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Alternatives to Timber Fencing to Consider for 2018 Renos

Oh. My. God. My 2017 renovations were a freaking nightmare. The guy that we hired to do project management turned out to be a slacker. We had issues with all sorts of contractors. The whole project ran seriously over time and over budget – we’re talking months and 10’s of thousands of dollars.
Now, I know that this isn’t exactly an uncommon story. I’d heard colleagues at work talk about it plenty of times before. My supervisor chatting about how her tilers put down the completely wrong tiles and managed to crack a bunch of them, too. That the height of her second floor was wrong – dear god. Or how about my best friend’s extension was supposed to be completed in March last year and then haven’t even put the slab down yet? I guess that’s what happens when you have 2 children under 4, a husband who works very long hours, and the council keep rejecting your building applications. Maybe they’ll have it finished by 2020! Who knows!
Anyway, the only thing that seemed to go right with my own home renovations was the front fence. At least my place looks alright from the street front, it’s got that going for it!
After so many slip ups from the project manager I decided to go out and find a fencing company myself that’d do the job. I just couldn’t trust this guy not to put me onto someone cheap and dodgy and then upcharge me for it anyway.
At first I was thinking about going for timber fencing because I’ve always loved the look of it. However, after doing some reading of some blog posts and experiences that other people has had with wooden fencing I decided against it. Wooden fencing needs more upkeep and doesn’t last as long – which isn’t really my vibe. I want to put something in and have it last! I’m not that kind of person who find doing house upkeep sort of like meditation – although I know that many people do.
So instead of wooden fencing, I settled on tubular fencing. This type of fencing is those upright metal type posts. Combined with a lower brick fence this can look really classy and homely – not like the metal fences I’d imagined earlier.
I mean, of course there are other options too. You have the full brick wall. This one is good if you would like a lot of privacy – obviously, because people can’t see through it unless you have x-ray vision! Privacy screening is kind of a mix between the two. You can’t see in unless you are really looking. But those are the main three types of fencing that are available for homeowners.
While hubby seemed to think a full brick wall would be nice, I decided in the end that it wasn’t a good idea. A full brick fence obscures the front of the house, which means that if thieves go to get in they’re also obscured while doing so. My neighbourhood isn’t exactly the Bronx, but it’s also not the safest in the world in terms of break ins – yes I’ve looked at the stats, I do my research. So I nixed that idea.
Anyway, the company that I decided to go with built an amazing, sturdy, tubular aluminium fence that looks great and I’m very happy with it – unlike the ongoing issues that I have with some of the rest of the renovations that we had done. But hey! What can you do? My tip? It takes effort but engage contractors yourself and do your research in advance before doing anything.