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9 Reasons Why You Should Improve Relationship with Your Family

Your family does not just include those who are biologically related to you. If you consider anyone as a family, then he/she too becomes a member of your family. Families that are not biologically related have .in so many cases displayed a bond much stronger than even those with blood relations. What then is the importance of improving a relationship with your family?

Stronger Family Bond

For a family to be healthy and strong, you need to develop an emotional closeness with other members of the family. Improving relationship with your family requires you to spend time with your family. Through undertaking many fun and essential activities together, you will get to develop an intense emotional connection. As a family, you will feel closer to each other and thus more open to communication.

Better Academic Performance

The building of a good Academic performance of your child is something that starts in Kindergarten, not high school. Strong family relations involve helping your children with homework and showing genuine interest in your child’s academic performance. From kindergarten, you get to let your child know that they get more attention and reward for good academic performance. A great foundation is what it takes for a child to reach academic heights even when in college.

Greater Self Confidence

Children who spend much more time with their parents tend to develop higher levels of self-esteem. A child who doesn’t spend much time with parents might blame it on himself with feelings of inadequacy. A parent can encourage a child of his potential, and it could be a massive boost to confidence that he/she will carry for the rest of his /her life. Many adults with confidence issues can trace it back to absent or abusive parents when they were kids.

Healthy Long Lasting Marriage

Improving relationship with your family involves spending more time with your partner. This will, in turn, help your marriage get back on track. You will now have what it takes to make the relationship long-lasting. Communication will ensure that you and your partner have a happy and healthy marriage.

Less Behavioural Problems

Behavioural problems have roots in poor family relationships. A child acts out since he/she can’t express his/her frustrations in any other way. Good family relationships create good communication channels where the child can express himself/herself freely. Teenagers with poor family relationships with their parents face a lot of difficulties and end up engaging in risky behavior. If your children learn how to talk about their problems, they will most likely carry on the habit into adulthood.


Human beings all need to feel needed and cared for. Kids are no different; they actually tend to need this more than adults. Meeting your child’s emotional needs is a critical factor in how they turn out as adults. By improving the relationship with your family, you will be much more capable of showing your children the love and appreciation they crave as well as deserve. Your children will develop a sense of belonging that will, in turn, make them much happier. As a family member, you need to be active in contributing to the family so it may function at its best.

Less Chance of Drug Abuse

When the emotional needs of a family member are not met, they tend to seek out other forms of satisfaction. It is easier for this family member to be pressured by peers to engage in risky behavior such as drug abuse. Recent studies have shown that children who spend more time with their families are much less likely to engage in drug abuse. Teenagers who can’t work through their problems are frustrated and will most likely seek artificial highs. The presence of an understanding parent will make a teen feel neither the urge nor the need for indulgence in drug abuse.

Pass on Good Parenting Skills

Children are psychologically mapped to follow what their parents do. What you do to your children is most likely what they will do to their children. Improving relationship with your family has a multiplier effect that can extend for generations. As adults, some actually have enough willpower to overthrow this psychological impact, but most find themselves somewhat unconsciously modeling their parents’ actions. If you teach your children to behave, they will even try to share this information with other members of the family. You will often hear a child repeating what their parents said to other children.

Increased Chances of Success

If you think that taking your child to a good school is enough to propel him to success, you should think again. The success of any member of your family is directly linked to the healthiness of family relationships. It is a healthy family relationship that can create a conducive environment for a family member to pursue and accomplish. When there is a positive atmosphere at home, each family member has a greater chance of reaching their potential and supporting other members to do the same. According to Zig Ziglar, good family relationships also have a significant role to play in your personal success.
The Huffington Post stated that 67% of people defined their success as excellent relationships with friends and family. The benefits of improving the relationship with your family are endless; this list, however, gives you an idea of what you are missing out if you have sick family relationships.
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