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Fuso Announces the Introduction of a Comprehensive Ready-Made Range

The Australian Trucking market has grown considerably since the late nineties, with major truck manufacturing companies moving in to set up shop down under. The options available for trucking companies are immense and anyone planning to establish or scale up a transport and cargo business would be spoilt for choice in this environment.
In the past, it was enough for the truck manufacturers to fabricate products as the orders came in but in recent years, the demand for trucks has risen so fast that the manufacturers cannot keep up. This has resulted in long waiting periods and cancelled orders and disgruntled clients. Due to the changing trucking landscape in the country, the manufacturers have picked a page from the Isuzu Group’s Tradepack brand and started stocking ready-to-go trucks. Clients can now order their trucks, drive them off the lot and begin raking in an income right away. This strategy has had such a boost in sales that every manufacturer is developing it as an option even for heavy-duty trucks.

Fuso Solution

In line with its customer satisfaction ideology, Fuso Australia has taken its time to launch this product range so as to make it right for the client. Time was spent identifying the products and specifications and truck spare parts most Aussies needed. With this in mind, Fuso began working with reliable truck body builders in Australia giving them advance orders so that the products would be ready-to-go when a client walks into the dealership.
The Fuso ‘Built-Ready’ truck range in Australia consists of eight different models that clients can choose from. They fall into two main groups, Canters and Fighters. While most of the truck bodies can be fabricated in the country, the Canter Tippers have to be sourced directly from Japan.

Canter Built Ready Range

The Fuso Canter is a light duty truck with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 3,500 kg to 8,550 kg. It is a versatile truck that can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications and offers up to 30,000 km service intervals. The Canter’s all come equipped with world-class safety features including an exclusive brake priority system that overrides the accelerator and dual airbags for the driver and passenger. They also come with a multimedia SAT/NAV unit that can support 3 reversing cameras and Bluetooth devices. The Canter Built Ready Range includes the following products.

  • The 515 Wide Cab Pantech has two body configuration options depending on the kind of loads the client is interested in transporting. The reinforced fibreglass panelling with a smooth gloss finish is suitable for robust loads while the lightweight honeycomb option is available for clients who those with increased payloads.
  • The 515 Wide and City Cab Alloy Tray models are built to cater for the construction industry and are equipped with mesh-lined headboards, rope rails, split drop sides and independent front suspension with rack and pinion steering that gives you excellent handling. The main difference between the City and Wide Cab is the dimension of the in the body size with the wide cab being considerably longer and wider than the city cab. City Cabs are well suited for maneuvering in residential areas while the wide cab is better for carrying bulky payloads in unrestricted construction sites.
  • The City and Wide Cab Tippers are ready to deliver sand, stone or rock to any site of your choosing. The 615 City Cab Tipper boasts the largest GVM available in a narrow cab light-duty factory tipper and a unique box section chassis that lowers the loading height. The 815 Wide Cab Tipper is robust and comes with an automatic tailgate and drop sides for easy access.
  • The 515 City Cab Refrigerated Body comes with a styrene sandwich panel wall, roof and front construction and can maintain temperatures of between 00 and – 210 C. This truck is excellent for delivering chilled or frozen food to restaurants and supermarkets within the city because it has a narrow body well suited for navigating residential roads.

Fighter Built Ready Range

The Fuso Fighter is a versatile medium duty truck with a GVM of 10,400 kg to 24,000 kg and consists of two truck types, the Tautliner Range and Tipper.

  • The Fighter 1124 Tipper comes with heavy-duty features such as a 5mm 350-grade hardox floor and a 2-way side swing air release tailgate as well as 500mm high sides.
  • The Tautliner Range is available in 10, 12 and 14 pallet configurations with 5, 6 and 7 ratcheting load binders in sliding track respectively.


