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Are you thinking of changing your energy provider?

Energy prices are always raising, so it is a bonus having the option to change energy providers. The only detail that amends when you switch energy providers is your payment. There should be no change to your connection and electricity provision. A different energy provider tenders only the house, but the grid infrastructure remains the same.

Why change the energy provider?

Moving into a new property remains the widespread reason to switch the energy provider along with numerous other reasons for the change or switch. Some of those reasons could include

  • You want to save money.
  • Refunds of solar electricity.
  • Sustainable energy sources.
  • Customer service issues.


Time taken for change?

This can now be done through online adhering to the changing digital and business world. This simple process eliminates the time consuming paper work and other similar workings. As a general rule of thumb, the change of whole process might take up to three months. Since suppliers only read the electricity meter every three months. For the new provider to get an accurate reading, this time frame is vital. Nevertheless, if you are in a hurry, you can apply for a special meter reading from your provider and go for an express service to make the change.

Eligibility to switch

Energy providers of occupants of Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia, and Queensland are capable of switching energy providers. It is unfortunate to say that residents of Northern and Western Australia are not able for this facility.

Exit the existing contract?

You must notify your current energy provider and inform them about your intentions to change before starting a new contract with the new provider. You might have to pay early exit fees depending on the agreement with your current energy provider. It is advisable to contact your current energy provider and be knowledgeable with your existing contract and your exit clauses. They will guide you through the exit procedure. Early exit fees are often a flat payment.

Bottom line

Switching energy provider is a significant decision. Choosing a new provider might look simple and it is a serious judgement. It is not easy to make this decision alone. Therefore, always seek professional advice if you think you need more support on the right information. Be very thorough with your current deal as well the new provider you are hoping to go with. This way you can avoid any surprises in the future.
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