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Keep Your Apartment Safer by Getting Roller Shutters

Safety comes first in any neighbourhood. Whether you stay in a community estate or an apartment, you can’t compromise on safety. In Australia, there is, on average, around 200,000 break-ins reported each year.  Most of these break-ins end up with stolen property or vandalism. In some instances, people get hurt or killed. Over the years, the increasingly hard economic circumstances have pushed the crime rates over the roof. This has translated to at least one house being broken into every 3 minutes. Modern burglars have also designed ingenious ways to break into houses. Some come disguised as phone, cable or gardening professional while others find loopholes in your security system. The secret to a safe and secure home now lies in adopting efficient security systems.
Intruders take time to spy on their target. They come when your apartment is most vulnerable. Some spend weeks taking notes on your movement and the layout of your house. Others peer through the windows to pick out the most valuable items. On the day of the heist, it’s a quick in and out. With only a small window period, an intruder can empty your house within minutes. They might not have the confidence to take out the furniture in an apartment building but they will definitely empty your jewellery chest and pocket any other valuable item. Most burglars know what’s inside your house and who is inside, this gives them an upper hand. Luckily, roller shutters make all the difference.
Roller shutters are an effective security installation guaranteed to keep burglars guessing. When the shutters are down, there is no way to know who or what’s inside. These window fittings maintain a high level of privacy and security. Unless someone is inside your home they can’t tell what’s going on. Intruders who peer through windows and take notes will definitely have little to take down. Roller shutters are completely opaque. They are installed on large windows that are within reach but more often than not, homeowners have them on all windows. The element of privacy gives you an upper hand against burglars and intruders.
Whenever we hear of rampant house break-ins in the neighbourhood, we quickly change our door locks and install heavy duty hinges. Unfortunately, we often forget about the windows. Windows offer a good point of entry for burglars. It is highly unlikely that you have heavy duty glass windows. Therefore, a swing at the window is enough to get into your house. Moreover, we are more likely to leave our windows open than our doors and burglars know this. In case you remember to lock your windows, they still have weak locks that are more vulnerable than door locks. If a burglar wants to get in and out quietly they will most likely use the window. Most standard alarm systems are hooked to the main doors thus entry through the windows bypasses your security system.
If you want to seal off the windows as an entry point for burglars, install roller shutters. These window fittings are sturdy and can sustain insult without opening. Once the shutters are completely closed they automatically lock. The bottom rails house slide locks for added security. When in the lock position, aluminium bars secure into the side guides on both sides of the opening. Opening roller shutters without raising an alarm is next to impossible. Aside from guarding your house, roller shutters prevent any damage to your windows. Despite traumatic attempts from a potential intruder, roller shutters are guaranteed to keep your windows safe.
From the outside, roller shutters make a house look like a fortress. This is enough intimidation to any burglar. The installation alludes to an airtight security set up in the house. Even if you don’t have a surveillance system or an alarm system, roller shutters make it look like you do. When you have roller shutters, burglars know you take security seriously. Even professional burglars will definitely think twice about breaking into your house.
Roller shutters are well designed to fit standard windows. Each shutter can be manufactured up to a total size of 9 sq. metres. The rollers come with a curtain, bottom rails and side guides. The side guides and bottom rails are manufactured from extruded aluminium while the curtains are made from polyurethane foam filled slats. Some curtains are also made from extruded aluminium. A pelmet box covers the shutters and it comes in different sizes. The axle has an aluminium rod with fully sealed steel ball bearings. The build of roller shutters is robust and secure.
The operation of roller shutters can either be manual or automatic. The automatic option has a motorised pulley system that makes the operation of the shutters more convenient. It is run electrically but a battery backup operation is also available. The manual operation is either done with a hand feed strap system or a simple hand operated winder. If you are concern about the exterior design of your house, don’t be. Roller shutters come in different colours for you to choose from. Keep your home safe with beautifully designed roller shutters.
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Winter is a Great Time to Renovate your Pool or Get a Whole New One

