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Electric or Wood Heater, Which Is the One for You?

A fireplace is an excellent appliance for warming your house during cold winter nights. There is no doubt that you should install one in readiness for the next winter. The two most common types of home heaters are wood and electric. 

Before settling for any, know the advantages and the disadvantages of each. Find out which option suits your lifestyle and living demands. Then you will make a highly informed decision. This guide will help you. 

Wood Heaters

Most first time homeowners look for traditional wood heaters when they are building their houses. This one makes occasional sounds as the wood burns, creating an intimate and even romantic atmosphere. The aura of burning wood is also therapeutic. Wood heaters are made of brick and stone. That means you will have to hire the services of a qualified mason. 

Advantages of Wood Heaters

  • A wooden fireplace can be custom-made to inject a sense of style in the living room. Designs range from antique to modern and everything in between. You can order yours to be bespoke to accentuate the home décor, accessories, and furniture.
  • The fact that it uses a renewable source of energy means that a wood heater is friendlier to the environment. As far as communities and organizations observe the required forestation standards, you are good to go. 
  • The fact that it is independent of all power sources in your house means it is cost-effective. You want to save real dollars during summer. 
  • You can install heat exchangers to bow the hot air from the fireplace to your living spaces. 

Disadvantages of Wood Heaters

  • Wood heaters are extraordinarily expensive to purchase and install—factor in the cost of local contractors, fees paid to local experts and planners. 
  • If you are buying wood, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars by the time the cold season is over. 
  • The smoke from wood that is not dry enough could compromise the quality of life in your household. 
  • These solutions to cold weather involve smoke. They cause unattractive soot around the installation and chimney. 

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are portable units that you can shop at a physical store or order online. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find some that have a styled finish to resemble a wooden heater, or even a brick and stone one. These are good alternatives for wood fireplaces, especially for a small family that lives in a small apartment or condo. 

Advantages of Electric Heaters

  • These are less pricey to buy and install than their wood counterparts. Unlike a wood heater, you can buy one and have it set up without remodelling the living room. 
  • Portable heaters can be moved from one corner of the room or from the living room to the kitchen. 
  • As these do not produce smoke, they come in handy for modern homes where occupants want a calm lifestyle. 
  • Electric heaters are a plug and play solution to cold weather. You need to push a button and set a required heat limit. 

Disadvantages of Electric Heaters

  • While an electric heater costs less upfront, it may cost you to rack up hundreds of dollars in power bills. 
  • You will need to invest in the services of a professional electrician to troubleshoot operational challenges. 

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How to Keep Your Garden Shed Moisture-free

Moisture makes the iron in your garden shed vulnerable to rusting and corrosion, which affects their performance and lifetime. It can also damage the shed itself, especially if it is made from wood or metal. If you want to avoid such instances, it is essential to keep the structure moisture-free.

Here are the best ways of ensuring that your garden shed is damp-proof.

Regular Maintenance

Observing a consistent maintenance routine is the best way of keeping your garden shed protected from moisture. It is advisable to start by inspecting the roof. Since most designs have shingles or felt, which deteriorate over time, you should carefully look at stress points such as the eaves and ridgelines. If you notice any holes, patch them with a sealant. Alternatively, you can invest in the more reliable EPDM roofs.

After the roof, you shouldinspect the doors, walls, and windows. If the walls are wooden, apply treatment to prevent rotting. For metallic ones, apply paint to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Make sure that the doors and windows are in excellent condition and do not have any potential leak points. If you notice any, apply a filler immediately. This prevents the entry of rainwater.

Install Insulation

Insulation is a smart way of ensuring that dew does not form on cold surfaces such as windows, doors, and metallic equipment in your garden shed. As a result, you prevent rusting and corrosion. Dew also has adverse effects on wooden surfaces, as it can cause rotting and moulding.

