Bayazid Bostami Posted on 7:05 am

5 Ways to Get Youth Involved In the Community

Getting youth involved in the community is important for several reasons. Firstly, it provides them with a sense of belonging, helping them to find a place where they feel comfortable and connected. Secondly, it keeps them engaged and gives them a purposeful way to use their time. Finally, it helps our youth to grow into responsible, accepting adults as they are likely to interact with a diverse range of people.

If you are wondering how to get your youth more involved in the community, or perhaps you are a youth yourself seeking more community engagement, consider the following list. We’ve compiled 5 items that demonstrate opportunities for youth to get more involved in the community.

1.      Join the local arts group

Local theatre companies are a great way to meet new people and get involved in community action. Even if a youth is not interested in acting themselves, there are plenty of ways to contribute. A theatre production requires a whole team of people not only the people on stage. To make any show a success, there has to be a lot of specific skills or experience. There also might be an opportunity to shadow somebody so that a youth can learn lighting or other technical knowledge about theatre. Regardless of the specific involvement, arts groups have a real sense of comradery that can be a great influence on our youth.

2.      Join a local gym

Many gyms are offering youth programs that are tailored to young people. It is a good way to establish healthy habits while interacting with other youth. Gyms typically offer a range of services so there should be something for everything. Whether your youth is interested in a boot camp or yoga is more their style, joining a local gym will help them to become a part of their community while also keeping active.

3.      Join a local sporting club

Becoming a member of a local sporting club is a great way for youths to experience a team environment. There are a range of options from football clubs to boxing clubs to gymnastic clubs – so many choices for our youths to choose from! Like joining a gym, becoming a member of a sporting club is a great way to interact with people of a similar age while also maintaining fitness. A team also teaches accountability, as members don’t want to let their team members down by missing training or games.

4.      Join a local youth group

Most communities have a local youth group that provides a safe space for young people. Getting involved is the perfect way for youth to meet like-minded people and join fun activities.

5.      Join Surf Lifesavers

Surf lifesavers is a good way to give back to the community by protecting people at the beach. Youths are able to learn responsibility, become educated on water safety and get active in the process. The best thing is that young people will be getting something from the program while also feeling as though they are contributing to a worthy cause.

These ideas should provide some inspiration for how youths can get involved in the community. It is beneficial for the youth as an individual as well as the broader community to include young people in a variety of projects and outlets.

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