When winter creeps on in and you’re huddled indoors around the fireplace, your beloved backyard pool is sitting dormant and lonely yearning for someone to splash, frolic in and make good use of it. This makes it the perfect time to renovate or install a pool, ready for the warm summer weather. Make good use of your time spent indoors over the winter and plot, plan, and put into action your pool plans for the summer. Whether your pool needs maintenance, an aesthetic upgrade or you’re going the whole hog and getting a brand new one, winter is the perfect time to implement these plans, for a variety of reasons. In this post, we will tell you why! It’s time to get ready for summer.
If you require renovations, winter is the best time to do it. For many reasons, obviously the first being that the pool is not in use, so no one is going to be hanging out to take a dip, asking when the pool fixers will be finished. The second reason is winter is the slow season. You might find that you are able to score yourself a bargain, whether you’re buying a new pool or simply getting renovations done. Pool contractors often offer discounts on labour and materials. Pool equipment such as pumps and filters are usually on sale in the slow period to promote more sales. So, while you are cooped up inside your house, have a browse around and see if you can pick up some bargains.
Due to winter being the slow season, the contractors will be more readily available, and will more than likely be able to finish your renovations a lot quicker and save you some money. Generally, in summer months, pool contractors are stretched quite thin, running back and forth from job to job doing little bits at a time. Get it done in winter to avoid a long drawn out process.
If you are installing a brand new pool, winter is the ideal time. Installing a pool can be a lengthy process and if a contractor can focus solely on your pool, the installation will take half the time. Also, as I said earlier, a lot of contractors offer winter discounts, so save yourself some time and money.
It’s also a great time to give your pool a makeover. The following are a few ideas to give your pool a makeover during winter, so that when it comes to summer, your pool will become an aquatic wonderland for you and your family to splash around in.

Pool Lighting

There’s something magical about swimming around at night time. So, get your pool ready for those after dark swims with some super cool LED lighting. There is an extensive range on the market. My favourite is the LEDs that can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. You can control the colour, duration, and schedule at the touch of a button. LED lighting looks amazing and will brighten up your backyard at night time and entice people into the pool. Get your backyard ready for pool parties with friends and family.

Water Features

Water features can turn an average pool into a thing a beauty. Not only do you get the aesthetic benefits, you also get the soothing tones of running water, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your backyard. I simply love going to sleep with the soothing sounds of running water in the background. Water features can be as simple or as intricate as you like and range in price depending on how far you want to go. It’s best to have a look online for some inspiration and take your ideas to your pool contractor.

Automate Your Pool System

There are a range of pool systems (i.e. filters and pumps) on the market that pretty much do the work themselves. Once you set the schedule via the app, you can forget about it and free up time. The systems work via Wi-Fi and are completely autonomous. Some of the apps available can even analyse your water parameters and provide a detailed report on what chemicals you need to add to ensure your water is safe for swimming. Obviously, you will need to add the chemicals yourself, but there is no need for calculations; the app does it all for you.

Resurfacing Your Pool

If your pool is in need of a resurface, winter is the perfect time to drain it and get the contractors in. A leaking pool can cause all sort of problems to your backyard flora and fauna and cause erosion. It can be a costly process, so try to get some sort of discount during the slower season.
While you are freezing cold, dreaming of the summer, get your pool in tip-top order and make those summer dreams a reality. Turn your backyard pool area into an exciting, inviting and enticing place so that you, your family and friends can enjoy your pool and make the most of summer.
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Korea’s Rising Stocks to Watch

South Korea is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant economies in the globe. With the world’s fastest broadband speeds, and a strong digital economy across commerce, education, entertainment and government, it is one of the world’s most technologically advanced economies. Despite an inherent hindrance to doing physical business due to their complex immigration system, it is a lucrative market if you are interested in international share trading. It goes without saying that in the digital age we live in, you do not have to have your two feet planted on Korean soil to do so, you can do so from anywhere in the world.

South Korea comes with a plethora of opportunities due to their free trade agreements, grants and tax breaks which boost investing from overseas. Local businesses are not left out of the banquet, enjoying advantages such as subsidies on costs of industrial premises and a financial helping hand with expenses for start-ups. This amplified by a vast domestic market with sophisticated consumers driving demand. With a geographical advantage of proximity to the huge markets of China and Japan and an established a global FTA network that connects U.S., ASEAN and EU the world has definitely taken to it without reservation, for over half of the Global Fortune 500 companies have invested in Korea.

