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Adding a Fireplace Will Add Value to Your Home

The history of fireplaces dates back centuries into human civilization. However, the designs of fireplaces have changed over the years. Just as house designs vary according to preference and budget, fireplaces vary too. Interior designers and architects both agree that a fireplace is an important fitting in any home. It serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Some fireplace designs have stood the test of time while newer ultra-modern designs have only just begun to gain popularity. Installing a fireplace in your residence has numerous implications. Topping the list is the addition of the value of your home. Here is how.

An investment in your home

Some fireplaces cost an arm and a leg. The purchasing and installation costs may be so large that it only makes sense to add it to the value of a home. Fireplaces vary in prices depending on the type of heater and the size. A wood fireplace is the oldest of the fireplaces with a rustic design. It is widely used and comes at an affordable price. On the other hand, gas fireplaces may cost a fortune depending on the size of the fireplace. Premium linear gas fireplaces are among the most expensive gas fireplaces. Ethanol fireplaces and electric fireplaces are the other expensive alternatives that not only look good but run efficiently. Regardless of your selection, an investment in a fireplace is an investment in your property.
Adding a Fireplace Will Add Value to Your Home

It’s a heating solution

A fireplace not only looks good, but it’s also designed to keep a living space warm. A fireplace is an efficient heating solution for many homes. The fitting comes in handy during the winter. The heating capacity depends on the design of the fireplace and the type of fireplace. Ultra-modern fireplaces are all about efficiency and effectiveness. They have fans to enhance heat distribution while employing green technology to improve efficiency. Some fireplaces have a portable design for improving the convenience of use and opening up new possibilities. If you are only looking to upgrade your fireplace, a fireplace insert can easily fit into your pre-existing fireplace with only minimal structural alterations. Since a fireplace is part and parcel of your home heating system it adds value to your house.

Serves an aesthetic value

When it comes to interior fittings, looks are important. A fireplace is a centrepiece in any room. Its size and effect make the fitting conspicuous. Therefore, it’s crucial that the design of a fireplace matches up to the aesthetic appeal of your interior space. More than keeping a room warm, a fireplace accentuates the interior design of a house. With all the array of designs available for a fireplace heating solution, most people seek the opinion of interior designers and architects before settling on a unit.

A fireplace is permanent

Some fireplaces are installed as the house is being constructed. Others require major structural alteration of a living space to accommodate their installation. Following installation, most fireplaces remain as permanent heating solutions. Even when not in use, fireplaces still offer an unmatched look in any living space. Fireplace inserts can be replaced but they still require the house to have the structural provision for the removal and installation of inserts. On the other hand, freestanding fireplaces do not require a chimney or a fireplace opening. Nonetheless, fireplaces are long-term investments that offer permanent heating solutions and thus add value to a house.

It’s a selling point

Studies show that the interior finishing of a house has the most influence on buyers and potential tenants. One of the most unique indoor fixtures to have in a house is a fireplace. It’s a selling point for many homes due to its aesthetic and functional value. The more elegant the fireplace the more valuable the house. Moreover, just having a heating solution is an advantage to anyone renting out their house or selling it. When it comes to interior fixtures, a fireplace is among the most valuable installations.
If you want to raise the value of your home and improve the living experience, invest in a fireplace. It is an affordable heating solution that not only looks good but also feels great. Get a new fireplace and enjoy the benefits.
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