Improve Air Circulation

Another way of keeping your shed moisture-free is by improving air circulation. For instance, opening your windows and doors frequently can keep moisture levels down. In addition, you should install air vents on opposite walls to ensure that damp air does not accumulate in the structure.

Install Heaters

Besides ventilation, installing heaters is an excellent way of preventing moisture buildup in your garden shed. If you have a connection to the mains grid, invest in a heating mechanism that keeps the temperature above the dew point.

For those without mains electricity, you can keep your shed heated by purchasing a solar-powered heater. Avoid kerosene and gas heaters because they produce moisture alongside heat, which counters their primary objective.

Other than heaters, you could install a dehumidifier. This is particularly applicable if you live along the coast, in an area with the damp ground, or a place that receives a lot of rainfall.

Invest in Quality Storage

Sometimes, the efforts mentioned above cannot be enough to keep the equipment in your shed moisture-free. If you experience this, consider purchasing better storage solutions.

Make sure that nothing is left lying on the floor or shelves without covering. For instance, you could store smaller items in boxes and cover the bigger ones with plastic sheets.


If you leave your shed exposed to moisture, you risk incurring damage on both the structure and the equipment it houses. However, if you observe the tips above, you can keep it warm and increase the lifetime of your stuff.

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Best Hampers for Employees Working from Home

The spread of the COVID-19 disease has seen people quarantined for weeks on end. While the movement of people has almost halted, many employees are now required to work from their homes. Apart from sending them information and updates about the disease, there is something extra you could send to keep them motivated and in high spirits. 

How about a couple of gifts in a hamper for your employees? All of the following gift hampers are readily available in Australia. Most of the drinks, treats, and delicacies are homegrown and made. All of them are tastefully wrapped in a signature gift box. The wrapping is finished with tissue, ribbon, and a gift card. 

Some Gift Ideas to explore

1. Boxed Treats

Try this gift hamper of boxed treats as it is perfect for all occasions. Inside, find the all-time favourite raspberry and white chocolate, salted pistachios, and mixed roasted pepper & olives antipasto. For people who love gourmet crackers and sesame seeds for improving metabolism, these are included in the boxed treats as well. 

2. Cheese and Wine Hamper

Who doesn’t like a glass of premium wine to unwind in the evening? Your employees are going to enjoy the 700ml bottle of Penola Estate Shiraz. Also in the hamper are wasabi peanuts, natural flavour crispbread and a 120g tin of sticky cheese. To top it all, there is some brie, dried muscatels, and a mixture of roasted peppers and olives. 

3. Shiraz and Savoury

While the packaging of this hamper is sophisticated, it is very affordable. The contents feature a bottle of Two Churches Chiraz from the legendary wine-making region of Barossa Valley. The marinated olives, salted pistachios, crackers and sesame seeds inside this box make it one of the best gift hampers for employees working from home. 

4. Premium Cheese and Wine Hamper

This is one of the high-end gift hampers, as it contains many assorted gifts. There is a 750ml bottle of Footbolt Shiraz, some brie, figs, walnuts, nigella, and a bowl of olives, handmade bites, cheese, peppery cheddars, and antipasto. What a way to keep your members of staff happy! These treats are nutritious and will do so much to improve people’s immunity too. 

5. Chocolate Box Hamper

Are you looking for a small, simple yet highly delightful gift hamper? Well, look no further because this hamper delivers love and care in a small box. The gifts include a premium 200g gift tin of white chocolate and macadamia, 65g pack of dark chocolate, 50g of salted caramel and a 160g packet of rich chocolate and walnut. 

6. Cheese and Wine Gift Basket

Here is one of the best hampers for employees working from home. The prominent gift inside is a bottle of Two Churches premium cabernet sauvignon wine. Delight your employees with crispbread, wasabi peanuts, crackers & sesame seeds, roasted pepper antipasto, balsamic relish, and dried muscatels. 


