Pankaj Kumar Posted on 4:55 am

7 Ways to Use Portable Banners

Portable banners have become a very effective way of marketing. Most of the designs are very eye-catching, making it possible for a business to attract prospects and share with them information about their products and services. 

It’s understandable, therefore, that large digital printing has become almost indispensable in advertising. Graphic design has also gone a notch higher, making it possible for businesses to use powerful imagery to sell their brands. Portable banners have also become a sensation because of the many benefits they offer, including convenience and, of course, portability. Nowadays, almost every business, a startup or otherwise, has one or more portable banners.

Having a portable banner is one thing; knowing how to use it is another. If you already have a mobile banner or you’re considering making one, here are some of the ways you can use it.

Shopfront Advertising

If you’ve got a shop where you stock your products, you can take advantage of a portable banner to attract customers. You can place it in a specific location at the front of your shop and use it to alert passersby of offers among other special announcements.

Presentation Events

If you’re invited to an event to give a speech or a presentation about your business, consider carrying a portable banner with you. On the banner, you can highlight your principal business and provide your website and phone number. By so doing, those who’d like to reach you can get your contacts on the banner.

Outdoor Events

Have you been invited to an outdoor event? Whether you’re selling your products or services, you don’t want to show up with your products alone. A perfect approach to advertising in such an event is to tag your portable banner along. Not only will it attract attendees to your stand but also raise your credibility, making it possible for you to seal deals during the event.

Pricelist Displays

Exhibition display is a great way to reach out to people through imagery. And where you’d like to tell people about your prices, consider using a portable banner to share your rates. That’ll make it easier for people to have an idea of your charges without having to ask you, something that not everyone is comfortable asking at the first instance.

Front Office Branding

If you’ve got an office, you’ve got to brand it properly so that everyone who comes gets a feel of your professionalism. You can use a portable banner in your lobby area or the front office to make your office look beautiful and make potential customers or partners take steps towards working with you.

Providing Direction

You can use a portable banner to give direction to users. For example, if you’ve set up a shop or office within a building that has many shops, you may use a portable banner to direct people to your business. You can mention your business, the shop number, and how to navigate to it.

Same Stand, Different Events

Buying a full banner and making a new graphic every time is too costly, especially if you’re the person who attends different events that have different themes. That’d force you to have different banners for almost every occasion. You may consider using a banner stand that has removable cassettes to allow you to change the graphic without having to buy a full banner.

With explicit knowledge of how to use portable banners, you’ll make a more significant impact with them and boost your brand and business in general.