As if that is not enough, worth notable mention, the “Korean Wave”, a name ascribed to the growing popularity of all things Korean. Everything from fashion and couture, cosmetics and beauty, film, music to cuisine, has been largely gaining acclaim all corners of the world.  The name “K-pop” resonates worldwide, as the colourful pop genre with its genesis in South Korea continue to spread across the world like wildfire.  This worldwide Korean cultural popularity creates unprecedented business potentials for one who is looking to diversify their portfolio and to tap into one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Korea can provide access to some of the leading companies at the forefront of growth and technological innovation, being already competitive in shipbuilding, electronics and fast-growing automotive industries. Among the already powerful stock giants hailing from the Korean nation include international technology powerhouse Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, Lumimicro, Seojin System, Ssangyong Motor, Semicon Light, Posco and Pan Entertainment, just to name a few. Moving to the some of the emerging stocks, Korea is by far the cheapest market in Asia and has the strongest earnings tailwinds. One industry to look at is Healthcare, with what was dubbed as “the biggest potential” for growth in Asia by said Kim Jae-Hyun, a fund manager at Mirae Asset whose healthcare fund made 64 percent in 2017.”In 2018, some healthcare companies, especially those that can export their technology, could be targeted,” Kim said. Celltrion Inc., which soared 81 percent this year, produces FDA-approved drug Remsima, a biosimilar of Johnson & Johnson’s blockbuster Remicade.

A similar expected growth is being seen in Cosmetics as well, Sam Le Cornu, co-head of Asian equities at Macquarie Investment Management in Hong Kong, said Korean healthcare and cosmetics companies are “very-high quality and robust in terms of their margins and earnings power.
Seoul’s rally has been driven by tech stocks like Samsung Electronics (up 53% last year; LG Electronics (066570.Korea), up 71%; and SK Hynix (000660.Korea), up 74%, while other names like cosmetic brand owners like Amorepacific (090430.Korea) and LG Household & Health Care (051900.Korea)—as well as Korea Kolmar (161890.Korea) and Cosmax (192820.Korea), which make ingredients for global cosmetics players—have been among the laggards.

SK Hynix, the second-largest memory chip player in the world behind Samsung, is a big favourite among analysts. Another analyst favourite is Hotel Shilla (008770.Korea), which runs a chain of upscale hotels as well as duty-free shops. Growth in tourism and improving margins are helping Shilla’s bottom line, notes Cara Song, Nomura’s consumer analyst in Seoul. Song has a KRW110,000 price target for Shilla, a 56% upside.

These are among the rising stocks to watch in Korea performance last year. With big gains set for this year’s first and last two quarters. These are just among the few among the stocks to watch in Korea, which are critical if you are interested in investing in offshore stock trading.

