Jaltest Diagnostics for Truck Fleets

For a long time, truck diagnostics were all taken on by the human brain, as mechanics and engineers found the causes behind vehicle malfunctions and resolved them. However, today there are extraordinary tools, gadgets, and even specialized software which enable their users to precisely assess the mechanical situation of a malfunctioning truck. There has always been an art to it and now this art has been elevated with the use of technology.

What Diagnostics Do

These gadgets record a truck’s activity constantly so that any assessor of its issues may know exactly when and where mishaps have occurred and why. Trucks today have built-in sensors and detractors which can now communicate with GPS and mobile devices. This is especially useful for those companies which have fleets of trucks with different workers driving them. It gives them the ability to know who was operating the vehicle and what they may have done to trigger a later-related issue.

Disadvantages of Not Using Diagnostics

Recording maintenance records for a fleet of trucks by hand has become severely outdated, yet many fleet managers still use this traditional method. Most likely, if a company is still using paper-and-pencil, they cannot answer questions from a driver experiencing a maintenance issue over the phone. And what is more, they will not be alerted of any maintenance needs until the truck itself signals so, and the driver calls.

The managing fleet must then presumably take the truck to a technician, or to their truck dealership because they may not have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle it themselves.

The Jaltest Advantage

Wide Coverage

One of the advantages of using Jaltest diagnostics is that they are compatible with many different brands of European, American and Asian markets. They also support a great variety of communication protocols so that a fleet can really use the system across all of their diagnoses needs. They additionally work with many kinds of vehicles. From trucks to trailers; buses to agricultural vehicles, Jaltest can cover them all.


The system is intuitive so the user can figure out operational use easily as they go along. The system itself will generate information about how to use the connectors; choosing the correct ones and where to attach them to the truck. It will automatically detect all integrated systems to run proper testing and consider all factors during diagnoses. It will come up with descriptions for the errors it detects and it will also keep a running record of them.

Extra Equipment

The diagnosis tool also comes with a whole host of specialized equipment to accompany it. Fleets will be able to utilize a Tablet PC plus the latest Jaltest Software, Jaltest Link, Jaltest info, and many others.

For a Winning Fleet

Jaltest also offers services that come along with the use of their product, such as training and technical help, customer service and business support, plus information about aftermarket parts for European trucks.  With such extra assistance at the ready, there is no reason not to ensure that your truck fleet should operate its own diagnostic system. And there’s no doubt that they should go for Jaltest, the world’s leading Multi-Brand and Multi-System diagnostics tool.

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