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Are balustrades the safest fencing option?

Balustrades are one of the earliest architectural designs when it comes to fencing. They are popularly used in interior designs and exterior fencing solutions. The history of balustrades dates as far back as the 25th century BC. The Romans and Greeks used the designs in several of their architectural builds. The early renaissance saw balustrades used in the balconies of palaces in Venice and Verona. A Gothic precedent is implicated in the balustrades designs of the rebirth period. Although balustrades design were commonly used in balconies and stairs, they also presented a good fencing solution. The use of balustrades has extended to swimming pools fences and perimeter wall fences.
A swimming pool has always been a lavish addition to any household. In Australia, many residential homes come with a swimming pool. A stylish swimming pool fence may be just what your pool area needs to have the unique, exotic look you have been looking for. Balustrades have always been the best fencing option for swimming pools. Despite the different designs of pools, balustrades blend seamlessly with any design. Whether you have an infinity pool or a traditional pool, balustrades are your best bet for poolside fencing. Balustrades come in different designs ranging from stainless steel to glass balustrades. Depending on your taste, you can choose to go for a rustic look or an ultra-modern design.
If you want to maintain your view from your pool a glass balustrade is the best option. Glass balustrades not only look good but maintain an unobstructed view of the pool area. The beauty of glass balustrades is that the fence feels like it’s not there. This glass fencing creates a look and feel of an open space. Glass balustrades blend with any pool and have adaptable designs. This fencing option is attractive and complies with all safety regulations. Although the fence uses glass, it is not weak or fragile. Glass balustrades use toughened safety glass that can withstand a lot of pressure. The glass is durable and low maintenance.
Cable balustrades system is popularly used in swimming pools, gardens and porches. The fence has both commercial and domestic application. If you are looking for a minimalistic architectural design, cable balustrades are your best bet. This fencing option looks good both in interior living spaces and exterior premises. With a high-quality finish, the end result is not only functional but also beautiful. The Cable balustrades system is modern with simple classic lines and comprises a rail, main posts with fittings and centre posts with cable strands. The choice of fittings is based on personal preference and each component comes with a unique fine finish. Cable balustrades are durable and low maintenance. They offer the safety you need with no compromise on looks.
Tubular balustrades is an affordable modern fencing technique for entertaining areas and commercial premises. Tubular balustrades can be manufactured from either from steel, aluminium or wrought iron. You can have a custom designed and built tubular fence, gate or tubular balustrade to compliment your residential or commercial belongings. These tubular fences can be personalised to meet all your standards. Safety is a non-issue when it comes to tubular balustrades. These fences are strong and durable. A tubular balustrade is an affordable fencing solution for commercial premises, entertaining areas and new houses. The build of this fence presents an opportunity to explore several finishes but the final result never falls short of good looks.
Wood balustrades are a unique design for perimeter fencing in your porch. Depending on the wood and design you choose you can get anything from a traditional English look to an ultra-modern appearance. If you have a wooden cottage, the fence will be a perfect blend into your residence. The durability of the fence is unparalleled. Despite the balustrades being wood, it can be used as a swimming pool fence. Although this fencing option doesn’t come cheaply, it is worth every single penny. Everyone can attest to the unique and lavish look wooden balustrades bring to any living space.
Daring designers combine different balustrades to deliver exotic designs. Wood and cable balustrade is a unique fencing option that works out well in indoor and outdoor spaces. The colour choice for balustrades can vary from plain schemes to colour combinations. In the recent past, this fencing option has gained popularity in Australia as one of the most stylish fencing options. It is a good investment and most of the components used are eco-friendly. Finely finished balustrades are free from sharp edges and splinters. Wooden balustrades are well-treated to avoid becoming soggy. This means they can be used in outdoor spaces including the swimming pool area. If you are still wondering whether balustrades are the safest fencing option, you can stop wondering because they are.
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