Fuso Australia is always working with its clients and adapting to the market trends in order to ensure all-round customer satisfaction. Making these Ready-to-go trucks available in the Aussie market is just one of many efforts the company is ready to make for the benefit of its customers.
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Home and Garden

Tips for combining timber and travertine in your outdoor area

Stone and wood are nature’s most ancient and elementary building materials. The two organic components are ideal for homeowners who would like to incorporate unique assets into their outdoor areas as they are exclusive in colour, grain and any variation will lend certain uniqueness to a home. What makes the two materials even more special is that both can be used as found and don’t require paint or polishing before making an alfresco area present itself neat.
Mixing environmental friendly materials in an outdoor area makes for an eclectic and interesting look. If you are worried about the outcome, blending natural stone such as travertine with timber is a great way to start as the marble tiles are versatile enough to be mixed with all sorts of materials including glass, brick and, of course, timber.
Travertine tiles and timber make native partners and look exceptionally good when combined in flooring used in alfresco areas and outdoor kitchens with a country or vintage design feel. It is often that these two materials are chosen for outdoor areas as they both age beautifully and create an elegant, contemporary style with warmth and character. As both are natural products, the colours and finishes are easy to mix and match.
When considering mixing those two materials up in your outdoor area, we suggest to take home large samples and try different combinations to see the ensemble in different lighting. To make a perfect blend of these ancient materials and bring the interior and exterior of a home together for an overall effect, we have put together some tip for combining timber and travertine in your outdoor area.

As façade

A travertine façade can transform an ordinary home into an extravagant classic from the outside. The natural stone has been used in many ancient churches in Italy, not to mention the Colosseum, and is not only durable but timeless. The marbled front of a family home, however, looks great combined with a front door in timber or garden entrance.

By the pool

Travertine tiles are the perfect lining combined with timber decking, as the stone is durable and a lot easier to replace than ceramic tiling. The tiles are highly slip-resistant due to the porous quality of the stone’s surface, which makes them functional and a good poolside choice.

Flooring alfresco areas or a garden path

The natural stone is a preferred material when it comes to flooring since it is available in almost any colour imaginable and cut in a lot of styles and patterns. When it comes to paving, travertine works well to floor a patio or garden path, especially when blended with timber. Think of flower beds, a deckchair or wall cladding.

Fireplace paving

Unpolished travertine blended with timber promotes a great rustic look perfect to lend any outdoor fireplace that old vintage look. The combination of both materials is often seen with the fireplace made of grand travertine stones and timber flooring in the alfresco area.


Even though travertine requires sealing, as it is a quite porous material, fans of the antique look will be happy to find out the stone will compliment any outdoor kitchen as a bench or countertop. The tiles come in so many different colours they will fit any alfresco area that has timber cabinets or flooring.

Garden furniture

If you don’t go for timber or travertine for your outdoor flooring, consider some elegant garden furniture. A striking bench or backyard table with timber legs and a travertine top invites family and visitors to spend some relaxing time in the garden.
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Home and Garden

Spring Is A Great Time To Install Your Water Tank

What is the best time to install your water tank? This is a question that most home owners have when it comes to installing a water collection unit. Although some people have been known to make these installations in the summer, spring is definitely the best time to put in a water tank. This is especially true of underground water tanks, since a lot of digging is involved in the process. With above ground tanks, you are likely to do some digging in order to construct the tank foundation, but not anywhere near the levels of work involved with underground concrete tanks for instance.
There are several reasons you should schedule your tank installation for spring, and to help convince you, we have come up with a few of those.

It gives your home time to recover

Considering the amount of work required, a tank installation will definitely leave a lot of upheaval in your home. The lawn will be torn apart and dug out, there will be concrete mix everywhere. It also takes quite a while to put one in, especially when dealing with the underground tanks that are made of concrete.  By putting in your tank in the springtime, it gives you time to repair your lawn for instance. Think about it this way; installing a 10,000 litre water tank underground is going to take time, labour, and involve a lot of excavation. If this is done in the spring, you have enough time to replant grass or lay a driveway of your choice. The grass will have time to grow back as well. The installation of gutters and drain pipes will also be complete in time for you to have a working water catchment system in time for the rains. You get to finish all this together with other routine household repairs that are carried out after the winter, including heater cleaning, spring cleaning, and any repairs to the roof. In fact, in a few short weeks, no one will be able to tell that you have done some tank installation work recently.