Health and Medical

The Surprising Link between Posture and Dental Health

Good overall posture is something that is lacking in very many people in the world today, more because of an acquired lifestyle than natural inclination. And this is not a surprising observation, considering that in recent times, thorough studies are bringing to light the downsides of extensive use of our technological devices. One among a myriad of potential negative impacts to our health is the possibility of developing a bad posture, exemplified by people working more than eight hours a day hunched over their computers, or spending a tremendous amount of time looking down at their smartphones, with earphones plugged in, completely absorbed into what is unfolding before them on that screen. In most of these situations, one tends to have a seemingly comfortable go-to position which, quite frankly in the long term, may not be good posture.
If someone told you that bad posture does indeed have a bearing on your dental health, it may seem laughable because a direct link is not exactly blatant. However, what you are about to read should fill in that blank. It would be wise to pay attention to the relationship between good posture and oral health because of its potential long-term effects. This connection is centred on the forward head type of posture, which is the one you are probably employing right now as you read this on your computer or hand-held device. But what that has to do with your dental well-being is a valid question to ask. The answer is that when you have this head-forward posture type also known as “text neck”, it disposes you towards breathing through your mouth as opposed to breathing through your nose. Breathing through your mouth in turn tends to dry the protective film of saliva, leaving you more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.
To top that off, this posture may also give rise to more complications such as neck aches, headaches and jaw aches as a perverse bonus. These may in turn cause you to clench your teeth, something that is definitely not ideal for their state. Furthermore, breathing through your mouth also leaves it open the possibility of bacteria taking up residence due to a dry mouth. In addition, it may increase the risk of sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnoea, which in turn may engender an elevated risk of diabetes, anxiety and depression, heart disease and learning difficulties. All this is a domino effect of harm stemming from an improper posture.
It is therefore imperative that we start to take a holistic view of health and well-being when we are talking about dental health. This must manifest itself in our posture. One very easy perception for people to assume about good posture is to view it as feeling rigid and taking a lot of work to acquire. It comes to mind as working your tendons and muscles to maintain an unnatural position. Good posture in fact should feel relaxed and effortless, for when you have good posture, your bones and not your muscles keep your body upright and well-balanced. Even if it would make you sit or stand straighter or taller than is normally the case, you should not feel tense or strained, a very important thing to note.
Equally important to observe is that there is no perfect or ideal posture that we should all subscribe to. This is because all our bodies are inherently different. That being said, good posture for two people may not necessarily look the same. The common factor comes in where we should aim to have what is called a “neutral spine”, where three natural curves are retained: a small hollow at the neck’s base, a small roundness at the middle back, and a small hollow in the lower back. It would be worth a great deal to find out how this looks and the positions that this takes both when standing and sitting.
Upright posture comes with a plethora of benefits. Just to name a few, it improves body alignment fostering optimum functioning of organs, improves breathing by leaving more room for your lungs to expand, as well as mitigating back and neck pain. It makes you look taller and slimmer, and even more open, honest and trustworthy. Is that not why the words upright and standing tall attributes to someone who is virtuous? Lastly, studies show that standing with good and upright posture increases testosterone and decreases cortisone in the body. This triggers a feeling of confidence and power, improves concentration and mental performance, memory and learning, and mood as well. Amazing, right? The overall effect that acquiring good posture has is nothing short of phenomenal.

Health and Medical

Why You May Be Experiencing Bad Breath and What to Do About It

Bad breath is enough to end any conversation. You would imagine how embarrassing it would be if you thought you just had a whole day conversing with people with bad breath. However, when discussing bad breath this is a good place to begin. Psychogenic halitosis is a condition where an individual has ‘imaginary’ halitosis (bad breath). Such individuals have no objective evidence of halitosis and research shows their psychogenic halitosis results from a delusion of mono-symptomatic hypochondriasis. When halitosis is not a delusion it is often linked to either a systemic disease or a problem in the oral cavity. Objectively, here are some of the causes of a bad breath.
Reasons of Bad Breath
Most individuals typically have a problem of some sort in the oral cavity when it comes to bad breath. The gastrointestinal system is home to the highest number of endogenous bacteria and the mouth is the natural entrance to this system. Bacterial putrefaction is the main reason behind bad breath of oral origin. In this instance, dead bacteria undergo proteolysis and subsequent amylolysis to form products of putrefaction. These products include volatile sulphur compounds like Hydrogen Sulphide and Methyl Mercaptan. Just so you know the impact of this, hydrogen sulphide actually smells like rotten eggs. So you can imagine the recipient of your speech if this is what your mouth is producing. Interestingly, sulphur compounds form the bad breath that hits your nose when most people speak.
Other disease processes in the mouth also lead to halitosis. Periodontal disease is one of the most common oral diseases and having it literally stinks. The disease typically involves infections of structures around the teeth. These include the gums, the centum that covers the root, the periodontal ligament as well as the alveolar bone. The earliest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis where the infection is restricted to the gums. In severe cases, the entire supporting tissues are involved. Bacteria are still the culprits in periodontal disease, especially bacteria from dental plaque. The pathogenic process of a periodontal disease leads to the formation of volatile sulphur and non-sulphur gases which cause bad breath.
The tongue has also been identified to be a source of bad breath. The surface of the tongue harbours a large amount of desquamated epithelial cells and dead leukocytes. The dorsal surface of the tongue has a large surface area and a unique papillary structure. Tongue coating leads to halitosis. Dental caries and oral ulcers have also been implicated in halitosis. Although studies show increased levels of volatile sulphur compounds in patients with dental caries and oral ulcers, the mechanism by which such patients get halitosis remains unclear.
Now that we have a firm grasp of the causes of bad breath, we can now examine the best ways to go about it. The first and most common way of fighting bad breath is by brushing your teeth regularly. Plaque and food trapped in between your teeth really do a number on your breath, so you should strive to get rid of them by brushing at least twice a day. Ideally, when you get up and especially when you’re about to sleep. If you’re particularly concerned about your breath, you should brush more often. Care should be exercised, however, to avoid overdoing it as brushing too hard can wear down the outer protective layer of your teeth (due to frictional erosion) and can leave your teeth prone to potential decay. Note, however, that your tongue actually harbours about 70% of the bacteria in your mouth so be sure to brush your tongue as well.
Another method of dealing with bad breath may be using mouthwash. Although the aim is to get mouthwash that masks bad breath, one should strive to deal with the cause and not the symptom. As such, one should get a mouthwash that kills bacteria so as to avoid the bad breath in the first place.
Another way to deal with bad breath may be by avoiding certain foods and substances. One particular substance to avoid is tobacco. Smoking can stain your teeth, damage and darken your gums as well as leave you with a bad breath. Moreover, you should strive certain foods, specifically onions and garlic! I’m sure you have spoken to an individual who just came from consuming onions and they usually have strong unpleasant breath. Strive to avoid these foods particularly before you have to meet up with other people.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, bad breath is primarily caused by bacteria in one’s mouth and one should deal with it by improving their oral hygiene.

