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Leather Lounge to Transform Your Living Area

Your living area is a place of relaxation. It is also the room where you entertain your guests and spend some family time. The furniture you choose for your living room greatly affects the ambiance in it. If you think your living area has become boring and want to update the way it looks, changing some furniture is a great way to start.
One of the most important pieces in the living area is the couch. The couch or the lounge has the biggest impact because it is the main piece that provides comfort in the room. The material you choose for your lounge will affect the overall feel and theme of your living room.
Leather is a popular choice because of its elegance and durability. Adding a leather lounge in your living room is the easiest way to make the room look classier. But if you are not an expert in leather, it can be tricky to pick a leather lounge for living area. Knowing the important things to consider will definitely make the entire process a lot easier.

Why Choose Leather?

Aside from looking elegant and being more durable, what other advantages does leather have over other types of furniture?

  • Comfort – Fabric sofas and loveseats tend to fade as they age. Moreover, they lose their shape and becomes less comfortable after some time of use. Leather furniture, on the other hand, gets softer and more supple as time goes by so it is a great investment. Aside from that, leather is breathable so it easily dissipates heat and cold. This means it is a lot more comfortable for sitting.
  • Quality – Leather is considered a premier product. Nothing looks as classic as leather. Some tanning procedures also make leather resistant to cracking, peeling, and sagging.
  • Appearance – Unlike fabric, the color on leather doesn’t fade because when it is dyed, the color is absorbed into the very material. Some areas may get worn but they retain their color.
  • Flexibility – The best thing about leather is they often come in neutral colors. This makes it easier to decorate your living room because it is easy to find decors, wallpaper, and other furniture that will match.
  • Cost – Though the initial cost is higher, choosing a leather sofa is a more practical choice in the long run. Leather is very durable so it will last much longer than other types of furniture.


Picking the Perfect Leather Lounge for Living Room

A leather lounge is a big investment for your home so how do you pick the perfect one for your living room? Here are some things to consider.


Graining refers to the markings on the leather’s surface. Full-grain leather is the most durable and it resists moisture. It also develops a beautiful patina over time. Top-grain leather is the same except that it tends to be more uniform in color. Consider the graining that you want for your leather lounge and how it will match with your overall living room design.

Type of Leather

You need to know which type of leather you want for your lounge. Bonded leather is leak and it works well in high traffic areas. Aniline leather is the most expensive because it is the softest and most durable.

Zippered Seat Cushions

Leather lasts long but the seat cushions may not. So choose a leather lounge with zippered seat cushions. This will give you easy access to the cushion so you can easily remove them for cleaning and place them back without a hassle.


It’s also good to inspect the stitching and padding of the leather lounge. There should be no fraying in the stitches.
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Benefits Of A Portable BBQ

BBQs are an intrinsic part of summer in Australia. However, not all Aussies have big backyards with large BBQs. Thus, portable BBQs are fast becoming the first choice for many Aussies. Here are a list of advantages of owning a portable BBQ.


The biggest advantage of a portable BBQ is its size. If you have limited space but still want to BBQ, then a portable BBQ is the best option for you. When you have just a small balcony to work with, this type of BBQ is the best option for you.


The most obvious advantage of portable BBQs is – obviously – their portability. When going camping, one of the highlights of your trip could be being able to BBQ. And that is exactly what a portable BBQ can do for you. These grills are easily foldable which means that they can easily fit into your car when you go camping, or for a picnic or even going to a friend’s party.
Portable Barbeque


Frequency Of Use

A portable BBQ is a much better choice if you don’t barbeque very regularly. It isn’t a good idea to invest in a large, expensive BBQ if you are only going to use it once in a while. It is much better to have a small portable BBQ that you can store away when you’re not using it and bring it out only when you need to use it.