Try and avoid the other seasons

Carrying out such intensive work during the other seasons brings with it challenges that could well be avoided with proper planning and carrying out installations in the spring. To begin with, the summer sun will make it a lot harder for the labourers. The temperatures are punishing for intensive outside work and honestly, you would rather be somewhere else. Autumn brings with it temperature changes, especially when winter is close, and some of the work could carry well into the winter. Winter on the other hand comes with cold temperatures, and the rain which you ate trying to harvest. It is therefore easier to carry out all the work early in the year, then patiently wait for the rains to begin, knowing fully well that you are well prepared for them.

You have the perfect working conditions

In the springtime, conditions are perfect for installing water tanks. The ground is firm yet with enough moisture to make excavation easy. This means that you can ensure that the foundation for the tank is firm and secure. When dealing with underground water tanks, with the near perfect soil conditions of the springtime, you can properly secure the tank to the foundation. This will limit tank movement later or what is called tank floating. When backfilling the hole, you are able to spot and remove anything that could be detrimental to your tank, such as sharp stones, rocks, and other abrasive material. This will prolong the life of your tank in the long run. Making your tank installation early will also give the ground time to settle, before you can make additions to it, such as planting grass or adding a driveway. If this is done before the tank is completely settled, there are chances that the above ground work could destabilise the soil around the tank, which encourages tank floating. Finally, tank installation companies have a more flexible schedule around this time, which is reflected in both the quoted prices and the quality of work done.
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Home and Garden

How practical are rainwater tanks?

The rainfall patterns and climate are constantly changing. They are all part of a larger global picture. Unfortunately, when changes arise, we must equally adapt. Rainwater tanks are a solution to the inconsistent water supply in Australia. They offer a cheap, practical alternative that guarantees an uninterrupted supply of clean water to your taps. Water tanks are a huge investment and a good return on investment is crucial. Fortunately, tanks have always proven to be beneficial to homeowners and businesses. The pros outweigh the cons despite the simplicity of the fitting.
Water tanks come in different shapes and sizes. Many options are available on the market and the selection is dependent on customer preference. Water storage can be done through above-ground tanks or underground water tanks. Each of the alternatives has their advantages and disadvantages. Customer requirements and the cost implication are some of the main driving factors when it comes to selection.

Underground rainwater tanks

If the water storage requirements for your residence are high, an underground rainwater tank is the best practical solution. Underground tanks can handle large water capacities. Some underground tanks are buried polyethylene tanks while others are made from concrete. The polyethylene tanks are manufactured in different sizes and limited in specifications. The size of underground concrete tanks is only limited to your requirements. The tanks can go as deep or as wide as you want. The determinant is the space available. The big tanks require a lot of concrete reinforcement to withstand the high pressure of the water they hold. Moreover, concrete tanks that are sunk deep into the ground need extra reinforcement to endure the large pressure from the earth.
Underground water tanks are also a great solution for those who want to conceal their water storage units. Underground tanks are buried deep in the ground to keep them out of sight. Consequently, you retain the aesthetic value of your property. Above-ground water tanks distort the exterior design of a house. They stick out as an eyesore and take up too much space. However, underground tanks allow you to maintain your lawn. The depth of the earth over buried tanksallows plants to grow on the soil. Moreover, the tanks allow proper utilisation of space. Instead of wasting space installing an above-ground rainwater tank, you can use an underground tank and save on space.

