three bridesmaids in powdery dresses transformers with bouquets in hands stand with their backs near the bride in a white dress with a wedding bouquet in her hand on a green lawn
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A Black and White Affair

So you’ve decided that your wedding will be a very glamorous event. Your future husband will wear a tux and your bridesmaids will wear black. And even if your wedding is not a formal event and you want your bridesmaids to wear black we’ve got you sorted!
Mori Lee doesn’t just design gorgeous wedding dresses, she also designs some of the most beautiful bridesmaid gowns around. Dresses that will fit all types of body shapes because we know how difficult it can be to find a dress style that suits your bridal entourage and all their body types.
Here are some of her stunning designs:

1. Mori Lee 691 Bridesmaid Dress

mori lee 691 bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 691 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

It might just be number but the dress isn’t.  This lovely gown will have your bridesmaids feeling sophisticated and ready to help you keep calm on your big day. With an elegant sheath silhouette, luxurious jersey knit fabric, Bateau neckline and ruched waistline, this dress will draw in their waists and then glide down over their hips

2. Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid Dress

Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

Definitely, a favourite amongst the options is this dress. It’s simplistic but so elegant with its lace neckline and cap-sleeves that leads to a sheer lace back with button closures. The skirt is chiffon and billows down from an empire waist. It’s the ultimate form-flattering dress. You won’t hear any complaints from your bridal entourage when they realize that this is the dress that you’ve chosen for them to wear on your wedding day. Whether their hair will be up or down it won’t matter because anything will look good with this gown.

3. Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid Dress

Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

This dress is a little more form-fitting so keep that in mind before you decide on this one for your bridesmaids. Nevertheless, it is flattering in all the right places and instead of being sexy it’s just plain old glamour. The sheath style gown is adorned with lace and has a Bateau neckline. The back is in the shape of a V and a satin sash brings your attention to the waistline.

4.       30131

If you’re hosting a summer wedding you might want to think about letting your bridesmaids wear a shorter gown for your wedding day. They won’t be uncomfortable sweating in front of all your guests. It might sound tacky to have them wear something shorter but this dress is everything but. It’s perfect for a luxe outdoor wedding during the spring or summer time. Did we mention it’s a two piece? This stunning two piece knee-length lace dress boasts with a strapless sweetheart neckline and comes with a beautiful Swarovski crystal brooch that sits on the waist to the left.

Do remember that just because your wedding is a black and white affair doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids have to wear black. Some dresses in a dark colour will also look sophisticated and chic. Also, it’s your big day and you can bend the rules to fit your dream wedding as much as you want to. If you want to wear a short wedding dress then do it. Just make sure you know you’ll love it in twenty years time. Styles might change but there is a reason traditional gowns have been around as long as they have. It’s because they don’t go out of style. So just because you don’t want to be a traditional bride doesn’t mean you should completely shun all gowns that make you think of every wedding you’ve seen the past 5 years.

What it comes down to is you and your future husband and how you want to spend your day celebrating. No matter how much your family and friends meddle sometimes it’s good to stick to your guns and other times it might be better to bend a little bit. Especially if you fell in love with the bright pink off-the-shoulder wedding gown.
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