A portable BBQ is also lightweight, which means that it is easy to move around. Traditional BBQs are usually large and very hard to move, making them rather cumbersome. Most portable BBQs weigh less than 30 pounds, which makes them easier to move around. Additionally, most of them come equipped with handles so that you can move them around more easily.
Portable BBQ

Small Parties Or Individuals

A portable BBQ cooks less than a traditional BBQ, however, that actually is an advantage when you are cooking for small parties or just for yourself. When you use of traditional grill, you end up using a lot of extra energy. You need all that extra gas or charcoal to heat up your grill, but you only end up using a small part of the BBQ for your cooking. Portable BBQs are designed in such a way that you can preserve fuel.


There are some portable BBQs that come with attachments. You can attach shelves to your grill that can give you some extra space for your BBQ. Then, once you’re done, you can remove those shelves and store away your portable BBQ.

Cost Effective

The best part about a portable BBQ is that it is much less expensive than a traditional BBQ. Portable BBQs can cost between just $60 and $1000. Some of the cheapest models include:

  • Jumbuck’s Portable Round Hotplate BBQ, which uses LPG and costs $58.90.
  • Billabong’s Tabletop Kettle (BBPAC), which uses charcoal and costs $69.95.
  • Weber’s Smokey Joe (K10024), which also uses charcoal and has a price tag of $109.95.
  • Everdure’s Cube, another charcoal user and costing $199.
  • Gasmate’s Odyssey is a charcoal grill that costs $299.
  • Ziegler & Brown’s LPG Portable Grill (ZG1GRK), which costs $349.
  • Beefeater’s Bugg Mobile BBQ (BB18324), which uses charcoal and will cost you $399.

Portable BBQs can be expensive too, so before you make your decision on which one to buy, you can read you can read reviews of the best portable BBQs at Canstar Blue. Remember, if you are like many Aussies who would love to BBQ but are constrained by space or your budget, then opt for a portable BBQ.

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Christmas Home Cleaning Tips

The Christmas season can be a stressful time with all the preparations you need to do for friends and family coming over. But it is a rare time to get together so you want it to be beautiful and perfect.
There are ways to make the holiday season simpler, more organized and less stressful. These Christmas home cleaning tips will help you keep your house clean in Christmas. The key is in preparation.

Treat Your Carpets

You may be too preoccupied with the obvious clutter that it’s easy to take your carpets for granted. Keep in mind that carpets accumulate an awful lot of footfall from the moment you install them.
Even if you clean them regularly, dirt and dust will still linger deep below the surface. While you can buy industrial cleaning materials to treat your carpet, it’s also a good idea to hire cleaner in Christmas time to deep clean your carpets. Professional carpet cleaners use strong cleaning agents to shampoo your carpet and they use professional equipment to suck up all the dust inside.

Clean All Surfaces

If you will be doing a lot of cooking for the holiday season, you should definitely clean your countertops. They will be in constant use so it’s important to clean them thoroughly both before the big day and while you are cooking.
Wipe surfaces after preparing the Christmas food because raw ingredients can leave germs and bacteria behind. Deep clean your shelves, chairs, and other furniture to remove stains and buildup of dust.

Have a Professional Clean Your Oven

Especially if you are working and don’t have a lot of time, it may be a good idea to hire a domestic cleaning service in Christmas. They can give your oven a thorough cleaning so you don’t have to deal with all the grime and grease that have accumulated over the year.

Reorganize Your Home

This is a great time to move things around in your home which could give you more space for Christmas decors and presents. Try to move furniture around to discover new arrangements that will clear up your guest area. This will allow you to set a suitable area for your Christmas tree and accommodate more guests.
It’s also a great time to clear out clutter. As you reorganize, ask yourself if you really need some of the items in your home. Are you going to use them in the coming months or years? If not, it may be better for you to throw them out, donate them, or put up a garage sale. You will be surprised how much extra room this can give you.

Prepare the Guest Bathroom

Your guests will most definitely be using the bathroom so make sure that it is clean and presentable. Brighten it up by putting some fresh flowers and scented soaps. Do not hesitate to put up some holiday decors but make sure that they do not take too much space in the bathroom.

