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Bedroom Colour Palettes for Winter

Winter is a time for cool colours representing the cold season’s brisk air and the charming palette of cool earthy colours. Why not take these colours into the bedroom and turn it into a winter wonderland? There is an extensive range of beds and décor on the market that will give you the perfect tones and colour scheme for your bedroom this winter. The soft pinks, blues, off-whites, and purples, accessorized in harmony look amazing and will give your bedroom a soft natural feel and aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some winter colour schemes for your bedroom.
Adding warmer tones to your winter colour palette will be more impactful, so use them sparingly on cushions and vases around your bedroom to add a hint of cosiness and brightness. Soft pinks, greys, and off-whites are popular this season. When designing your ideal bedroom décor, it’s all about balance. The base colours should be cool and neutral while add splashes of warmth with accessories. Try not to go overboard otherwise your room will have a busy aesthetic.
Textures and patterns on bedding and cushion covers provide a homely warm aesthetic that creates depth and richness, but use them sparingly to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. Throw blankets are a great way to expand your design arsenal and the beauty is that they are interchangeable so you can spice up your bedroom by alternating blankets with different patterns.
Tartan and velvet fabrics are in this winter and will breath of life into your bedroom. These fabrics in soft colours look great and will transition into most colour schemes. Velvet throw pillows in lavender, pink and grey are a creative way to add colour and flair to your bedroom.
Cool colours paired with warm accessories are a necessary contrast, although there is a risk of going overboard and creating a convoluted motif, so remember to use them sparingly. Start with your bedroom setting in cool winter pinks and greys, off-whites and browns. Then add texture by adding cushions and throw blankets in plaid and velvet, also in cool colours. Then if you want to add splashes of colour and warmth, some stand out decorative items break up the cool winter palette providing the necessary elements to spice up your bedroom this winter.
We’ve looked at some palettes that will look great in your bedroom. Now let’s take a look at some bedroom settings.
Bedroom Colour Palettes for Winter

Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc neutral greys and off-whites are a great representation of the winter palette. The neutral tones provide a cool harmonious environment for you to take slumber. The large grey headboard matches well with the bedside doors, whilst the textural difference creates more depth and dimension. This finely crafted Italian made bed is designed with comfort and aesthetics in mind. A great addition to any bedroom.

The Tivoli

The Tivoli bedroom setting captures the essence of cool with a charming headboard with a natural grain appearance and a thick solid border on the outside. The soft greys and off-whites add light to your bedroom. The cool tones are a testament to what you can do with colours from the winter palette. The bedside drawers compliment the headboard and this setting is definitely worth checking out when deciding to update your bedroom setting.

The Eva

The Eva bedroom setting stands out due to its unique geometrical patterns in different shades of grey.  The interesting patterns paired with its beautiful design make this bedroom setting one to behold and soft cool colours will lure you in and the comfortable mattress will keep you there and ensure that you get the perfect night’s rest.
So this winter when creating your bedroom look, keep it simple by starting with some soft base colours and build on that with some throw cushions and blankets. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some warmer colours and feature items. Once you have the right colour palette your only limited to your imagination.
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