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Fibreglass Pools: How to Choose a Great Builder

Constructing a pool in your home is a huge decision, which often costs quite a lot of cash. Just like your house in which you will spend lots of money because you expect it to stand the test of time the inground pool is not a thing you construct every ten years. For these reasons, you want to get it right from the onset unless you’ve got lots of money to cover up errors that you could easily avoid. Below is a quick look at how you can get yourself a great professional and avoid many problems.

Find out how long your prospective builder has been doing it 

You might be asking why this is pivotal. Well, coming across someone who has worked in the sector for a considerable period comes with added security. A pool constructor who has worked in the field for a significant period will have a location where you can hopefully go and have a look at his previous works. Apart from you getting to go there physically, he will have a portfolio you can have a look at and decide if its what you would want. After all, you will be spending the right amount of money on their enterprise, and it is only fair if they showed you what they could do.

Go for someone willing to provide references

Apart from getting to see samples of works done previously, it is imperative that you get the contractor to share with you individuals who have worked with so that you can hopefully get to hear from them regarding their interactions with the designer. Their previous clients are more likely to give you a clearer picture of how it is to work with them. Don’t stop at one reference; have two or more. This way, you will have a good sample to make a sound decision.

Find out if the builder is a member of a professional building body

Getting someone who is a member of a professional organization is often a sign of professionalism on their part. This means their fellow practitioners recognize them and that they can be trusted to accomplish tasks within their field. Furthermore, in case of professional misconduct, such bodies usually come in handy in offering assistance and making sure their members are duly reprimanded. 

Get to establish the kind of equipment they have

In a world where tech evolves so quickly, you should choose a company that has equipment which matches with what the best in the market has to offer. After all, you want to get a pool that is going to last you for at least a generation. 

Go through the contract and grasp the fine print

It is vital that you carefully go through the contract so that you don’t end up clashing with the builder, especially on issues of payments. Ensure it is clear that any monies spent have to be within the budget. In short stick to the contract to be on the safe side.

Compare quotes

It is also critical that you also get to go through different quotes and come out with something standard. Make sure you keenly look through the quote to get all the details about the specific pool. No two pools are alike. For instance, one pool might have varying thickness, quality of finishing, and even size.

With these tips, we believe you will have an easier time getting a great builder for that dream pool you have been yearning for.

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Making Your First Trip to the Dentist – What You Need to Know

On matters dental health, prevention is better than cure, literally. If you’re to maintain good dental health, you should go for checkups regularly. Prevention also helps you to avoid the big costs of treating advanced dental conditions.

If you have children, ensure you introduce them to dental visits at an early age. The dental clinic trips will help them to overcome dental fear and develop a habit of taking good care of their oral health by frequently brushing their teeth, washing their mouth, and flossing.

If you’ve never visited a dental clinic Parramatta before, you’re not alone. According to a 2018 research report by, about 40% of Australians avoid the dentist for one reason or the other, with a majority citing cost as their biggest impediment. That tells you that millions of Australians are yet to make that first visit to the dentist.

However, that shouldn’t be a reason for you not to seek dental care if you can. There are many advantages of going to the dentist for checkups, including the prevention of grave dental conditions.

So, if you’re looking forward to making that inaugural visit to one of the dental clinics Parramatta, the tips below will come in handy.   

Put Your Information Together

On your first trip to the dentist, there is a lot more that’s expected of you than for a repeat visit. As you prepare for that visit, therefore, put together all the documents that detail your medical history. Besides the records, be ready to answer questions. You may also consider bringing along other documents that might be needed to formulate a payment agreement.

Open Up About Dental Anxiety

Visiting a dentist isn’t something that anyone looks forward to. Dental fear is quite common among children and adults alike. Hence, if you’re feeling a little nervous during that first trip, open up about it. Once you’ve made your new dentist Parramatta aware of the extent of your dental fright, it’ll be easier for the dentist to help you make strides towards overcoming the anxiety.

Properly Clean Your Teeth and Mouth

When planning to visit a dentist, whether for the first time or otherwise, ensure you clean your mouth very well. We all know that nobody, including a dentist, likes the smell of a dirty mouth. Moreover, it’s easier to examine your teeth and your general dental health when your teeth and mouth are clean. You shouldn’t overdo the cleaning, though. Just brush your teeth and maybe floss normally. Overdoing it may cause further damage to your gums or other parts of your mouth.