Freshen Up Your Home

You can freshen up your home with natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile. Mix a few drops of lavender with a teaspoon of vodka and water to create a linen spray. Lavender is not only good in reducing odors but it is also a great stress-reliever. It promotes calm and eases anxiety.
Spray the mixture on bed linens, lamp shades, and curtains. You can also spray some on your furniture.
Remove odors from carpets using a homemade cleaning powder. Mix some lavender with chamomile and baking soda and grind them in a food processor. Sprinkle the powder on rugs and carpets to remove foul odors.
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What sort of disputes are common for franchise owners?

Typically, franchise relationships are formalised through contracts which state the nature of the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. Consequently, these contracts are known as relational contracts and are left incomplete purposely. The reason for this is that it is impossible for either party to foresee what issues they will have to deal with over the course of the franchisor – franchisee relationship that has the potential of spanning years or even decades.
The legislature often struggle to understand incomplete contracts. Franchise disputes also reflect the fact that at every level in franchise systems there is a tension between ownership and control. This is direct result of the nature of the franchisor – franchisee relationship itself. Most people tend to think that ownership and control are one and the same thing. This assumption comes about due to the nature of a typical business (a non – franchised business) in which ownership and control are largely in the same hands. Ownership refers to the individual (person or entity) is legally entitled to the business’ net assets. Control refers to the individual who makes the executive decisions as regards to business strategy. In a typical business the business owner owns the assets and makes the decisions about which direction the business will take and how it execute on this strategy. However, in a franchise system, the franchisor makes most of the strategic decisions, particularly those that affect the franchise brand. In some cases, franchising contracts grant entities known as master franchisees the power to control the franchising activities in specific regions. These franchisees may make local decisions but the franchisees themselves often have little input even though their assets are the ones at risk.

Poor communication

Poorly communicated information can lead to disputes. This may be poor communication in KPI (Key Performance Indicators) targets communicated to the master franchisee or miscommunication on the development targets. All the same, this miscommunication leads to disputes.

Unfeasible KPI’s and Targets

Franchisors may demand continual improvement on the part of the franchisee. Remember that the franchisee has their assets at risk when they enter into this franchise relationship and as such, they are the ones to bear the costs of this continual improvement. Another typical demand is for the franchisee to increase market coverage which may add further strain on the franchisee’s assets. This seemingly unfeasible targets may lead to a dispute.

Failure to meet KPI’s and Targets

As with any business, KPI are an essential tool to diagnose if the business is well on track to being successful. As such, franchisors may dictate which KPI’s the master franchisees should meet. Note that these KPI’s may be in the form of contractual development targets that the master franchisee must achieve. Disputes arise when the master franchisee fails to meet these development targets. Research shows that most master franchisees do not meet performance targets.

Failure to terms of supply

Franchise – franchisor agreements often have clauses in which the franchisors dictate which suppliers meet their standard of quality. They often approve suppliers of goods and services from pre – specified companies that they have long – standing relationships with. The same applies for software supplies. Franchisees, on the other hand, may have local suppliers who they feel they have better relationships with and so may opt to source their supplies from these suppliers. This is obviously a breach of the franchise agreement. As such, failure of dealing with the franchisor – approved suppliers on the part of the franchisee can lead to a dispute.

Misuse of trademark

Trademarks are a key item in the franchise’s brand. As such, they are only allowed to be used under very specific conditions in the franchise agreement. Any misuse on the part of the franchisees (such as using the franchise’s logo for personal promotion or use) during or after the end of the franchise is a source of dispute.

Disclosure of trade secrets

Most franchisors have a competitive advantage in their capabilities or knowledge. This knowledge is treated as confidential information and is shared with the franchisee under the franchise agreement. Any disclosure of this information to other parties voluntarily or involuntarily in a manner that so breaches the terms of the franchise agreement can lead to a dispute.
Whenever one of the parties within a franchise system lodges a claim, the typical response is for the counterparty to lodge an even larger counter claim. A franchisor might claim that the franchisee has not been acquiring goods from the suppliers the franchisor has approved. The franchisee, in turn, may claim that it has not been receiving the support it needs and was offered under the franchise agreement. Generally, it is important to be cognizant of the terms within the franchise agreement to avoid the pitfalls that may lead to these disputes.
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Confidence in Taiwan’s Economy improves in September

