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3 Tips to Ensure You Have a Successful First Home Cleaning Experience

Hours spent reviewing house cleaning companies. You finally found an affordable home cleaning company that fits your schedule and budget. You’re assigned a professional that has a decent photograph and years of experience in NSW.
Today is the day of your first cleaning.
You’re a bit excited, not knowing what to expect and you’ve prepped your home to receive your cleaner.
Now what?
Often forgotten, there are a few things to consider that can guarantee you have a pleasant first home cleaning experience, and not a horror story.  I mean, what else should one really consider before getting their home cleaned?  Well, we promise you are most likely forgetting some very important steps.
We go over 4 ways to make sure you have a great experience getting your home cleaned for the first time.
The 4 Power Points

  • Set the Tone
  • Separate Expectations and High Priority Conversation
  • Hide Your Valuables


  1. Make a solid first impression and set the tone for the relationship

Yes, this is a professional cleaner, who is also a stranger, but it doesn’t have to be so formal and cold.  In fact, toe the fine line of showing kindness, but also make sure you allow the cleaner the opportunity to get their work done.  Conversation is always nice, but your cleaner is there to do their job, which is cleaning your home.
We suggest showing them around your home to make them comfortable.  Show them anything that you think they should know before they get started cleaning to have an agreeable experience.
Go over any instructions or special directions you have in mind in detail before they get started to ensure they understand. Don’t just assume they know what to do, if they know, they will say something.
Your professional will do a better job for you when they know what is expected from them, when they have structure and rules, and when they are comfortable.

2. Do not be afraid to set rules and expectations

It’s hard to “boss” someone around when they are the professional cleaner but it’s your job to be the leader and set the right expectations.
Have a separate conversation about the specific “Do’s &Don’ts” for your home.  If there is a particular way you like the floor cleaned, or you are allergic to certain chemicals, or if there is a special pan your Grandmother gave you that is not to be touched…. Bring those important discussion points up at this time.
Also, always prepare 3-4 high priority areas that you want to ensure get cleaned first and best in the allotted time.  These are areas where if the session ended, you would still be pleased with the cleaning because the top of mind areas was handled first.  This could be the refrigerator, or your bedroom, or laundry that you hate.  Make sure you talk to your cleaner first about a top priority list before they begin.
You will often not know what you don’t know for your first cleaning but as you have more sessions, you will discover different tasks you may want implemented in your next cleaning experience.  We had no idea we enjoyed getting our stainless-steel refrigerator doors scrubbed down!

3. Trust your instinct

You can request cleaning while you are physically in the home, or even while you are at work.  Either way, follow your natural instincts and put away prized possessions and valuable belongings.
This is for your peace of mind, we shouldn’t have to elaborate on this.
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