Get to The Dentist Early

Because it’s your first visit, you need more time to acquaint yourself with your new dental clinic Parramatta and get yourself relaxed ahead of the actual dental procedure. Being there early will also give you time to interact with the staff members, an experience that’s likely to help you reduce your nervousness.

Ask As Many Questions As You Can

Being a little nervous when you face your dentist for the first time is normal. Unfortunately, the feeling might make you forget to ask some important questions. To counter this, prepare the questions in advance. Just put them down in writing. And when you finally visit your new dentist Parramatta, ask these questions. Asking questions will help you to learn more about what to expect and how best to take care of your dental health. The session will also help you feel more relaxed.

Ultimately, just take it easy as you make that first trip. Of course, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a little put-off or uncomfortable with the sound and smell of drugs at the dental facility, but just know you’re going to get over it.

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Why You Should Use Marble Pavers for Pool Decks and Driveways

Marble is a good material to use in decorating your outdoor surfaces such as pavements, swimming pool decks, and patios. The natural stone elevates the status and of your home giving it a classy appearance. Suppliers who deal with natural stones sell marble in varied patterns, colours, and shades to suit any purpose and taste. If you are a homeowner, you can source marble pavers that have been customized to have a rough finish for your surface. The tumbled look prevents slipping in wet conditions especially when the installation is done outdoors. Let us have a look at some advantages of having marble as an option for your surfaces.

1. Safety

Driveways, carparks, and pool decks encounter a lot of vehicular and human traffic thus they should not be slippery. Marble is not always smooth; it also comes in a tumbled form which has anti-slippery features. The anti-slippery advantage makes marble a good choice in areas where children play. Moreover, spills will not compromise on the grip and this is important around the kitchen and bathroom. Despite being rough, marble still looks affluent and elegant to provide an inviting look for visitors. Marble is also dense which makes it endure heavy vehicles accessing the driveway.

2. Heat Resistant

Marble does not absorb heat even during hot weather conditions. When installed in pool decks, the marble surface maintains its cool feature such that your bare feet feel discomfort. Even during the summer season, you can comfortably walk barefoot and relax by the poolside without worrying about the surface being too hot.

3. Cleans Easily and Free of Allergens

Marble does not absorb dust or collect other allergic elements. This characteristic makes it ideal for the surface where kids spend a lot of time such as in school. It is also very easy to clean in case spillage occurs. All you have to do is use mild soap with water and a piece of cloth; no scrubbing with harsh detergents.

4. Variety of Patterns

Marble being a natural rock gives your outdoor space a natural look with a sophisticated edge. Each paver has a distinct veining pattern; this advantage allows you to have an array of patterns and colours in the driveway or pool deck. Also, marble looks great when natural light reflects on it, therefore, installing them in an outdoor swimming pool deck adds to the look of the deck.

5. Durable

Marble can endure heavy traffic hence it’s suitability for driveways as they experience heavy vehicle and human traffic. Also, marble does not scratch easily hence its ideal in places where children spend a lot of their time. Children play with everything they can lay their hands on and sometimes they try scratching the floor or paver with the objects as they play. In summary, marble pavers are a good alternative to other types of pavers as they provide safety and elegance to your surface once you install them. Apart from the appealing look they provide, they are also safe to the users. If you wish to install marble pavers, you can get them from retailers who stock marble flooring tiles and other marble products. Get a professional to install the pavers for you to ensure they last long without coming off.

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E-invoicing Standards and How these are Influencing the Adoption

Concerns about the technicalities and time involved in getting a digital invoicing system up and running have resulted in relatively slow adoption of e-invoicing by Australian companies. However, several recent government developments should increase the pace of e-invoicing adoption.

For the past few years, the Australian government and tax authorities have been working towards introducing a common e-invoicing framework across Australia and New Zealand. This was achieved in February 2019, when both countries announced that they would adopt the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (Peppol) interoperability framework, a standard used by 34 other countries internationally.

Introducing a global e-invoicing framework creates an environment in which more businesses will see the benefits of relying on the automated transmission of e-invoices between the buyer and the supplier rather than sending paper or pdf-based invoices.

More recently, the announcement of another important government initiative is also likely to fast track the adoption of e-invoicing by government suppliers. In early November, the Australian government committed to rolling out five-day payment terms for suppliers submitting e-invoices of less than $1 million. The new payment terms will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, considers the government’s new e-invoicing payment terms to be a game-changer for small businesses that have contracts with a federal government agency. She says the next step will be to apply this to businesses throughout the supply chain in both the government and private sector.