Above-ground rainwater tanks

Above-ground water tanks are a popular installation in many Australian homes. The most popular tanks are made from steel or polyethylene. They come in different sizes and shapes ranging from large steel tanks to small polyethylene tanks. The capacity of the tanks can extend to over 50,000 litres. However, such large tanks require proper support to bear their weight. An average home can harvest up to 100,000 litres of rainwater in a year from the roof. If you only need to collect rainwater to flush toilets and do the laundry a 9,000-litre tank is enough to meet your needs. However, if the rain pattern in your area is interrupted by long periods of drought a bigger tank would be a prudent choice. Moreover, if you want to harvest rainwater for a variety of uses a large storage unit would be the best investment.
When considering the practicality of water tanks, you have to look at the cost. Above-ground water tanks are cheap. The units are affordable, and the installation process doesn’t require too much money. On the other hand, underground tanks are expensive to build. Concrete tanks require a building plan and heavy investment in the installation process. Since rainwater is a free resource a large storage unit is only as valuable as your water requirements. Rainwater can be utilised for drinking, to supplement the water used in gardens, or reduce reliance on mains water. No matter the need, rainwater tanks are a practical investment worth pursuing. Both above-ground tanks and underground tanks have their own pros and cons, but they are good investment all the same.
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The advantages of mobile car care

Keeping a car clean is a priority for any car owner. However, getting a professional car wash involves sparing time to get to the car wash station. Moreover, if you cannot leave your car at the station, you must waste another one or two hours waiting for the washing to be completed. All these factors make car washing an inconvenient option. Most people spare their weekend to wash their car but it’s not always a routine. Mobile car care is a new contemporary service that has made car washing convenient and simple. Technological advancements have revamped the car detailing service. You can now enjoy the service in the comfort of your home or office.
Mobile car care involves the use of cutting-edge technology to bring the car detailing service to your location. Car wash trucks and vans equipped with detailing tools come to where you are, and the cleaners deliver the service. A simple call is enough to get the service at the convenience of your workplace or residence. Mobile car detailing has become a popular alternative for many car owners in Australia. Considering the many pros of the service it’s not surprising that it’s a trend. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy from mobile car care.

It’s convenient

From the comfort of your office, you can request for mobile car detailing and have the service executed at your parking lot. Mobile car detailers have fully equipped vans and trucks that can handle almost all car detailing services. Your vehicle doesn’t have to move for the detailers to do their work. However, if you want interior detailing you may have to grant them access to the whole vehicle. The mobile detailing vans can show up at your location at any time. If you are going in for a meeting and you need your car to have an exterior wash, mobile car detailers can be done by the time you are out of the meeting. Once they have your location, it’s a matter of minutes before they show up.

It’s time effective

The demand for mobile car detailing is increasing across Australia. The reason behind this is the cost-effectiveness of the service. Time is money and mobile car detailing saves plenty of time. Driving to the car wash takes a lot of time depending on where the car wash station is. Once you arrive, you have the choice of leaving your car or staying until the service on your car is finished. Some car wash stations offer replacement cars for their premium clients. However, the option is not popular due to people’s attachment to their vehicles and the heavy cost implications of the service.
For those who leave their cars behind, they have to find means to move around during the day. If you choose to wait, prepare to spend hours idling around the car wash station. Mobile car detailing is executed at your location of choice. There is no need to drive around and waste time looking for a car wash station, the car wash comes to you. Therefore, you can slot a convenient time for the detailers to come. With mobile car care, there is no need to cancel your commitments or postpone your activities to clean your car.

It’s cost-effective

Driving around looking for a car wash station is not only time consuming but also expensive due to fuel consumption. If the car wash is not in close proximity the cost implications increase. Moreover, moving around looking for a car wash has high opportunity costs. The time you waste trying to get your car clean can be spent running your business or catching up on work. Mobile car care is cost-effective. It saves time by bringing the service to you. Moreover, the cost of the service is affordable. Mobile car detailing is not so different from traditional car care. The only difference is the mobility of the service. A cost analysis reveals mobile car care is cheaper when considering the time saved and the service delivered.