Surrounded by the Philippine Sea, the East China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan is a territory of the Republic of China. A notable geographical feature is the rugged mountains in its eastern side. Through the centuries, Taiwan’s economy has had its highs and lows. In the 1980’s the country moved to forward to knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries. As a result, the country’s economy expanded due to a high rate of savings, increased labour productivity, privatization, and considerable foreign investment. Taiwan soon became one of the world’s largest producers of computers and succeeded in establishing shipbuilding and steel industries. Taiwan is now a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Currently, Taiwan’s economy is a free market economy where there is little government involvement, and the prices of both goods and services are determined within a free price system. Its economy is significantly huge and occupies the position of being the 5th largest economy in Asia. To add to that, it has the highest Global Entrepreneurship Index in the region.
On a global scale, Taiwan holds a significant position as the 15th largest economy in the world with regards to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and is considered by the International Monetary Fund as an advanced economy. Concerning purchasing power parity, the economy is 19th in the world. In March 2018 the country’s nominal GDP was USD 149.9 billion, which was a rise from USD 147.5 billion in the previous quarter. Investing in this economy can be seen to be a wise decision and can be an excellent opportunity for non-citizens of the country who want to indulge in overseas trading.

Given that Taiwan has a capitalist economy, the production techniques are decided by the privately-owned companies whose primary goal is to earn a profit. Moreover, the industrial companies and banks that were previously owned by the state are now privately owned. This can be said to have considerably contributed to the impressive unemployment rate of only 4% with a workforce of over 11 million people. Across the industrial spectrum, Taiwan is a major supplier of goods as well as being one of the major players in the information and communication technology industry in the world.

Confidence has increased on Taiwan’s economy after the government said that the economic growth in the first half of the year, had surpassed what had been originally projected. This was according to a survey done by Cathay Financial Holding Co which is one of Taiwan’s leading financial holding companies. Cathay Financial also stated that this optimistic outlook toward the country’s economy was a result of upward revisions of the previously projected GDP. This gain in confidence toward the economy has led to a more upbeat mood where consumers are more willing to spend, according to Cathay Financial.

There have been positive remarks from the people, according to surveys that were conducted, who believe that the economy is on steady growth. Experts in the Directorate General of the Budget, Accounting and Statistics also concur with this optimistic trend, through raising its forecast GDP growth from 2.60% to 2.69% for the year 2018.

This expected growth in the economy can also be attributed to improved levels of demand on world markets. Based in Taipei, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) is the securities trading centre in the country and has been operating since 1962. It facilitates international share trading for those who invest in overseas shares from other countries.

Investors prefer to invest their money in economies that have the promise of growth, and Taiwan’s economy sure is proving to be on an upward trend. This year the country’s economy has been seen to rise from 3.10% increase in the first quarter to 3.30% in the second. This is a great leap for the economy and one that has surpassed even the optimistic previous projections.

With the above in mind, it is easy to see that one has good reason to have confidence in the Taiwanese economy. When looking for a good market to help diversify your portfolio, Taiwan is definitely worth your consideration


