Akshat Verma Posted on 6:13 am

Benefits Of A Portable BBQ

BBQs are an intrinsic part of summer in Australia. However, not all Aussies have big backyards with large BBQs. Thus, portable BBQs are fast becoming the first choice for many Aussies. Here are a list of advantages of owning a portable BBQ.


The biggest advantage of a portable BBQ is its size. If you have limited space but still want to BBQ, then a portable BBQ is the best option for you. When you have just a small balcony to work with, this type of BBQ is the best option for you.


The most obvious advantage of portable BBQs is – obviously – their portability. When going camping, one of the highlights of your trip could be being able to BBQ. And that is exactly what a portable BBQ can do for you. These grills are easily foldable which means that they can easily fit into your car when you go camping, or for a picnic or even going to a friend’s party.
Portable Barbeque


Frequency Of Use

A portable BBQ is a much better choice if you don’t barbeque very regularly. It isn’t a good idea to invest in a large, expensive BBQ if you are only going to use it once in a while. It is much better to have a small portable BBQ that you can store away when you’re not using it and bring it out only when you need to use it.


A portable BBQ is also lightweight, which means that it is easy to move around. Traditional BBQs are usually large and very hard to move, making them rather cumbersome. Most portable BBQs weigh less than 30 pounds, which makes them easier to move around. Additionally, most of them come equipped with handles so that you can move them around more easily.
Portable BBQ

Small Parties Or Individuals

A portable BBQ cooks less than a traditional BBQ, however, that actually is an advantage when you are cooking for small parties or just for yourself. When you use of traditional grill, you end up using a lot of extra energy. You need all that extra gas or charcoal to heat up your grill, but you only end up using a small part of the BBQ for your cooking. Portable BBQs are designed in such a way that you can preserve fuel.


There are some portable BBQs that come with attachments. You can attach shelves to your grill that can give you some extra space for your BBQ. Then, once you’re done, you can remove those shelves and store away your portable BBQ.

Cost Effective

The best part about a portable BBQ is that it is much less expensive than a traditional BBQ. Portable BBQs can cost between just $60 and $1000. Some of the cheapest models include:

  • Jumbuck’s Portable Round Hotplate BBQ, which uses LPG and costs $58.90.
  • Billabong’s Tabletop Kettle (BBPAC), which uses charcoal and costs $69.95.
  • Weber’s Smokey Joe (K10024), which also uses charcoal and has a price tag of $109.95.
  • Everdure’s Cube, another charcoal user and costing $199.
  • Gasmate’s Odyssey is a charcoal grill that costs $299.
  • Ziegler & Brown’s LPG Portable Grill (ZG1GRK), which costs $349.
  • Beefeater’s Bugg Mobile BBQ (BB18324), which uses charcoal and will cost you $399.

Portable BBQs can be expensive too, so before you make your decision on which one to buy, you can read you can read reviews of the best portable BBQs at Canstar Blue. Remember, if you are like many Aussies who would love to BBQ but are constrained by space or your budget, then opt for a portable BBQ.