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Preparing Your Household for the Melbourne Winter

Winter in Melbourne isn’t as dramatic as it is in much of the Western world. Of course residents will disagree. They’re used to sun, sand, and surf, so the gloomy skies and lower temperatures offer a bit of culture shock. Still, heat readings remain in the high tens for most of the season, so apart from ditching shorts and t-shirts for longer sleeves, Aussie winters are more an annoyance than a national disaster. There are a few things you can do to make the season more bearable, so let’s look into that.

Stock up on warm clothing

warm clothing
A large proportion of Melbourne is beach front so many of its residents have that laid-back easy-going mentality that thrives in beach towns. It also means you may have to hunt a little harder to find weather-appropriate wardrobes when it gets cold, so be sure it’s on your agenda. The stores are likely to stock up as winter approaches, but of course high-season fashion will cost more. Supply and demand and all that.
If you have some jumpers and fluffy socks stashed in the attic, this is a good time to dig them out and have them laundered in preparation for the colder months. Our winter falls when much of the world is experiencing summer, so if you’re a fan of flea markets, visit them in January and February when they’re more likely to have discarded winter wear. Bulk up and keep them in storage for our own chilly Christmas in July.

Do a thorough winter clean

Cleaning services
Since you’ll be digging around in your home storage department for long-forgotten clothes, it can be a good time to declutter. Get rid of any unused items – including kids’ shoes that no longer fit. You could have a winter sale for all those old books, magazines, and abandoned gadgets that you only used once. Call in a cleaning service which offers seasonal cleans.
They will scrub the house from top to bottom, inside and outside, being as thorough as you like. Some of these professional cleaners will do gutters, windows, decks, and exterior walls, as well as ovens, sinks, tile grout, sofa covers, and carpets. If you’re uneasy about the task, let them start the season for you, then you can do your own weekly touch-up cleaning.

Catch up on your yard work

outdoor activity
Beach towns are largely outdoorsy. Any excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine. So even during the winter when there isn’t as much sun to go around, residents need their daily dose of fresh air. The thing is – with weather and entertainment patterns shifting for the season – you need a good excuse to get out of your blankets. Take up an alternative outdoor sport, like bike riding, running, or walking to replace your daily swim.
If you’re an outdoorsy person, don’t rush to the gym. You’ll just catch cold from all those people huddled inside. Instead, work in your garden, clearing bushes and clutter to discourage pests from nesting. Do some weeding and planting or give yourself a DIY project like a home-made pizza oven, fence, or work shed. It’s a constructive way to work up a sweat.