You know your employees better than we do. Feel free to order for a personalized gift hamper for each one of your members of staff. If the ladies love chocolate more than wine, you can find delightful treats for them. If the gents don’t mind a glass of good champagne or sparkling wine, surprise them with these gifts, and they will be happy hard workers.

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Three Best Supplements for Tennis Players

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Besides the pros, many people play the game for leisure and to improve their physical wellbeing. That said, it is an intense activity that can take a toll on your body and stress your muscles. Depending on the length of the game, you can burn as much as 500 calories in a single session. That explains why you need dietary supplements to ensure that you keep your muscles in shape and improve your endurance.

The following are the supplements needed if you want to play tennis without tiring quickly and hurting your muscles.

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Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

If you watch professionals playing, you will notice that they drink fluids repeatedly throughout the game. One of the main ingredients in the drinks is BCAA. These supplements are crucial for quicker recovery and lowering mental fatigue. They are also more effective in preventing dehydration than water and other sports drinks.

Branched-chain amino acids work by fueling muscles as you play tennis, ensuring that you push beyond normal limits. They also reduce the breakdown of glycogen, which is the primary source of energy for human muscles. This means that your body generates glucose through the playing session, and you do not get tired quickly.

You can consume BCAA supplements before, during and after playing tennis. For better results, it is advisable to use foods that are rich in BCAAs alongside the supplements. Such include nuts, almonds, soy, fish, red meat, and eggs.


Magnesium is one of the most abundant elements in the human body. It plays a crucial role in improving performance during demanding physical activities.

During exercise, your body needs as much as 20% more Magnesium than when you are resting. Moreover, this mineral helps in moving blood sugar into muscles and getting rid of lactate that builds up when playing. An excessive accumulation of lactate is known to cause muscle pain and tiredness.

Generally, Magnesium enhances endurance and reduces the soreness of muscles. Some studies also indicate that it lowers stress hormone levels and regulates the production of insulin.

It is worth noting that Magnesium supplements might have adverse side effects on people who take antibiotics, heart medications, and particular diuretics. In such cases, you can get the mineral from natural sources such as avocado, dark chocolate, cashews, and black beans, and so on.


Glucosamine is a natural component found on bone cartilages. Its primary function is to prevent bone friction that causes inflammation and pain. As a tennis player, the frequent movements on the court can increase vulnerability to joint pains.

The best way to curb joint pain is by taking glucosamine supplements. By mitigating the pain, you get the motivation to keep on enjoying the game.  This supplement is particularly recommended for older players whose bodies generate lower levels of glucosamine than younger players.


Supplements are useful for improving performance and reducing the pain experienced when playing tennis. However, you cannot depend on them entirely if you want to emulate top athletes. It would be best if you took a balanced diet to get optimal results. More importantly, ensure that you take adequate amounts of water before, during and after the playing session. Water boosts your electrolytes and replaces the fluids lost through sweating during the game.

Lastly, make sure that you consult a nutritionist before you start taking the supplements. As seen above, some products have adverse side effects on people with heart complications or those who take particular medications. You do not want a situation where a product makes your existing condition worse than it already was.

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5 Ways to Get Youth Involved In the Community

Getting youth involved in the community is important for several reasons. Firstly, it provides them with a sense of belonging, helping them to find a place where they feel comfortable and connected. Secondly, it keeps them engaged and gives them a purposeful way to use their time. Finally, it helps our youth to grow into responsible, accepting adults as they are likely to interact with a diverse range of people.

If you are wondering how to get your youth more involved in the community, or perhaps you are a youth yourself seeking more community engagement, consider the following list. We’ve compiled 5 items that demonstrate opportunities for youth to get more involved in the community.

1.      Join the local arts group

Local theatre companies are a great way to meet new people and get involved in community action. Even if a youth is not interested in acting themselves, there are plenty of ways to contribute. A theatre production requires a whole team of people not only the people on stage. To make any show a success, there has to be a lot of specific skills or experience. There also might be an opportunity to shadow somebody so that a youth can learn lighting or other technical knowledge about theatre. Regardless of the specific involvement, arts groups have a real sense of comradery that can be a great influence on our youth.