The service is comprehensive

Mobile car detailing covers an array of services. The detailing is usually split into packages that are priced according to the services delivered. Exterior cleaning forms the basic service but more thorough services like interior car detailing are also handled by mobile detailers. The mobile van comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools and cleaning products to make your vehicle spotless. The vans have their own water supply and they don’t require a connection to the mains. The cutting-edge technology coupled with the expertise of the car detailers is enough to get quality service that will not only meet your needs but also surpass your expectations.
Join the trend and call mobile car care to enjoy the many benefits that come with the service.
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Business and Marketing

Some Useful Collection KPIs

To measure recovery on receivables, key performance indicators are important for any business to develop a successful credit and collection plan. As there are many different KPIs used in debt collection, finding out which ones will work for you to improve your business’ operation is the key. To investigate whether your current collection practice needs improvement by introducing new KPIs, first step to do is analyse your existing customer accounts data. Such a record will help you to identify trends and find out which part of the collection process might need tending to. It is advisable to go through the data with a member of your finance team who may have more insight into what tactics have worked best and may even have some new ideas to try.
As there are a number of useful KPIs to work with, we have put together some that are most likely indicators of success when it comes to evaluating performance goals in the world of collections.
One very popular account receivable KPI used among nearly all finance departments is the reduction in average days to pay. Debtor days stand for the average number of days it takes for the business to receive payment from its customer once the invoice was handed to them. The smaller the number of debtor days, the more cash is available for the growth of the business. If the number is high, the business is hampered, as the creditor must invest and pay expenses out of the company reserves.
Another helpful KPI is the reduction in average outstanding receivables. Businesses with small collection periods tend to be more solvent as they have better cash flow. A slow collection process can compromise an entire business; hence it is best to train personnel to tighten up the procedures by offering favourable terms to customers who pay early, one example could be a percentage on the next bill. For steady cash flow, it is also common practice for some departments to send out reminders a week prior to a due payment date.
Reduction in bad debt is another useful collection KPI since lack of cash flow can weaken a business’ ability to compete and grow. There are several ways to reduce bad debt, one of them is credit screening any new customer to identify clients who might be severe credit risks before signing a deal. Another way to reduce bad debt is to let a debt collection agency handle your accounts receivables as such professionals are specialized in preventing and collecting bad debt in a timely manner.
Consequences can be severe if money does not come in at a rate that helps pay the bills, especially for a small business. To ensure proper cash flow management, accurate accounts receivable forecasting is vital and requires close monitoring. There are certain practices that help to make sure such forecast is accurate and helpful in order to reduce collection problems. Keep a close eye on your business indicators when preparing your cash flow forecast. Look out for upcoming big deals, which could bring positive cash flow or internal investments that need to be made in the near future. Your forecast should be estimated weekly or at least monthly to assess when these deals will close and might generate cash.
Without successful collections, it is impossible to stay in business for long as wages need to be paid, as well as office supplies and licences and maybe even rent for the building you’re in. This makes debt collection one of the most important areas of your business and you might want to consider investing in account receivables software to be able to not only store all information in one central place but save time by letting the software create invoices automatically and remind you of the upcoming due dates.
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Health and Medical

Tips For The Perfect Leg Day

Leg day; the world’s most hated gym day. Most people would rather swallow a tarantula than do leg day and this is a point of concern. For the perfect physique, your legs should be developed with the same intensity and dedication that you reserve for a bench press. In fact, what most people do not know is that by improving the strength in your legs, you could make certain exercise routines, like the deadlift for instance, better and safer for you. You will also have better balance, which in turn helps you prevent injury when performing high intensity exercises.

The reason people dislike keg day is actually very simple; leg exercises are relatively tasking in comparison to other parts of the body. You also have a bunch of compound muscles which control different functions. The quads for instance control the extension of the leg from the hip flexor and alone, contain 3 major muscles the Rectus Femoris, the Vastus Laterallis, and the Vastus Mediallis. The hamstrings in the other hand has 4 major muscle groupings while the calves have two. Hitting all these muscles requires a well formulated routine with a range of both compound and targeted exercises, which leaves you drained but feeling great at the end.

Why does it take so long to work?

