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Trade exhibitions often have several companies competing for the attention of the same visitors. If you want to attract visitors to your exhibition stand and turn them into potential clients, you need to make smart decisions in your design. An outstanding exhibition stand does not necessarily mean using more money. There are various affordable ways to spice up your display and communicate your message clearly to your target audience. Here are a few exhibition design tips that can help you stand out.

1 Location, location, location

The location you select is vital to the visibility f the stand. If possible, don’t simply take a default location, contact the event organizers and find out the layout of the exhibition stands. You can select an affordable stand location that has good visibility and benefits from a high flow of visitors.

2 Use Clear Messaging

Your display banners, flyers, posters, and T-shirts should have a clear message defining who you are and what you have to offer. In a crowded space, visitors may not be attracted to vague marketing campaigns. The clearer your message, the easier it is to attract clients who need your services. Clear messaging also reduces the time you spend explaining what you do to the visitors.

3 Creative Banners

When there are so many exhibitors in the same space, visitors will come across several generic posters and display material. You can stand out by using unique materials such as fabric or extra wide roller up banners.
While everyone else is using the standard roller up banners, you can show your attention to quality by using a premium 1800mmW x 2200mmH (EXTRA WIDE) banner. One extra wide banner can replace two or three standard banners and come with a robust high-grade aluminum wide base for support. The visual impact of a well-designed extra wide banner is not easy to forget.

4 Prepare in advance

Research what types of exhibition stand your competitors have used in the past as well as the emerging trends in the industry. Visit other exhibitions and identify the stands that grab your attention. Investigate branding companies that can design the kinds of iconic exhibition stands you are interested in and make a deal with them.
Many branding companies can offer you discounts if you engage them well in advance of the event as it gives them enough time to come up with your material. It also affords you time to work with the designer to implement improvements to your design.

5 Send out Invitations

In a crowded trade exhibition, you can attract valuable clients by contacting them in advance of the event and inviting them to visit your stand. The event organizers usually have a list of registered attendees that they can avail to you if you are interested. You should also inform your existing clients that you have an exhibition especially if you plan to showcase new products or services.
Exhibitions are excellent marketing opportunities that can drive a lot of traffic to your company. It takes a bit more effort to make an exceptional exhibition stand but it can be worth it in the end if you can attract more valuable clients.
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