually large and very hard to move, making them rather cumbersome. Most portable BBQs weigh less than 30 pounds, which makes them easier to move around. Additionally, most of them come equipped with handles so that you can move them around more easily.
Portable BBQ

Small Parties Or Individuals

A portable BBQ cooks less than a traditional BBQ, however, that actually is an advantage when you are cooking for small parties or just for yourself. When you use of traditional grill, you end up using a lot of extra energy. You need all that extra gas or charcoal to heat up your grill, but you only end up using a small part of the BBQ for your cooking. Portable BBQs are designed in such a way that you can preserve fuel.


There are some portable BBQs that come with attachments. You can attach shelves to your grill that can give you some extra space for your BBQ. Then, once you’re done, you can remove those shelves and store away your portable BBQ.

Cost Effective

The best part about a portable BBQ is that it is much less expensive than a traditional BBQ. Portable BBQs can cost between just $60 and $1000. Some of the cheapest models include:

  • Jumbuck’s Portable Round Hotplate BBQ, which uses LPG and costs $58.90.
  • Billabong’s Tabletop Kettle (BBPAC), which uses charcoal and costs $69.95.
  • Weber’s Smokey Joe (K10024), which also uses charcoal and has a price tag of $109.95.
  • Everdure’s Cube, another charcoal user and costing $199.
  • Gasmate’s Odyssey is a charcoal grill that costs $299.
  • Ziegler & Brown’s LPG Portable Grill (ZG1GRK), which costs $349.
  • Beefeater’s Bugg Mobile BBQ (BB18324), which uses charcoal and will cost you $399.

Portable BBQs can be expensive too, so before you make your decision on which one to buy, you can read you can read reviews of the best portable BBQs at Canstar Blue. Remember, if you are like many Aussies who would love to BBQ but are constrained by space or your budget, then opt for a portable BBQ.

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When A Roof Is Built Poorly There's No Going Back

The basic human needs include having food on your plate, clothes to cover your body and a roof over your head. These needs are meant to meet a certain level of quality. Unfortunately, when it comes to roofs, most people are duped into having low quality, poorly installed roofs. The effects are usually devastating and far-reaching. A poorly built roof is an unnecessary compromise on your lifestyle.It is prone to damages that are irreparable. The roof is not only an eyesore but also a health risk. It is, therefore, crucial to get the roof installation right. If you don’t, a lot can go wrong.
leaking roofs

Rainy Days And Leaking Roofs

When winter hits, your roof had better not have any leaks. Leaks are the most irritating damage on roofs. They can make your house uninhabitable and damage all your furniture. Poorly built roofs undergo gradual damage leading to the formation of holes. The severity of the damage depends on the quality of the roof. Unfortunately, during summer, you may not be able to pick up the damage. If you have an open ceiling, you might be lucky to see light sipping through the holes. For those who are not so lucky, the sign you will get will bea leak from the roof. The only solutions left at this point would involve patching up the roof or collecting the leaking water in buckets.
One would assume repairing a leaking roof would be easier than replacing it but the narrative is quite different. The first step in fixing a problem is finding it. Finding a leak is like finding a needle in a haystack. Roofing contractors are often unable to locate leaks. Any subsequent repairs conducted are always done in vain. If the leak is found, the average handyman will use waterproofing materials and sealants to cover it. Such repairs only last for a short while. Roofing experts are better equipped to execute proper repairs. However, leaks never go away, despite repairs. It might take months or years but they always recur. Therefore it is always prudent to explore the option of replacing your roof because once you have a leak, it’s not going away.
leaking roofs

Asbestos Removal

If there is something that caused a scare in the construction industry, it was asbestos. This mineral was popularly used in residential house insulation and roofing. In the late 20th century, it was linked to lung malignancy and this caused its withdrawal from use in construction. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. Most old buildings that were put up in the 20th century still have asbestos compounds. Sadly, these poorly constructed roofs maybe over your head. Asbestos-containing roofs are a classic example of the far-reaching consequences of a poorly built roof. Luckily, asbestos can be removed from your roofing. A complete overhaul may be necessary but it is worth your life.
Asbestos removal is a complex undertaking and it requires qualified professionals to execute the job. There are very strict guidelines and regulations that govern how asbestos is to be handled. A lot of planning and care goes into the removal process due to the environmental and health risks the mineral poses. The loose fibres from asbestos are not only invisible but dangerous. On the day of removal, no one can be in the property. A qualified team carries out the removal and a follow-up inspection is done. A Clearance Certificate is given once the inspection is complete and your roof is replaced with Colorbond Roofs or Zincalume roofing.

Rattling Roofs

A noisy roof is bound to give you sleepless nights. On a windy day, you are guaranteed an uninterrupted irritating symphony of rattles. Poorly installed roofs are often loosely attached to their frames. Any force on the roof is likely to chip off segments that hit against each other causing clatters. Moreover, the entire roof may be moving against its frame causing an irritating sound. Windy and rainy days just make the noise louder. Nailing the roof back to the frame often solves the problem but with a poorly built roof, it won’t hold for long. Definitive repair may mean a complete replacement of the roof. Therefore it is prudent to have your roof properly installed before getting into such a quagmire.
There is no need to bear the burden of having a poorly built roof. The leaks will spoil your furniture, the rattles will keep you up at night and the asbestos will kill you. Save yourself the trouble and get a new roof installed. A well-built roof is sure to last you for years without any problems. So don’t make the same mistake twice. Get a good roof for your home and get experts to install it. It might be slightly costly but it’s worth every penny.