Leg exercises are designed to force your legs to grow. Your legs on the other hand will try as much as they can to resist this forced growth, and this is why they shake and burn during exercises. Moreover, since there are a lot of muscles involved, you will have to use a lot of weight, using many angles, and using different routines, over many different rep ranges, in order for any sort of noticeable change to occur. This will also take quite some time, so it is important that you are patient and trust in the process.

Wat do you need to do?

Another factor that tend to get overlooked is the diet. You need to realise that you are forcing muscles to grow, and that will in turn require a certain shift in your nutrition. You will need to increase your intake of certain nutrients such as protein. For the best results, you will also need to add other supplements to your diet in order to stimulate faster organic growth in a healthy way. The first thing you should look add to your daily nutrition is protein. Your diet should include more animal and plant protein such as beans, milk, eggs, and meat. You can supplement your protein intake with whey protein from well-known and trusted brands such as Gold Standard whey.
With regard to nutrition, you should also look for supplements that have caffeine, creatine and amino acids in them. The ATP created by the creatine will help you hit the weights for longer, since it is responsible for the muscles twitching with power. BCAA (Branched amino acids) help with the formation of nitric acid, which helps maintain blood flow to the muscles. Amino acids also help in controlling the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, which is the substance that causes the post workout soreness.

Some of the exercises

Setting up a workout routine for your legs is done on a person to person basis, since everyone has different goals for the gym and different body types when it comes to nutrition. However, there are certain elements of a leg workout that are recommended and these are split according to the muscle group that benefits the most.

  1. Quads: The most notable exercise for the quadriceps muscles is the barbell squat. This should be in every work out plan out there under leg day. It is included in every beginner’s schedule, and all you have to do as your strength increases is add weight. Other quad exercises should include leg extensions which work on the teardrop muscle and the barbell hack squats which are great for the quad sweep group of muscles.
  2. Hamstrings: This group of muscles is built purely on lunges and curls. This where barbell lunges excel. A barbell lunge begins with the weight on your shoulders, after which you go into a lunge. Make sure you use a squat rack to increase your safety. You should also make sure you maintain proper form to reduce chances of a hamstring strain or injury to your shoulders and back. Other exercises include lying leg curls and seated leg curls.
  3. Calves: with calves, the routine is quite simple; stick to calf raises. The standing calf raises work on the Gastrocnemius, which is diamond shaped muscle at the back of the lower leg that people mistakenly refer to as the calf. Seated calf raises on the other hand work on the Soleus, which is the back part of your lower leg that extends from below the knee all the way to your heel.

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Fashion and Beauty

A Black and White Affair

So you’ve decided that your wedding will be a very glamorous event. Your future husband will wear a tux and your bridesmaids will wear black. And even if your wedding is not a formal event and you want your bridesmaids to wear black we’ve got you sorted!
Mori Lee doesn’t just design gorgeous wedding dresses, she also designs some of the most beautiful bridesmaid gowns around. Dresses that will fit all types of body shapes because we know how difficult it can be to find a dress style that suits your bridal entourage and all their body types.
Here are some of her stunning designs:

1. Mori Lee 691 Bridesmaid Dress

mori lee 691 bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 691 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

It might just be number but the dress isn’t.  This lovely gown will have your bridesmaids feeling sophisticated and ready to help you keep calm on your big day. With an elegant sheath silhouette, luxurious jersey knit fabric, Bateau neckline and ruched waistline, this dress will draw in their waists and then glide down over their hips

2. Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid Dress

Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

Definitely, a favourite amongst the options is this dress. It’s simplistic but so elegant with its lace neckline and cap-sleeves that leads to a sheer lace back with button closures. The skirt is chiffon and billows down from an empire waist. It’s the ultimate form-flattering dress. You won’t hear any complaints from your bridal entourage when they realize that this is the dress that you’ve chosen for them to wear on your wedding day. Whether their hair will be up or down it won’t matter because anything will look good with this gown.

3. Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid Dress

Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

This dress is a little more form-fitting so keep that in mind before you decide on this one for your bridesmaids. Nevertheless, it is flattering in all the right places and instead of being sexy it’s just plain old glamour. The sheath style gown is adorned with lace and has a Bateau neckline. The back is in the shape of a V and a satin sash brings your attention to the waistline.

4.       30131

If you’re hosting a summer wedding you might want to think about letting your bridesmaids wear a shorter gown for your wedding day. They won’t be uncomfortable sweating in front of all your guests. It might sound tacky to have them wear something shorter but this dress is everything but. It’s perfect for a luxe outdoor wedding during the spring or summer time. Did we mention it’s a two piece? This stunning two piece knee-length lace dress boasts with a strapless sweetheart neckline and comes with a beautiful Swarovski crystal brooch that sits on the waist to the left.

Do remember that just because your wedding is a black and white affair doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids have to wear black. Some dresses in a dark colour will also look sophisticated and chic. Also, it’s your big day and you can bend the rules to fit your dream wedding as much as you want to. If you want to wear a short wedding dress then do it. Just make sure you know you’ll love it in twenty years time. Styles might change but there is a reason traditional gowns have been around as long as they have. It’s because they don’t go out of style. So just because you don’t want to be a traditional bride doesn’t mean you should completely shun all gowns that make you think of every wedding you’ve seen the past 5 years.

What it comes down to is you and your future husband and how you want to spend your day celebrating. No matter how much your family and friends meddle sometimes it’s good to stick to your guns and other times it might be better to bend a little bit. Especially if you fell in love with the bright pink off-the-shoulder wedding gown.
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Personal Improvement

Feeling Flat After the HSC? Get Back Into Training With These Tips

The HSC is one the most stressful times in our schooling lives. They are not the be all and end all but can help set up the future we desire – whether it’s getting into the University of our choice or securing a job. The lead up to the HSC is a stressful period of all-nighters, not the partying fun kind either! It’s all about study, study, and more study.
The intense cramming involved can take its toll on the mind and the body, but it’s all worth it when the scores come in and all the hard work pays off. Well, that’s of course if you get the mark you were hoping for! Regardless of your scores, once the HSC is over a wave of calm washes over you and you can finally get back to living your life. No doubt with all the pre-HSC hoo-ha your exercise routine went out the window. This post is dedicated to giving you some hints and tips on how to get back into shape.

Start Slowly

After a hiatus from physical exercise for quite some time, it’s a good idea to start off slowly. Pushing yourself too hard on your first training session will hurt physically and mentally and can do more damage than good. If you push too hard your body will ache and your mind will flinch at the idea of putting yourself through it again.
Start slowly and gradually and then work your way back up. Go for a short run and gradually push yourself harder and harder over the next month. If you’re partaking in boxing training or aerobics, take it easy on yourself and don’t push too hard, regardless of if the instructor is yelling at you to “push it push it push it!”


Yoga is my go-to stress relief and exercise. I tell all my friends to get into it because of the benefits one can receive from regular practice. The stigma of housewives in colourful pants doing yoga is long gone and now everyone from athletes to famous musicians are getting on board the yoga train. It’s a great way to strengthen your body and calm the mind. There are many different styles of yoga and a good idea is to sample all of them and see which one resonates with you.

Boxing Training

Boxing training is a great way to get back into the exercise arena. Whether you see yourself as the next Jeff Fenech or would just like to get toned and fit boxing training has you covered.  It’s quite a diverse training regime that will have you punching a bag and working on your cardio. There are boxing clubs in pretty much every city and town across the country and you don’t need much equipment to get started. Just grab yourself some bag mitts and away you go.

Team Sports

Team sports are a great way to increase your fitness, make friends and learn some valuable skills that will help you in other areas of your life. Being part of a team has a multitude of benefits such as leadership skills and learning to cooperate with others while striving for a common goal. So, if basketball, soccer or football is your gab, jump online and check out the local sporting teams in your area. A good place to start is your local club as they have a bunch of sports and activities to get you back in the exercise arena.