Why I Love Parking My Car at the Airport When I Travel

I travel a lot and I mean a lot, usually interstate flights at least two times a week. All my travel is work related unfortunately but I don’t mind too much because it changes things up a bit and makes life interesting. I work as a training coordinator in the corporate and I am constantly bouncing around from business to business teaching them how to be better at their job and showing them new strategies to implement.
It’s not the most glamorous of jobs but it keeps me busy and like I said before I get to travel. I’m not going to lie to you. I hate airports. To me, it’s just dead time or time I spend going through emails and catching up on work. The thing I hate about it most is the commute then having to go through the checkout procedure. I used to catch an uber to the airport until I discovered a park and fly service.
The thing is I travel for work so much that I don’t get to drive my brand new car as much as I would like. I just spent a wad on this brand new car that sits in the garage at home mostly collecting dust. And I do love a good drive. The airport is a good 1-hour drive from my house. So now that I use a park and fly service I get to drive my own car to the airport and back. You would not believe the pleasure this brings me. I cruise down the highway with the wind in my hair and Britney cranking from my Blaupunkt stereo. Yes, Britney. What can I say I’m a child form of 90’s and she had the most amazing pop songs before she went a bit crazy. But everyone has their moments. I too had a few meltdowns when I first started travelling for work. I would miss home and my cat and my car and wish that I could be home with them.
I still miss my cat, but I don’t miss my car anymore because I get to drive more not than I would if I wasn’t travelling all the time.
So yes I get to drive my car to and from the airport which suites me fine. The park and fly service that I use is amazing. I drive in and valet takes my keys and parks my car then they shuttle me over to the airport to check in. It’s so easy and convenient and I wouldn’t even consider doing it any other way.
When I return home one of the friendly staff is there to greet me and shuttle me off to my car. If I want to give my car a little TLC they do that as well. I’m serious this place provides detailing services which they will do while your away so that when you return your car is nice and shiny and the interior looks and smells like new.
My love for airports hasn’t changed. I don’t like them one little bit and I don’t think that will ever change. But the park and fly service has changed my life for the better. I get to spend more time in my beloved car and listen to favourite tunes while trying to sing at the top of my lungs with windows down. When I pull up to the traffic lights people often get a little startled when they see a middle-aged lady in a business singing hit me baby one more time at the top of her lungs. The park and fly service has made travelling that a little easier and I’ve noticed a change in my moods when traveling to and from the airport.
I literally can’t wait to get out of that airport and jump into my sparkling car and hit the highway all the way home to the open arms or paws of Mr. Dribbles. He is a rescue cat and had all his teeth removed because they were rotting and he dribbles a lot. Yeah, I know its original name.
Anyway back to the story at hand. If you do travel a lot I highly recommend the park and fly service for a number of reasons. The great service and the convenience of the whole set up are great. But for its all about driving to the airport with my music blaring, high on life and a love for good pop. And knowing that when I return my car will be spotlessly clean and ready and waiting to drive home, again with the music blaring from the stereo and me singing my heart out. So if like me you don’t get to drive your car enough because you travel too much for work. Try the park and fly service you won’t be disappointed.

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Tips for Designing Your Commercial Pool

No matter if the beach is within walking distance, people of all ages enjoy a fantastic pool without a doubt. Hence if you are the lucky owner of a commercial real estate, investing in a pool is sure to increase the value of the business. But before you go too much into detail fantasising about your property featuring an oasis with infinity edge and Italian tiles, here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your commercial pool for your guests to take a splash.

Where to place the pool

One of the most important things you have to think about when designing your commercial pool is its position on the property. The best area to place a pool is an area, which won’t section off a large garden space but is close or even adjacent to the main building so your guests can be looked after and feel safe when in the water. Depending on the property size available, keep in mind that you don’t need full perimeter access to the pool, as single or double entrance is usually all that your guests require.

Material and aesthetics

You may consider playing around with different material when it comes to hard and soft finishes and take your landscaping right up to the edge of the pool to avoid it looking like a stone tomb. A landscape designer will help you work out ideas where to place plants and garden beds to break up the paving. Even though light colours are trendy, think twice before using light-paving products for your commercial pool as light material easily stains or discolours. Darker surface finishes can hide stains better. If you want to bring some light to the pool area, a nice colour combo is a fair pool interior and darker hued paving.

Design guidelines

Pool design is usually an extension of current buildings and if you have the luxury to place the oasis away from them, keep in mind that the design should fit to the existing architecture to make a nice overall appearance for your guests. The pool is the extension of your building, hence if your business is in a contemporary home, use the same straight lines and right-angle corners for your pool design. Pool access should always be located close to the main building for quick and easy transition and seamless use. For adult guests, the pool areas mostly used are usually the ones in shallow water so you want to make sure your pool offers enough Baja shelves and wide steps to sit on.