Invest in bonding activities

bonding relationship
Still, there will be times when you have to be indoors. You could use the opportunity to catch up on your series, or you could stockade a reading list for the winter. You could use the opportunity for some face time with loved. Designate periods that are strictly screen-free. Everyone has to put away their phones and devices and just be together.
Of course this can feel forced or awkward, so lubricate your social time with some board games or a joint crafting activity. You could grab an idea off YouTube, though you have to do it in advance because ‘no screens’. You could watch the video earlier in the day and – the horror – take notes. And no, it doesn’t count to teach your favourite videogame to your loved one. That’s cheating. No screens means no screens.

Buy lots of tea

tea for winter
Maybe your perfect idea of a chilly winter night is to sit by the fire and drink a glass of wine or some gut-warming scotch. For starters, you need a fire, so if you don’t have one yet, look into your heating options. You could install an in-built or insert, or buy an electric portable unit. If you’re getting a wood burner, look into a firewood subscription service as well.
That said, you can only drink so much wine, especially on a school night, so think of more kosher alternatives. Replenish your household stock of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and heated beverages, because you’ll go through them at surprising rates. To make things more exciting, draft a list of piping recipes that you can cycle through, making every breakfast a toasty surprise. Hot smoothies anyone?

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Is it smart to invest in Tech unicorns?

A unicorn in the financial sector is defined as a start-up company valued at more than one billion USD. The 1 billion USD value here has no special meaning, it is purely arbitrary. These are typically in the software and technological fields where the actual real market value can be heavily influenced by time and expectation. Where the current value can be augmented by projections on what the future value of the technology will be, there arise various problems in determining the financial prudence of investing in technology unicorns. These are included but not limited to;


The valuation value of a unicorn is not determined by traditional metrics like a balance sheet but rather by what investors are willing to pay for the company. According to a 2017 study by two professors [one from the University of British Columbia (UBC) Sauder School of Business and another from the Stanford Graduate School of Business] examining 116 unicorns found that over half were overvalued and about 11% overvalued by over 100%. This is a shocking statistic. Over-valuations are achieved using what can be kindly called new era funding trickery. Investment is encouraged in a cyclical basis which separates shareholders, there are minimum funding caps that shut out the less able investors and initial investors are offered lower share prices and less rights than late stage investors. Late stage investors are considered more precious as they are the ones who help start-ups achieve unicorn status. Late stage investors are also offered various perks such as guaranteed minimal share returns, preferred payment on dividends or more voting right per share than early stage investors.
The end goal of the valuation is an IPO or acquisition. Messaging service Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for a record setting 19 billion USD, despite having no way to generate revenue and no determination that the end user would be willing to pay a cent for a service they have so far been using for free. The only thing Facebook gained here was goodwill from the end user who keeps enjoying the free service and relates this to Facebook generosity.
The willingness of investors to put so much stock in a high – risk investment takes away from the funding opportunities that would have assisted more traditionally valued enterprises.
The devaluation of ordinary shares and perks associated with late stage investment thus demands the prudent investor seek to be a late stage investor in order to have more preference and to maximize return potential. Inflated valuations offer start-ups a competitive edge as they give them a greater bargaining position.


The other issue with technology unicorns is the unpredictability of trends and lack of guarantee on returns. With an inflated valuation, the risk of loss on investments is greater than with real on the ground valuations. Admittedly, the potential profit is greater too and this risk is borne onto the investor.
From an investor standpoint, start-ups also come with higher risk than already established businesses. This is made more complex as valuations are based on what the future will be rather than what actual returns might be. Technology innovations are expected to grow exponentially and this might not necessarily be the case on the ground. Take Google Glass Incorporated for example, they invented smart glasses. These are optical head-mounted displays that were expected to revolutionize computer interfacing, with a forecast of 0.83 million units sold in 2014 and 21.15 million units sold in 2018 (statistics from This was not the case. The smart glass technology did not catch on and many an investor in Google Glass is crying all the way from the bank!
It is impossible to accurately predict the future and as such, one must be ready to be disappointed after investing in a technology unicorn.