2.      Join a local gym

Many gyms are offering youth programs that are tailored to young people. It is a good way to establish healthy habits while interacting with other youth. Gyms typically offer a range of services so there should be something for everything. Whether your youth is interested in a boot camp or yoga is more their style, joining a local gym will help them to become a part of their community while also keeping active.

3.      Join a local sporting club

Becoming a member of a local sporting club is a great way for youths to experience a team environment. There are a range of options from football clubs to boxing clubs to gymnastic clubs – so many choices for our youths to choose from! Like joining a gym, becoming a member of a sporting club is a great way to interact with people of a similar age while also maintaining fitness. A team also teaches accountability, as members don’t want to let their team members down by missing training or games.

4.      Join a local youth group

Most communities have a local youth group that provides a safe space for young people. Getting involved is the perfect way for youth to meet like-minded people and join fun activities.

5.      Join Surf Lifesavers

Surf lifesavers is a good way to give back to the community by protecting people at the beach. Youths are able to learn responsibility, become educated on water safety and get active in the process. The best thing is that young people will be getting something from the program while also feeling as though they are contributing to a worthy cause.

These ideas should provide some inspiration for how youths can get involved in the community. It is beneficial for the youth as an individual as well as the broader community to include young people in a variety of projects and outlets.

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Business and Marketing

7 Ways to Use Portable Banners

Portable banners have become a very effective way of marketing. Most of the designs are very eye-catching, making it possible for a business to attract prospects and share with them information about their products and services. 

It’s understandable, therefore, that large digital printing has become almost indispensable in advertising. Graphic design has also gone a notch higher, making it possible for businesses to use powerful imagery to sell their brands. Portable banners have also become a sensation because of the many benefits they offer, including convenience and, of course, portability. Nowadays, almost every business, a startup or otherwise, has one or more portable banners.

Having a portable banner is one thing; knowing how to use it is another. If you already have a mobile banner or you’re considering making one, here are some of the ways you can use it.

Shopfront Advertising

If you’ve got a shop where you stock your products, you can take advantage of a portable banner to attract customers. You can place it in a specific location at the front of your shop and use it to alert passersby of offers among other special announcements.

Presentation Events

If you’re invited to an event to give a speech or a presentation about your business, consider carrying a portable banner with you. On the banner, you can highlight your principal business and provide your website and phone number. By so doing, those who’d like to reach you can get your contacts on the banner.

Outdoor Events

Have you been invited to an outdoor event? Whether you’re selling your products or services, you don’t want to show up with your products alone. A perfect approach to advertising in such an event is to tag your portable banner along. Not only will it attract attendees to your stand but also raise your credibility, making it possible for you to seal deals during the event.

Pricelist Displays

Exhibition display is a great way to reach out to people through imagery. And where you’d like to tell people about your prices, consider using a portable banner to share your rates. That’ll make it easier for people to have an idea of your charges without having to ask you, something that not everyone is comfortable asking at the first instance.

Front Office Branding

If you’ve got an office, you’ve got to brand it properly so that everyone who comes gets a feel of your professionalism. You can use a portable banner in your lobby area or the front office to make your office look beautiful and make potential customers or partners take steps towards working with you.

Providing Direction

You can use a portable banner to give direction to users. For example, if you’ve set up a shop or office within a building that has many shops, you may use a portable banner to direct people to your business. You can mention your business, the shop number, and how to navigate to it.

Same Stand, Different Events

Buying a full banner and making a new graphic every time is too costly, especially if you’re the person who attends different events that have different themes. That’d force you to have different banners for almost every occasion. You may consider using a banner stand that has removable cassettes to allow you to change the graphic without having to buy a full banner.

With explicit knowledge of how to use portable banners, you’ll make a more significant impact with them and boost your brand and business in general.