Design styles

There are a couple of key looks used when it comes to commercial pool design. The ‘retro’ pool appears very flat with usually no landscaping near it. The inside surface finish is typical of light colour and its shape simple and rectangular. This pool design is uncomplicated and perfect for a Baja shelf to be built in for lounging guests, as well as glamorous retro pool parties from the 1950ies.
Connecting the pool to the building using a bridge or walkway adds a resort-inspired appeal. The pool shape itself is clean and uncomplicated and usually designed to create a strong visual from the main area inside to the outdoor oasis. Surrounded by lots of alfresco spaces the resort-style pool often features dark water tiles to increase the focal point from the inside.
A traditional building demands an elegant and sophisticated outdoor area with a rectangular pool and natural stone slabs around it. Classic mosaic tiles will feature this popular setting and waterspouts and Roman stone figures add traditional detail and a touch of grandeur to this classic pool design.

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Eye Shadowing Techniques and Colours to Make Brown Eyes Pop

Most dark-skinned girls have brown eyes, and even professional make-up artists are sometimes puzzled over what to do with that. Their default move is to go for shimmer and sparkle – regular tones get lost in their clients’ complexion. Lately, darker celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie are being selected as make-up brand ambassadors. Also, inclusive brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty are offering a broader palette of 40 shades, covering girls blessed with skin ranges from milky olive to dark coffee.
Fenty builds its foundation around … foundation … but it also offers lip and eye shades. Their website offers skin-tone guides that help you digitally experiment and discover what works best for you. So while making your brown eyes pop seems like a simple matter of picking the right colour, you do need to factor in your skin tone. A ‘nude’ that may work on fair skin might look weird on a darker girl, while a customised nude designed for Asian or African(-American) skin would be quite visible on a Caucasian customer.
For our purposes, we’ll dig into colours that work on the darkest skin range. In practice, this colour choice will be more dramatic on lighter skin shades, but can still be flattering. This approach is more practical because coming at it the other way around could result in make-up that is invisible on a darker face. The first eye-make-up tip many of us received was to wear a colour that matches our eyes. So blue eye-shadow for blue-eyed girls, green shadow for the green-to-hazel range. Curiously, this doesn’t translate into black eye-shadow for black eyes, mostly because many eyes described as ‘black’ are actually dark brown (… and because black eye-shadow is very goth.) Still, brown eye shadow for brown eyes is iffy.

Skin tone matters

On lighter girls, brown can seem too mild to pop. On darker girls, it can disappear completely into their skin or look garish, depending on the shade of brown. So only use brown eye-shadow if you’re going for that natural no-make-up look. It’s a bad choice if you’re trying to make your eyes pop, but it can be a subtle highlight when you’re trying to make your skin look un-made-up. Instead, especially if you’re on the darker side, opt for contrasting shades with some shimmer.
Lighter girls can pick contrasting eye-shadow palettes as well, though they don’t need quite as much sparkle unless it’s a night-time event. Green is good, because of the contrast effect. It works really well with hazel eyes, because it heightens the green while contrasting the brown, and dances beautifully in those intense emotional moments when your eyes themselves seem to change colour. If you’re feeling dramatic, you can blend different shades, going green at the top and veering closer to blue for your lower lid.
Gel liner brightens the whites of your eyes, offering a more distinct canvas for your eye-shadow selection. Of course shimmer doesn’t have to pair with colour. Sparkly silver makes a good choice for brown eyes, regardless of skin tone. It can highlight eye-bags though, so watch out for that. You can move towards grey if you want a milder effect that still draws attention to your face. Shiny silver is more bold, so you need attitude to wear it without wilting. Gold shades are – interestingly – less dramatic than silver, and they work on both light and dark skin, with or without the extra gloss.

