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All about The Lopi Freestanding Wood Heaters

For over 30 years in America Lopi wood heaters and inserts have been the favourite choice to heat a home. With a reputation for solid craftmanship, unbeatable heating efficiency and reliable performance it’s a winning combination. All heating appliances are designed, and hand assembled in the state of the art Lopi plant in Washington. So proud of their quality and design and confident in their product, Lopi offer a 5 or 7-year warranty with every wood heater they sell.

Why buy a freestanding Lopi wood heater?

  • It can be expensive to heat your home using electricity or gas, and with prices continuing to rise, it makes sense to use a freestanding wood heater instead. These convective and radiant wood heaters give you a penetrating and even heat that warms every room in your home all for a fraction of the cost of using gas or electricity to keep you warm.
  • Old and inefficient wood heaters generate pollutants into the air, but Lopi wood heaters are E.P.A Certified and emit as little as 1.3grams of particulates per hour. This means when you use a Lopi heater you are keeping the air in your neighbourhood clean and breathable. Wood is renewable, and Lopi heaters are so efficient that they use less wood than other heaters to give you the same amount of heat output.
  • Lopi heaters are not only built to perform, they are built to last from the mid-priced Classic line to the high performance Classic line. With heavy gauge steel construction, commercial grade firebricks and solid air-tight door, these heaters are built to last.
  • There really is nothing quite like a wood heater, while most wood heaters just warm objects in the room, Lopi heaters have a five-sided convection chamber system that circulates air around the stove, it then pushes the warm air through to other areas of your home. It’s a difference that you can feel.
  • Lopi heaters are quality heaters, Lopi heaters have the worlds best craftsmen and engineers, bringing you a heater that has a true unibody construction and the most durable door on the market. Doors are held in place with cold-rolled steel that is punched through the firebox and then welded on the inside to hold the door straight – permanently – when you are buying Lopi you are buying the finest wood heater on the market.
  • While pewter doors are available the solid brass door will last for life
  • Cast iron frame glass retainer ensures that there is a permanent air-tight seal around the glass. This frame sits an inch deep inside the door, guaranteeing the door will never warp or flex, this frame also protects the glass from having direct contact with the fire.
  • Some models have a by-pass damper that prevents smoke-backs when starting and reloading, it also assists with a quicker start-up.
  • Lopi stand by the performance and quality of their products year after year which is why they offer a 7-year warranty and offer you more protection on some of the key components of your heater.
  • Depending on the model you have chosen, Lopi heaters offer a range of accessories and options – DOORS – chose from three door finishes to accentuate or blend in with your rooms décor – solid brass, pewter plated or black painted. FREE-STANDING FAN – convection fans that are installed at the back of the unit are high on power but low on noise, they help circulate the heat by moving up to 160 cubic feet of air per minute. PEDESTAL OR 4 DECORATIVE LEG CHOICES – pedestal option instead of legs, or sculptured pewter finish, sculptured black steel, cast black or cast brass legs.

Green Smart
Starting your new wood heater has never been easier with starting a fire in your wood heater as simple as pressing a button. You no longer have to deal with starting a fire using newspaper and matches thanks to this new, breakthrough igniter. Fireplace safety has increased over the years, and you don’t need to leave a door ajar to help the fire start. The Green Smart system works just like a blacksmiths bellows with a compressor forcing 760-degree Celsius pre-heated air directly into the firebox and onto the wood which produces a clean, fast and smoke free start up.
This system is also great for refreshing old fires simply add some fuel on top of the old coals, close the door and push the button twice. For the best results use dry and seasoned wood when using the Green Smart system. Staring a fire in a wood stove, wood heater or insert has never been so simple.
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