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Bedroom colour palettes that are hot right now

Your bedroom should be the one part of your house that you are most comfortable in. It is the last room you are in everyday and the walls are usually the first thing you see when you wake up. This is why more people are paying added attention to their bedroom décor, with colours taking centre stage to create the most relaxing environment.
Different shades are put together with the furnishings and the bedding in a bid to turn the boudoir into either the most restful or the most romantic place in the house. The results usually let you know what the person was going for.If you are looking to improve the appearance of your bedchamber, we have put together several colour palettes that are hot in 2018. These schemes are will work with different agendas to add a vibrancy to your otherwise underwhelming room. Here are some of the choices.

Fresh with teal and shades of blush

This look incorporates a bit of everything and injects an air of freshness into your bedroom. For it to work, it uses everything from the bed, to the carpeting, the paint in the walls and even the choice of duvets and pillow cases. It has used jewel tones of teal on the throw pillows and the art to set off the greys on the bench. The walls are a cool white and the duvets are in different shades of blush to keep the room looking light. You can even put in a plant to add a touch of green.

Play around with chocolate

Chocolate automatically turns any room into a warm inviting space. When used as a base for decorating, the dark hues are usually offset with brighter colours such as salmon pink and dusky shades of blush. To make the transition between dark and vivid seamless, neutral colours such as beige and grey are added. These are usually used on throw rugs and the pillows with the salmon pink, or any other bright colour, coming in with the bedspread. The chocolate is usually on the bed itself, with certain brands such as the Memphis collection offering a base for décor thanks to the chocolate and walnut coloured bed, bedside tables, and the storage drawers. You can add a light fixture to the room to give it a masculine touch and tie the look together.

Add a bit of turquoise

This is one of the looks that seem to tread on the bold side, while remaining soothing. It is meant for people that are not afraid to try new things and want walls that draw the eye. The walls are painted deep shade of teal to give the room a certain air of class while at the same time setting the tone for the rest of the decor. Adding rose coloured bedding and a splash of dusty coloured art works in contrast with the teal to give the room a romantic yet refined feel. This type of décor works especially well with modern furniture, for instance the Montecarlo range where the design and lacquered surfaces reflect the deep teal. Chrome profiles are also at home here. A couple of marble coloured throw pillows and a turquoise throw rug add a bit of texture and bring the entire theme together.

Make it princess pink

Every little girl at some point has dreamt of having a pink bedroom, either from the many movies they watched as a child or picking it up from a friend’s room during a sleepover. You can use pink to create a lush yet vivacious look for your bedroom that incorporates shades of white to create a soft feminine room. For this to work, the walls, the curtains, window frames, and the carpeting are all coloured white.  A pink bedspread and throw are added to offset the white. Alternating beige and light coloured browns on the pillows will break the monotony of the pink and the white. Instead of a bench you can add a loveseat, a bit of elegant lighting, and a large mirror to complete the look.

Mix greens with a bit of grey

This is a colour scheme that is designed to be contemporary and couple-friendly. It turns what is traditionally a minimalist outlook into a stylish and elegant end product. A sage green is used on the walls to give the room a certain outdoorsy feel. Ash coloured rugs and curtains add the contemporary aspect especially when used with modern lighting. Brocade fabrics are used on the pillows to bring in a vibrant dash of colour and white bedding is used so that they do not appear too garish. Mixing patterns bring in some much needed personality.
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