E-invoicing promises to be particularly beneficial for small businesses that rely on healthy cash flows to sustain their momentum and grow. The digital sharing of invoices between supplier and customer speeds up the process of invoicing, eliminates processing errors and reduces processing time. It also allows small businesses to monitor and follow up on invoices more effectively.

According to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, about 20% of traditional invoices are sent to the wrong person, and about 30% contain incorrect information, which results in delayed payments. Late payments are also an issue for small businesses. Ombudsman Kate Carnell says, “Our Small Business Counts report shows that late payments continue to hamper small business viability, with half of all small businesses reporting late payments on 40% of their invoices.”

Although there are definite advantages to e-invoices, adoption has been hampered by the technical changes that companies must make to their accounts receivables process and software, as well as the perceived financial cost and effort of moving over to an electronic invoicing process.

The Australian Tax Office has been a significant force behind ongoing efforts to encourage the shift from paper or pdf-based invoices to e-invoices and has been doing so since 2016. The revenue authority also viewse-invoicing as a more efficient method because it reduces the number of invoices being lost or delayed because of their direct and automatic transmissions between the software systems of the buyer and the supplier.

At the end of October this year, the ATO was registered as the Australian Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (Peppol) Authority, responsible for replicating the internationally established, collaborative e-invoicing framework across Australia and New Zealand that was announced earlier in the year.

There is no doubt that companies and the broader Australian economy have a lot to gain from shifting over to e-invoicing that aligns with the Peppol standard. The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman says research shows the difference in the cost of processing a paper invoice, estimated to be about $30, and an e-invoice, about $9, is significant and would result in much-needed savings for small companies in particular. With nearly 1.2 billion invoices exchanged a year in Australia, the potential economic benefit amounts to $28 billion over a decade if all businesses switch to e-invoicing.

There is little doubt that government efforts to put in place a common e-invoicing standard that makes digital invoicing much more accessible and easier to navigate will pay dividends as companies see the benefits of moving away from paper and to digitising their accounts receivables process.

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Can Data Integration Enhance Your Business Efficiency?

In a world where analytics is fuelled by more data than ever before, it is often easy to lose track.  Data silos can make life very difficult for businesses to move forward. Piling up a variety of systems and data sources in differing formats and refreshes may seem unavoidable.

When it comes to business efficiency, poor data accessibility can be a common pain. However, effective data integration promises to help businesses to keep running smoothly and advancing further.

What is Data Integration?

Before we consider how better data integration can help businesses run from day to day, we need to look at what integration of data actually means.  Part of data management, data integration is about combining data from disparate sources whether internal or external data to transform into meaningful and valuable information.  Put simply, data integration produces a single, unified view of a company’s data that a business intelligence application can access to provide actionable insights based on the entirety of the organisation’s data assets, no matter the original source or format. 

Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) forms part of this process.  As the name implies, ETL works by extracting data from its host environment, transforming it into some standardised format, and then loading it into a destination system like a data mart or data warehouse for use by applications running on that system.  

Given that business analytics can cover hundreds of different variables, it can be challenging to balance everything at once.  Therefore, business efficiency takes an immediate hit. When you could spend time acting on analytics and results, you may be wasting resources pulling the data together.

Who Can Help with Data Integration?

There are a variety of different platforms designed to source and combine data from different avenues so data can be used to understand business performance.  The problem today is that businesses need access to information in real-time, which has implications for the IT teams in making data available and accessible to do this. Integration can not only help to improve business efficiency but can also help to fine-tune customer experiences.

Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant Report for Data Integration tools give a good indication of where to start to select an appropriate data integration platform.  Two platforms that Inside Info works with extensively, Microsoft and Qlik, were both cited as Challengers in this space. While Microsoft’s Data Platform is also recognised by Gartner as a Leader in data management and business analytics on the whole.

A well-designed data integration solution, such as Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) or Microsoft Azure’s Data Factory in the cloud are good examples of a modern data integration platform. They can automate data integration and allow the creation of blended datasets without manual coding or tuning.  This provides connectivity between a wide variety of data sources. In fact, Azure Data Factory integrations data silos with a service built for all data integration needs and skill levels.  ETL and ELT processes can be constructed code-free within an intuitive visual environment, or there’s also the ability to write your own code.  

Benefits and Business Efficiency

It will likely already be obvious how data integration can benefit business efficiency.  However, to fully understand how it affects productivity and delivery long-term, we need to drill a little deeper.