Faith and Discipline

Due to the unpredictability of returns on a technology unicorn, the investor must be ready to invest in the long term and have a predetermined cut off point. This raises the risk of staying in for too long and losing on investment; or cashing out early and missing out on the next Apple or Samsung. This requires a level of faith and discipline that few have, coupled with the financial intelligence to make smart moves to maximize returns on investment.
In conclusion, knowing what you are getting yourself into is key, thus all available information should be processed and used to make a decision. As with any other investment, there is inherent risk but this can be minimized by knowledge. Perhaps a good place to start would be Dropbox or Spotify for local traders as well as international share traders alike.

Fashion and Beauty

Radical Highlight Shades That Work Well For Blondes

Being blonde might have its case of having more fun but when it comes to colouring your hair you can be stuck with your hands in your tresses. Fear of ruining your colour or have your hair fall off in clumps keep a lot of you out of the salon and safely at home stroking your gorgeous sunshine hair. Yet after a few years of the same colour, anyone can get bored and that’s why you sometimes have to step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new.
Nowadays hairdressers know what will work and what won’t so it’s easy to book a session where you can just talk about the different options that you can choose from, and if there’s something you’d really like to have done. They will tell you about after care and how to keep the colour for as long as possible, what shampoos to avoid and what shampoos to use etc. They have an entire arsenal up their sleeves which some of us don’t even know about.
So here are a few radical highlight shaded that will work well with blondes:

Caramel blonde

Think Jennifer Aniston seasons 9 and 10 Friends era. The colour that had many women green with envy. Today it’s easy to do and with the right hairdresser you can channel your inner Rachel and rock it like you were meant to.

Strawberry blonde

We were all at one point or another envious of any woman who was natural a strawberry blonde. Well, gone are the days of envy and here are we are just a short trip from our local salon where they can work their magic.


Nowadays there are so many possibilities that you won’t know how you will every decide. And when opting for a red shade you do have more than a few options to choose from. Red and blonde have always been a beautiful combination and your hairdresser is the person who can make it happen for you.

Buttery blonde

Oh, the California blonde, a shade that conjures up trips to the beach and pool parties. Where summer is endless and everyone is having a great time thanks to all the vitamin D.
The buttery Californian blonde highlights are for the woman who loves the outdoors and want her hair to resemble that lifestyle. So add these gorgeous highlights if your blonde hair is a bit dull and not picking up on all the lovely sunshine.


This is an absolute favourite and done right will turn heads wherever you go. It’s such a gorgeous colour that needs to be shown off and if you decide to go this route you will not be disappointed and probably be back to touch up your highlights for more than a few months.
It doesn’t matter what shade of blonde you are there is a beautiful shade out there for you. Even if you’re someone who wants to rock hot pin highlights just have a chat with your hairdresser Sydney and look at the options.

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All about Inbuilt Gas Heaters 

Benefits of Gas Heaters

Many people opt to use gas heaters due to a number of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of inbuilt gas heaters: 

  • It is very easy and convenient to turn on a gas heater. Just click a switch, turn a thermostat dial or press a remote control button, and you can get the fire started, adjust the flames, and turn it off. 
  • Gas heaters are more efficient than wood heaters.  It quickly heats up large spaces. 
  • There is minimal maintenance involved since there is no ash or soot that has to be cleaned up. 
  • Gas heating offers consistent and reliable warmth for homes. 
  • Gas heating costs less than the price of electric heating. Heating bills can be reduced by half. 
  • Most inbuilt gas heaters have child lock features which make it safe for the whole family. 
  • It has flexible installation options. 
  • It is soot-free and it is easier to control the flame. 


Things to Consider before installing a gas heater

  • Think about the type of heat output. Heaters transfer heat in three ways: by natural convection, fan-forced convection, or by radiation. 
  • Ask yourself why you are installing a gas heater. Is this the primary heating source in your home?   
  • You need a licensed gas fitter to install an inbuilt gas heater in your home. These licensed workers all have a gas fitter number which authorises them to carry out the gas fitting installation in a certain State. 
  • Australian states and territories need a licensed gas fitter for all types of home installations, both for LPG and natural gas. It is illegal to do unlicensed gas work. 

