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Activities the whole family can enjoy

Most families go out for dinners, hikes, road trips and holidays to spend time together and bond. Such activities are fundamental to the development of strong family ties. A good family offers a strong foundation for culturing many good human values. Children enjoy healthy cognitive and psychological growth while in a loving, stable family. Moreover, the career of parents who have stable families often has exponential growth. Managerial research shows that individuals who run stable families have a higher output and are effective in their management. Therefore, anything that builds and develops a family is worth pursuing.
In the list of family building activities, you should try out, include boxing. Boxing is a fun sport that dates back centuries into human history. Its inception occurred when the first person raised a fist against another for fun. Fist fighting became an Olympic sport around 688 BC. The ancient Greeks believed fist fighting was among the games played by the gods on Olympus. Since its start, boxing has undergone many changes to make it safe. Currently, boxing is not only a competitive sport but a fun and safe pastime for families and friends. Your whole family can enjoy the different activities involved in boxing.
A healthy family is a happy family. Boxing is a fun way to keep fit and healthy. As families, we share a lot of meals and probably bad eating habits too. Central obesity is common in urban families due to the tendency to have takeout food. In young families, parents work the whole day and the time to prepare a healthy meal is not always there. More often than not, a box of pizza, a bucket of chicken and French fries are the most convenient option for dinner. Unfortunately, most of these foods are packed with unhealthy fat that accumulates in the body. High free fatty acids and LDL cholesterols in the body lead to obesity, a risk factor for numerous cardiovascular diseases.
Boxing training involves endurance training and cardio that burns unhealthy fat. By just putting on your gloves and taking up boxing training, you can lower the levels of free fatty acids and LDL cholesterol in your system and reduce the risk of developing obesity. Boxing requires a burst of energy that recruits fat from fat cells for cell metabolism. The energy requirements during boxing training force the utilisation of endogenous fat and after a few sessions, a reduction of total body fat is imminent.  Moreover, cardiac function is improved following the endurance training in boxing. You and your family can box your way to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.
The boxing ring is a place to build trust and self-control. Putting your children in the ring is bound to improve their relationship. Children don’t engage in contact boxing, but they can still enjoy shadow sparring. This is a fun activity where your two children box without wearing any equipment. The premise is simple, but the catch is, there is no contact. The two practice their skills without launching any offensive contact. Instead, they practise good restraint and evasion. Shadow sparring improves self-control balance and footwork. These qualities enhance both physical and mental growth.
Nothing says, ‘I love you’ more than a blow to the head. Adults can engage in contact sparring where they utilise all the necessary equipment. This fun activity improves sibling relationships and offers couple therapy to young parents. Sparring not only relieves aggression but also improves willpower. Although it’s non-competitive, one always seeks to outperform the other. As a couple, sparring heightens trust and adds fun to the relationship. Working on the heavy bag provides a good opportunity to challenge and encourage each other. For children, it’s a fun activity that builds their core skills. Simply hold the bag for your children and challenge them to hit it as hard as they can.
Boxing increases eye-hand coordination. The training sessions require a lot of focus to execute efficient punches and movement. A good swing involves seeing your target, calculating the right distance and power, and finally executing the punch. With more training, this process becomes more efficient due to improved coordination and focus. Children introduced to boxing training at a tender age, have significantly better muscle coordination and mental focus than other children. Moreover, the sport instills discipline and builds the character of children. For mums and dads, boxing training keeps your motor coordination at an optimal level. Age causes a decline in eye-hand coordination but with boxing training, the process is significantly reduced. The risk of developing neurodegenerative disorders is also greatly reduced.
Therefore, the next time you walk into a boxing club, make sure your family is behind you. Boxing keeps will keep you fit, healthy and together. Don’t train alone, train with those you love.
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