Data silos can significantly impact customers.  If current data is not available on hand to help with urgent customer queries, you risk disappointment and worst still their business.  Historically, data integration has often been performed in an ad hoc manner, usually manually. This can be a time consuming, difficult and error-prone.  Inconsistencies in formatting, spelling mistakes, duplicates or naming conventions, often inhibit the reliability of data and the integration process. 

By integrating old, previously inaccessible data with newer information, we can better predict future events.  Businesses can struggle to make firm predictions as older data is unavailable. Integrating older information, with real-time access, allows firms to make quicker decisions.  These decisions are firmer, more confident, and more accurate, too.

The Future of Data Management

Data integration needs to be proactive to seize business moments.  Demand for data should be processed and the scale of events must match the speed at which the business operates. Many businesses fail to use analytics properly, or even make fatal errors, as a result of data siloing.  As a result, it is evident that consolidating and streamlining information is going to save time, effort and even revenue.

More information on data integration, key trends and the leading vendors are available in the full Gartner 2019 Data Integration Magic Quadrant report, which you can download here.  


All You Need to Know About Hoists

Hoists are mechanical devices that lift heavy loads. They operate by relying on the counterweight to lift loads. Hoist machinery evenly distributes weight through the use of gears and pulleys. The laws of lever systems guide the use of the machine. Hoists are used to lift heavy loads such as car engines and other heavy machinery. They use a hook connected to a crane to grasp the loads and transfers them to the required location.

Hoist Types

The two types of hoists are manual and powered hoists.


Manal hoists use a hand chain to lift loads. The hoist functions through the use of two chains, one for application of the effort and the other to hold the load. A manual hoist costs less than an electrically powered one and it’s also easy to carry. However, since the manual hoist depends on the physical strength of the operator, it requires a lot of effort to lift heavy loads. Also, it takes longer to lift a load the hoist wears down faster than the powered models. 


Powered hoists function through three different types of power; hydraulic, electric, or air. The hoists lift loads at higher speeds and also have varied ranges of lifting abilities. Electric powered models overheat when used frequently while air models are ideal in facilities where sparks are a security concern.


Hoists are not only used in industries; they are also useful in cargo lifting, construction sites, and in hauling warehouse stock. Hoists are used in the following industries; automotive, logging, manufacturing and mining.

What to consider when operating hoists

 When using a hoist, you need to consider the application and the load. The distance of travel and the speed is also an important consideration as it affects the durability of the trolley. To ensure that the hoist works efficiently, the load should be within the limits of the hoist. The hoist should also be operable and simple to use. When lifting a load, note that the weight of the hook also adds to the overall load weight. Therefore, factor it in while using the hoist.

What to Look for When Purchasing Hoists

  • Lift capacity – this is the maximum weight that the hoist can support
  • Power source – this is the source of power that operates the hoist. Your choice will depend on where you use the hoist and the type of load to lift
  • Line material – this is the means through which a force is applied to lift a load
  • Lift height – the distance between the load hook’s highest and lowest position
  • Lift speed – the speed that a hoist lifts a load

To operate a hoist, you have to receive training from a reputable trainer. Most of the haul truck training schools provide services for all interested parties. If you need hoist operator training Sydney, find a good one among the numerous driving schools and get your license. Do not assume that years of experience as a driver for an ordinary car, translate easily to being a hoist operate. Go for training to be equipped with all the knowledge you need to operate a hoist. 

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Marble Tiles vs. Porcelain Tiles

Marble tiles have a natural and distinct look. The dark veins that run through each tile are iconic marks of beauty. The manufacture of marble tiles begins with cutting and sizing the stone. The cuts are then polished to form a tile that is uniform in thickness and surface.

Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are made from refined clay which is mostly white and red clay. The process involved in making porcelain tiles is aimed at thickening them, so  as to makes the tiles sturdier and less water permeable. These characteristics make porcelain tiles fit for flooring.

Main differences between Marble and Porcelain Tiles


When installing marble or porcelain tiles, you should consult a professional. The installation of porcelain tiles requires a special grout. On the other hand, marble is heavy and needs to be laid carefully during installation to acquire the required pattern.


Marble tiles can cover a wide range of surfaces as they are sturdy and long lasting. Not only is marble a great choice for indoor flooring but also outdoor spaces. Porcelain is also good for flooring and also on walls. The tiles can endure dampness and cold making them ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.