Brown and blue

If you want a soft pop, opt for bronze or copper rather than untainted gold. They’re closer to brown than yellow, so their effect is gentle but distinct. Blue eye-shadow (or eye-liner) enhances the whites of your eyes, but if you’re a darker girl, pick darker blues like navies and royals. Use mattes for daytime and shimmers for night. Lighter, paler blues can risk looking comical today, though they were popular in the 80s, so you should avoid them unless you’re going deliberately retro. Lighter girls can wear any shade in the azure range and it will beautifully highlight their brown baby blues.
Finally, the royal colour purple works on just about everyone, from Alek Wek to Lucy Liu, Keira Knightley to Britney Spears. It highlights brown eyes on any skin tone or hair shade. On darker skin, it looks elegant, muted, and bold. On lighter skin, it looks vivid, sophisticated, and playful. Pick the purple that best fits your undertone. Generally speaking, that’s indigos for darker girls and violets for lighter shades. A dark girl with red undertones can swing either way. But whichever shadow you use, never sleep with eye-make-up on. It’s the quickest way to get a sight-threatening infection, so wash that shade off!


The Many Pros of Mobile Car Detailing

There’s nothing like getting into a car that has been freshly detailed. The new car smell is one of the most recognisable classic smells that delight our senses. Giving the beast a good clean benefits your car and yourself in a plethora of ways.
Mobile car detailing is even better and brings the cleaning to service directly to your home or office. Your baby can get a clean while you go about your business and when it’s time to drive, it’s fresh, clean and ready to roll. Your car sparkles in the sunlight and the interior looks like new, emanating the new car smell. Getting your car detailed on a regular basis is not all about the cosmetic outcome. Detailing can aid in increasing the longevity of your car and in this post we will take a look at the pros of mobile car detailing.

The Pros

Easy on the Paint

Dirt and dust can have a negative effect on the paint job of your car. Dust and dirt can cause scratches. The small particles can cause friction and abrasion on your paint job and tarnish your otherwise perfect paint job. Dirt and dust can also contain nasty toxins from the road which will cause your paint to erode and, worst case scenario, rust. It’s a good idea to get your car detailed. A polish and wax will extend the life of your paint by creating a protective layer that will be a line of defence against dust and dirt.

Save Time and Money

Mobile car detailers are in a very competitive market which drives the price down of a detail service. It’s good for the customer and it keeps the detailers on their toes as they want repeat business. A mobile detailer will also save you time as they come directly to your door and you don’t have to mess around dropping the car off then waiting around for them to detail the car. This process used take half a day and now the job takes a matter of hours. While we are on the subject of saving money, I’ll revert back to the costly damage that dust and dirt corrosion can cause. The nasty paint damage will have to be repaired and let’s face it, paint jobs aren’t cheap. If the problem is left untreated it can lead to even more costly repairs down the track such as panel damage that will have to be replaced at a significant cost.

Pros are the Go

You may think your pretty good with washing the car. For all, I know you probably are. But the fact is that you’re not equipped with the tools and know-how of a professional car detailer. They have been specifically trained to do a certain job and in most cases do it really well, exceeding the expectations of the customers in hope for repeat business. They have all the tricks and tools of the trade to bring your car back to new.

The Range of Services

Professional car detailers offer a range of services from a basic clean to a ready for sale clean, which is a clean that will get your car ready for sale to ensure that you get the best price for it.
Car Detailing Services
Custom detail and polish
Paint correction cut and polish
Pre-sale detail
Odour Removal
Headlight restoration
Interior Detail
Of course, these are just a few of the services. It’s best to contact your mobile car detailing professional and discuss options with them. They have many custom services available and will be able to give you exactly what you require.