Installing Inbuilt Gas Heaters

  • Even if inbuilt gas heaters are relatively easy to install, you still need the help of a professional to ensure that all the safety requirements are complied with. 
  • Installing a gas heater should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, local regulations for gas fitting, municipal building codes, and the Australian Standard for Gas Installations, otherwise known as AS/NZS 5601. 
  • During installation, ensure that all minimum clearances to combustible materials are followed. There should be sufficient space for the proper operation and servicing of the inbuilt gas heater. 
  • Inbuilt units are usually installed against a false wall enclosure. Adding a mantelpiece is optional. The professional gas fitter inserts a flue through the roof.  The flue is usually made of metal. Ensure that you also check the integrity of the flue operation. 
  • Inbuilt gas heaters must be installed on a flat level surface. Some of the materials used for flooring may be affected by the heat, so placing a mat in front of the heater is highly recommended.  


Common sources of fuel used for inbuilt gas heaters

  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) : This is a flammable mixture of various gases, typically consisting of propane or butane, both hydrocarbons. LPG can be transported and stored easily. LPG can be used for convection or radiant heating systems. 
  • Natural Gas : Natural Gas consists mainly of methane, which is the simplest hydrocarbon molecule. It is a type of fossil fuel and it is colourless. 


Home and Garden

Freestanding Wood Fireplaces 

Wood fireplace designs are getting better every year. Now, homeowners have a great variety of innovative designs and materials to choose from. Despite the popularity of fireplaces fuelled by gas or electricity, there are still many homeowners who opt to use wood fireplaces.  

Why do people still opt to use wood fireplaces?

There is a myriad of reasons why people still opt to use wood fireplaces.  Here are some of them: 

  1. The ambience and atmosphere that a wood fireplace evokes are warm, cosy and inviting.  There is really nothing like a flickering, crackling fire with a woodsy aroma. 
  2. It is a sustainable and renewable energy source.  
  3. Gas –fuelled fireplaces have limited heating capabilities compared to wood fireplaces. 

Choosing the best wood fireplace for your home really depends on the design, size, and configuration of your indoor space. Some people choose inbuilt wood fireplaces probably because they already have an existing fireplace or because they have less space.  On the other hand, there are some who opt for freestanding wood fireplaces, which can be positioned at a safe distance away from a wall. 

Advantages of Freestanding Wood Fireplaces

  • A well-designed and expertly-built wood fireplace creates a dramatic focal point or a decorative accent in a room. 
  • They are more flexible because they can be positioned anywhere in the room.  
  • They are more efficient compared to inbuilt fireplaces because it radiates more heat into the room. 
  • If your family has young children and safety is of utmost concern, then a freestanding heating unit is a safer option. Most units are designed with a glass door so there is no risk of stray embers flying out. 


Important Points to Remember about Wood Fireplaces

  • The heat of a wood fireplace is rated in kilowatts.  There is a variety of heating power available on the market today, ranging from 4 KW to 16KW. Choosing how much heating power you need solely depends on your room size and room insulation. 
  • Freestanding low-combustion fireplaces have more heating power and longer burn times compares to inbuilt wood fireplaces. 
  • All wood fireplaces should be installed in compliance with the Australian standards. Make sure that the smoke from your flue does not enter your neighbours’ living spaces. 
  • Some freestanding models have a fan accessory which can only be used if allowed by the local authority.  
  • Remember that there should be at least a 25 mm gap between any combustible material and the flue shielding. 
  • A floor protector is necessary if the freestanding wood fireplace will not be placed on a fireproof floor. Australian regulations require that the minimum floor protection is a 6mm fibre cement board, which should be directly fastened to the floor. 

Freestanding wood fireplaces come in many innovative and great designs. Here are some standout features of the best products available on the market today: 

  • Some fireplaces have radiant cooktops 
  • There are fireplaces designed with ceramic firebrick lining for better heat distribution 
  • There are steel baffles for efficient burning. 
  • Most freestanding fireplaces have a special built-in wood storage unit. 
  • Some wood fireplaces feature controlled-combustion technology.