Ensure that installation of tiles  is done by a specialist. Most flooring options need sealing to prevent moisture absorption. Resealing is also done to maintain the top performance of the tiles. Marble tiles need to be kept clean and dry to prevent absorption of liquids and stains.

Porcelain is easy to maintain and does not stain as easily as marble. Porcelain tiles also do not absorb water.


Marble and porcelain are hard materials but marble is more durable. If you are considering installing tiles on a high traffic areas, marble tiles are the best option. The tiles can take on high human traffic. Marble pavers are also great installations for  driveways and pool decks. Once you install marble tiles no need to worry about them being damaged. Porcelain is a fragile material that cannot handle heavy weight without breakage. You should, therefore, install it in areas that have little traffic. Keep porcelain out of entryways, driveways, patios and hallways.


Since marble is a natural stone, it comes in many colours and patterns. The veins that run through marble are also a unique to the stone. When exposed to light, marble gives a beautiful reflection. It’s known to revamp indoor spaces that are open to a lot of natural light. This quality is not shared in porcelain tiles since their patterns are man-made.


The two types of tiles almost cost the same after installation. Although porcelain is cheaper when buying, the cost of installation makes its final cost go up to match the cost of installing marble. Considering costs are almost the same, deciding between the two is left to personal preference.

When making a choice between the two types of tiles, it’s important to review your needs. Visit a retailer who stocks quality marble tiles and porcelain tiles for the best results. Floor surfaces occupy a huge part of a building, hence it’s important to get it right.

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Know the Pros of Using Aftermarket Parts for European Trucks

If by any chance you have had your European truck brought to the shop to be repaired, then you would know that the price tag that comes with such services and parts could be somewhat expensive. This often leaves you with a decision to make: should you go with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or try your luck with aftermarket parts for European trucks?

Should you elect to go with aftermarket parts for European trucks, then you must be made aware of the different benefits that come with making such a choice. Sure, these parts may be fairly cheaper but there remain several questions that still need concrete answers.

But before we take a dive into those, let’s first take a brief look into what exactly are aftermarket parts.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are components of your truck or vehicle that are made by a company different from the original manufacturer. These are meant to be replacements to original parts of your vehicle that have been damaged or compromised. While many experts have debated the quality of aftermarket parts, it always goes back to the fact that the company that manufactured your truck did not produce these parts.

So the question remains: does this really even matter? Some might say that it really depends on what part it is and which company made it. Most times though, the thinking is that aftermarket parts are inferior in quality compared to the ones that were originally made for your truck. And while that may have been the case many years ago, the market of aftermarket parts have since evolved through the years, with many boasting of comparable or even better quality than those of OEM parts.

That being said, let’s now take a look at the different benefits of aftermarket parts.

The Benefits of Aftermarket Parts

1) Price

This is, without a doubt, the biggest reason why there is a demand for aftermarket parts in the first place. The price tags of aftermarket parts are almost assuredly far less than that of OEM parts, at times going as low as 40% less.

2) You Have a Wide Selection of Manufacturers to Choose From

Going for OEM parts means you only get to have one singular option, which most times, means that the price would be a lot more expensive. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are made by a wide range of manufacturers, which means it would be more convenient for you to procure such a part or components. OEM parts that can only be bought at your truck’s dealer may still need to be ordered, and these may take some time before they arrive. All these delays can only mean that you might not be hitting the road with your truck any time soon.

3) The Quality of the Aftermarket Part

This really depends on the kind of equipment from your truck that needs to be replaced. However, it is really not uncommon to locate an aftermarket part that exceeds the quality of its OEM counterpart.


If you are unsure on whether or not to use aftermarket parts for European trucks, you should try and discuss this matter with a trusted mechanic or truck expert. You can also do your due diligence and do your own research on the Internet about the aftermarket part that you are looking for and different manufacturers that are producing this.

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Beefing Up Security and Convenience Using Roller Shutters

Whether you’re installing roller shutters for your business or residence, they remain among the security measures that many people are opting for over traditional doors and gates. Roller shutters are available for commercial and domestic use and are manufactured in a wide array of sizes, designs, and materials. Aluminium roller shutters are among the most preferred of their peers because of their strength and durability.  

There are many reasons why businesses and homeowners are choosing roller shutters, whether for windows or main entrances. Roller shutters have come a long way since their initial entry into the market. Over the years, roller shutter makers have invested enormous efforts and resources to make them more burglar-resistant, as well as compatible with the technological advancements in commercial and home security. 

