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Leather Lounge to Transform Your Living Area

Your living area is a place of relaxation. It is also the room where you entertain your guests and spend some family time. The furniture you choose for your living room greatly affects the ambiance in it. If you think your living area has become boring and want to update the way it looks, changing some furniture is a great way to start.
One of the most important pieces in the living area is the couch. The couch or the lounge has the biggest impact because it is the main piece that provides comfort in the room. The material you choose for your lounge will affect the overall feel and theme of your living room.
Leather is a popular choice because of its elegance and durability. Adding a leather lounge in your living room is the easiest way to make the room look classier. But if you are not an expert in leather, it can be tricky to pick a leather lounge for living area. Knowing the important things to consider will definitely make the entire process a lot easier.

Why Choose Leather?

Aside from looking elegant and being more durable, what other advantages does leather have over other types of furniture?

  • Comfort – Fabric sofas and loveseats tend to fade as they age. Moreover, they lose their shape and becomes less comfortable after some time of use. Leather furniture, on the other hand, gets softer and more supple as time goes by so it is a great investment. Aside from that, leather is breathable so it easily dissipates heat and cold. This means it is a lot more comfortable for sitting.
  • Quality – Leather is considered a premier product. Nothing looks as classic as leather. Some tanning procedures also make leather resistant to cracking, peeling, and sagging.
  • Appearance – Unlike fabric, the color on leather doesn’t fade because when it is dyed, the color is absorbed into the very material. Some areas may get worn but they retain their color.
  • Flexibility – The best thing about leather is they often come in neutral colors. This makes it easier to decorate your living room because it is easy to find decors, wallpaper, and other furniture that will match.
  • Cost – Though the initial cost is higher, choosing a leather sofa is a more practical choice in the long run. Leather is very durable so it will last much longer than other types of furniture.


Picking the Perfect Leather Lounge for Living Room

A leather lounge is a big investment for your home so how do you pick the perfect one for your living room? Here are some things to consider.


Graining refers to the markings on the leather’s surface. Full-grain leather is the most durable and it resists moisture. It also develops a beautiful patina over time. Top-grain leather is the same except that it tends to be more uniform in color. Consider the graining that you want for your leather lounge and how it will match with your overall living room design.

Type of Leather

You need to know which type of leather you want for your lounge. Bonded leather is leak and it works well in high traffic areas. Aniline leather is the most expensive because it is the softest and most durable.

Zippered Seat Cushions

Leather lasts long but the seat cushions may not. So choose a leather lounge with zippered seat cushions. This will give you easy access to the cushion so you can easily remove them for cleaning and place them back without a hassle.


It’s also good to inspect the stitching and padding of the leather lounge. There should be no fraying in the stitches.
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