Cross Fit

Cross fit is a multi-faceted exercise regime usually done at high intensity and incorporates elements from a variety of different disciplines, from running, to aerobics, to weightlifting. It has gained immense popularity over the last decade and continues to gain momentum. The great thing about cross fit is the diversity and the range of movement that it provides. It’s great for building strength and increasing your cardio while having fun. Well hopefully. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


Parkour is an exercise and training discipline that will give you the necessary balance, skills, and strength to navigate an obstacle course, usually in an urban environment. It was developed from military obstacle course training and involves jumping, climbing and pretty much everything that is required to get from the start to the finish. Ninja Warrior, the popular television show, is a prime example of Parkour where the contestants have to navigate a difficult obstacle course to reach the finish in the fastest time. Obviously, to get to the Ninja Warrior level, it will take years of dedication and training, but your local club has beginner classes that will get you started on your parkour adventure.
The HSC’s are over. There is no excuse anymore to slack off on exercise. Your body is your vehicle to drive through life and the better it performs the easier life will become. Think of it like a car. The better you take care of it the longer it lasts. So hop to it!
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The sleekest leather lounges this year

Nothing screams sophistication like a leather lounge set, especially if it’s sleek and perfectly blends in with the room you chose to put it in. There are so many beautiful options out there that it can be difficult to find precisely what you’re looking for.
The one thing you can’t skimp on when buying furniture is quality and the thing with leather is that it lasts a very long time if you take care of it. If you have dogs the hair won’t cling to it and if you have kids they’ll enjoy plopping down after a long day at school. And by the time you get home from work, you’ll be glad you opted for one of these sets that we’re going to mention.


This gorgeous lounge set is Italian craftsmanship personified. It is an award-winning set that is elegant and versatile.
Made in Italy, it features sleek minimalist lines and a low back with unique stitching details. The headrests are adjustable and supported by a metal base. Luxuriously padded this sleek lounge set will beg to be sat or lain on after a hard day at work.


This is a best seller and it’s easy to see why hands down the most beautiful and interesting looking sleek lounge set we came upon.
100% made and designed in Italy the Joker set is unique, functional and versatile. The lines are elegantly proportioned with small pretty details that give the lounge a contemporary style and look. It comes in a large variety of compositions that are easily crafted and designed to work for any room that you have in mind.


Made for the modern home in mind the Kennedy is an absolute showstopper when it comes to sleek lounge sets. It’s minimalist, ergonomic and very versatile. It has beautiful stitching along the lounge that brings in a very sleek and modern look that you won’t just find anywhere else.
The headrest is adjustable and can be set to different heights. It has large wide seating and space doesn’t feel cramped or small, you can literally put your feet up and spend some real quality time with your family when you come home from work.

Colorado Chaise Suite

The Colorado Chaise Suite was made for those who seek out complete comfort and versatility. It’s made from top-class leather and timber. The foam cushioning has elastic webbing and high-density foam making it an absolute treat to sit on.

Palais Chaise Suite

The Palais Chaise Suite has super comfy seating, sleek and very modern-looking. The high seat back has a lumbar support cushion making it ergonomically perfect for anyone who might have some back issues. S not only does it look great but it actually does a lot more than just offer a place to sit or lie down.
The suite is curved beautifully that continues into the rest of the design like the timber legs. It also has a 2 and 3 seater sofa and ottoman that’s available in the same design.


Sophisticated and sleek the Zabina lounge is perfect for the smaller lounge or office space where you need a place to put up your feet.
It has two separate reclining motions for the legs as well as the headrest, so both do not need to be reclined at the same time. The Zabina also has a USB port for any device that needs to be charged while you’re enjoying a movie and waiting for a text from a loved one or friend.
Whatever your needs there is a sleek lounge set out there for you. With so many different choices it can be difficult to decide on which one will be the perfect fit for you, literally. So get out there and go sit on a few sets and see what it is you want and don’t want. You’re bound to find the right addition to your home!
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