It’s no surprise that homeowners are on a supercharge to install roller shutters as part of their home security. Today, roller shutters can be found in factories, businesses, and homes. 


The main reason why users are opting for roller shutters is high-level security. Installing alarm systems and CCTV surveillance cameras doesn’t beat the need to have a strong barrier to protect your interiors. Because it’s easier to break through traditional doors, security door grilles and roller shutters have become the order o the day. 

Admittedly, breaking through shutters isn’t a walk in the park. If you’ve got shutters installed at your main entrance and your windows, to-be intruders will be put off just by the sight of them. They’re designed to be opened towards one direction and through a method that’s almost impossible to alter. Because they’re made such that nothing large protrudes outside that burglars can use to operate it, it becomes over the more difficult to break. 

The main entrance or exterior window shutters are made in such a way that when you lock them, they get snugly shut, leaving little room for someone to open them without using the system.

For an extra layer of security, modern electronic roller shutters are made such that they can be linked to your alarm and security light system.



Roller shutters are known for enhancing convenience at your home. By installing modern electronic roller shutters, it becomes easier for you to control the system. Most of them are made such that they can be controlled using a remote control system, meaning you don’t have to physically operate it whenever you want to open or shut them. When used in the main entrances, it becomes easier for you when driving into your home to conveniently open and shut the shutter behind you. 

The beauty of most electronic roller shutters is that they can be operated both electronically and manually. Therefore, if you’re concerned about technological fail, which is very rare, you don’t have to fear being locked out of your premises as you’ll still be able to access it by resorting to the manual system as you await the restoration of the electronic system. 


Roller shutters offer more than security and convenience. There are many other good tidings about roller shutters that make them very popular across Australia. Of course, that’s why the sale of commercial and domestic roller shutters is on the rise.

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Why You Should Get a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

While there are many reasons why you should purchase or have a wood fired pizza oven made — the ability to reach very high temperatures, even heat distribution and a smoky flavour that only firewood can provide — perhaps the biggest reason why you should is because it gives you the opportunity to create an authentic Neapolitan pie, complete with all the culture and art that comes with it.

Apart from the reasons above, let us discuss why you should choose to have a wood fired oven to cook your pizza. Here are several important reasons why your pizza would come out a whole lot better if you bake it inside a wood-burning oven:

1) It gives you a sense of fulfillment

A different sense of joy envelops you the moment you pull out your pie out of your wood-fired oven. After all, you put in a lot of effort into picking the right kind of firewood, firing it up and maintaining the temperature to make sure your pizza is cooked perfectly.

2) It can reach high temperatures

With its ability to reach very high temperatures, there are a plethora of dishes that you can make or bake inside a wood fired oven. However, it’s specialty remains the Neapolitan pizza, which can be cooked to perfection, with a golden brown bottom and some slight charring up to, in less than two minutes at temperatures reaching 450°C (800°F).

3) It gives your dish a smoky flavour

Burning firewood actually gives the food that you are cooking inside the oven with a distinct, smoky flavour and aroma that just takes the gastronomic experience to a whole new level. Not only that, wood is a clean and renewable source of energy, which is very environment-friendly.

4) It is very durable

A wood fired pizza oven is a very uncomplicated piece of equipment that is made of bricks and cement. As such, this can last you a lifetime with proper maintenance and cleaning.

What to Look Out For in a Good Wood Fired Pizza Oven

If your interest has already been piqued and you are already keen on getting a wood fired pizza oven, here are some things you should consider when selecting the ideal one.

1. Its shape and dimensions

The shape of the pizza oven is usually half-spherical to significantly impact the air circulation inside. The normal measurements of a good wood-burning pizza oven are an internal diameter of 1.5 meters. However, there are a lot of other sizes and dimensions to choose from and it all really boils down to how many pies you want to be cooked simultaneously and the amount of space you have available inside your kitchen.

2. Materials

A good wood fired oven is composed of refractory materials, which are minerals that are able to absorb very high temperatures and retain this. Refractories are critical so as to resist thermal shock when temperatures get altered quickly.

3. Weight and stability

An oven’s weight will ultimately depend on the materials that were used to construct. Pizza connoisseurs are fond of masonry ovens because these can reach very high temperatures on top of its huge thermal mass. But if you would like to wheel your pizzas around, then you should consider getting a portable oven.

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