A Clean Car for a Healthy Mind

The interior of your car is a reflection of your lifestyle. If your car is littered with rubbish and clutter it’s bound to have an effect on your journey wherever you’re going. There is nothing worse than reaching under the seat of your car only to feel something wet and sticky or pull out a handful of mouldy Maccas fries. This will make your driving experience less pleasurable and maybe even deter you from driving your car.
Driving a clean car is a nice experience and if your car is clean you’re more likely to go driving more often. I know we can all get too busy to get around to cleaning the car. That’s why mobile car detailing services were invented. It’s as simple as making a call or jumping online and ordering a detailing service. In a matter of hours, the detailers will be around at your house to give your car the necessary clean out it deserves.
I can’t really think of any cons when it comes to mobile car detailing services. It’s as simple as making a call and your car will be clean as a whistle and a pleasure to drive in no time.
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How to use dark marble in your kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Most architects and interior designers struggle to come up with quality layouts for kitchens. The difficulty is a consequence of the numerous fittings that are needed. From the sink, faucets, and cabinets to the tabletop and cooking area, there is a lot that goes into kitchen designs. The colour scheme on kitchen walls is crucial. Moreover, tiles complement the colour of the walls. Therefore, your tiles have to match the colour of your walls and your ceiling design. Most kitchens have warm colours on the walls. Consequently, most designers opt for warm colours to complement the design. Nonetheless, dark tiles and slabs have their place in kitchen designs.

Marble Tiles

In the kitchen, tiles cover the floor space and sometimes part of the walls. Marble is an excellent durable option that is not only affordable but also beautiful. Its application ranges from tabletops and floors to facades and internal walls.  Very few natural stones top the aesthetic appeal of marble. It’s one of the most beautiful stones in the market offering elegant kitchen finishes. Marble tiles come in rich colours and have natural textures that cannot be replicated. Variety of marble tiles exist and one can easily find a design that fits their needs.
For a unique design, dark marble tiles go well with most warm kitchen colour schemes. These tiles offer a subtle contrast that makes your kitchen stand out. There are numerous dark natural marble tiles in the market with exceptional appearances. Selection is based on price, colour, and personal preference.Once you choose the colour design the next step is to settle on the finish. A honed finish has the surface ground to be smooth, flat and consistent. Since marble has a natural shine, the polish is removed to leave a matte surface with minimal reflection. A honed finish is suited for surfaces that have a lot of foot traffic like the kitchen
On the other hand, a polished marble tile has a highly reflective surface. This accentuates the character of the stone bringing out the vibrancy of the stone’s colours. The texture is smooth and not very porous. A seal is applied on the tiles and this covers all the pores preventing moisture damage and stains. A polished floor is easy to maintain and offers a unique glossy look that makes the floor space and walls in the kitchen attractive. Other finishing options include sand-blasted, brushed, flamed and tooled.

Dark Marble Tiles

Most marble tiles come in warm bright colours ranging from white to beige. However, some tiles are dark coloured and offer the perfect contrast for kitchen floors and walls. Here are some of the top-selling dark marble tiles available in the market.

  • Dark Emprador Tiles

This is a stunning tile that has been a top seller in interior construction. The dark brown 3mm thick marble tile has an unparalleled appeal that makes it good for kitchen floors and walls. The tiles are lightweight saving on the installation process due to low labour cost and low adhesive cost. The tiles also have the option of a honed finish that is ideal for kitchen floors and walls. They measure 600mm by 600mm and 600mm by 300mm with custom designs available.

  • Castile Grey Marble Tiles

The Castile grey tiles are a popular selection for many interior spaces and they blend in seamlessly with numerous kitchen design. The dark grey colour is suitable for most kitchens and offers a stunning contrast with most warm colours. The tiles come in a honed finish that appeals to many interior designers.

Dark Marble Slabs

A dark marble slab makes for a good kitchen countertop. It offers a good contrast to the wall paint and it can be installed to match the floor tiles. Polished finishes are good for countertops since they have an attractive gloss and are resistant to moisture. The sizes range from 290cm by 160cm slab to 270cm by 190cm. The slabs can be used for both rustic and contemporary interior kitchen designs. The Castile Café is a dark grey slab that comes in a honed finish and offers a stunning design solution for kitchens.
Use dark grey marble to offer contrast or compliment the colour scheme in your kitchen. If you are not certain of the best colour selection. Consult an interior designer or an architect for design solutions that meet to your needs. The good thing about marble is that you cannot run out of variety. Therefore, keep your imagination wide and consult to find the closest design solution that matches your dream kitchen. Whether it’s on your floor, walls or countertop, you can never go wrong with dark marble.
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