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How to choose a Hairdresser Sydney

We all like to look good, and one of the things that make people more, so, women look beautiful is their hair. To have your hair looking great, you need to get a good hairdresser in Sydney. There are lots of salons in Sydney, each with its pros and cons. Finding a salon that satisfies all your needs can be a daunting task. This, however, does not mean that it is impossible to get a good stylist.

In this article, we share with you tips on how to choose a hairdresser in Sydney.

1. Ask your friends and relatives

One of the best ways to get the best service anywhere is through referrals. You see a good dress that you like, the best way to get a similar one is to ask the person wearing it where they bought it. Similarly, when it comes to well-done hair, it is always good to ask colleagues, friends or family members whose hairstyle impress you.

Through the same referrals, you will get to find out other things about the hairdresser’s, such as their pricing, whether they offer additional services, and any other questions that you might have. The good thing about getting such information from people you know is that you get honest reviews that are not influenced.

2. Book an appointment

Before settling on a stylist in Sydney, it is always a good idea to plan a meeting with them and get to know more about them. You will get to share your expectations, and they will also let you know what they offer. By having such a meeting, you get to learn more about the salon as well as the people who will be taking care of your hair needs. This way, you can get to decide whether it’s the place you would like to spend hours with as they do your hair. Through the appointment, you will learn lots of things that you might not pick through other sources, like the internet.

3. Don’t be confused by the pricing

While looking for a hairdresser, make sure pricing alone does not influence your choice. There are lots of other things that you ought to consider, such as location, distance, and experience. You might find a cheap hairstylist, but they are not well experienced, and you end up with poorly done hair. So before you settle on a salon, let pricing not be the only reason you choose them.

4. Check online for reviews

Good hair salons will most likely have a following online, as well as, positive reviews. You can go through their reviews before settling on them. Choose one with at least a 4-star review and above, anything less might be problematic. At the same time, you need to be cautious do not rely on online reviews because some are paid and can merely be marketing gimmicks.


Before settling on a hairdresser in Sydney, we recommend that you follow the following tips, they will help you go for someone that will give you value for your money.

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There is much more you can do to your hair after having it properly washed. Most people opt to wash their hair during their daily shower, let it air dry or use a blow dryer and leave it open or tie it into simple style for the rest of the day. This is a quick and easy solution for everyday wear. However, you can always choose to treat yourself and go a bit further to change the look and feel of your hair.

Hairdressing services include so much more than a wash and go. Although you can carry out these processes in the comfort of your home, it is best to have a professional handle them in order to have the best results possible. If you’re looking for something else to do on your hair, you can try the following treatments:

Chemical relaxing

Those who have tightly coiled hair and wish to have a bit of a break when managing their hair can opt for this treatment. It simply loosens the curls and leaves the hair straight, making it even more manageable. As enticing as the results are, hairstylists will let you know that overdoing the process can, in fact, do more harm than good, causing hair loss and even damage to the scalp. Professional stylists will advise you on the best route to take if chemical relaxers have been overdone over a period of time.

Keratin treatment

Just like chemical relaxing, keratin treatment straightens the hair, getting rid of the frizz that may not be to everyone’s taste. Additionally, this process does add chemicals to your hair so it is important to know how much your hair can handle. This treatment may not be for every hair type or texture. A simple consultation will help you know whether or not you can go ahead with the process without causing irreversible damage to your hair.


If you’re looking to have a fuller head of hair without going through unnecessary steps, hair extensions are the way to go. You can have extensions installed that match your natural hair colour or even whatever colour your hair is dyed. Extensions can be left on your head for a period of time and can also be removed at the end of the day, for example, after an event such as a festival.

Blow-dry, cut or highlight

Of course, you still have the option of simply blow-drying your hair and having it trimmed in order to promote healthy growth. If you’re looking to experiment further, there is always the option of cutting it to a preferred style and even adding highlights for a sleeker look. Whether you’re doing it for a special occasion or on a more semi-permanent basis, you have the leeway to experiment as much as you like.

At the end of the day, what you choose to do to your hair should make you comfortable and most importantly confident. Hairdresser Sydney salons offer a variety of options for you to choose from. Get ready to rock your healthy hair like never before.

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How to Choose the Best Hairdresser in Sydney

Moving to a new place can be stressful, to say the least. There are so many new things you need to adjust to – making new friends, learning about the new city, and finding the right stylist for your hair!

It takes a long time to build a relationship with your hairdresser, to the point where he or she knows exactly how you like to have your hair done, and can even work with you to create new styles just for you.

So, if you have just moved to Sydney, and are looking for the best hairdresser in the city who would suit your style, then there are a few things you can do to make that choice.

Ask for Recommendations

When you move to a new place, it is best to trust recommendations from friends, colleagues and relatives. Sydney is a huge city, and there are tons of salons. The best way to start your search for the perfect hairdresser is by asking for suggestions. You will also get to know which salons to avoid if you just ask around a little.

This doesn’t mean that you will find that perfect stylist immediately, but at least it’s a start in the right direction. And who knows, you might get lucky and find someone you love immediately!

Assess the Salon

If you are new to Sydney and don’t know anything about the stylists you have chosen, do not experiment! When you go to a salon for the first time, talk to the hairdresser and see if the two of you connect on ideas about your hairstyle.

See if you like the salon – is it clean, are the staff skilled and friendly, does the equipment look well-kept, are the hair-care products of good quality, and so on.

Trust Your Instincts

Trust your instincts. Do you get a good feel at this salon? Sometimes, you may spend analysing a particular salon, and it ticks all the boxes, but you still have a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Listen to the inner voice. If you don’t feel comfortable in a salon, then leave. With so many salons in Sydney, you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you.

Make Sure You Have All the Details About Your Current Look

If you love your look, you could ask your previous stylist if they could write down how they created that look for you. Then, after you have narrowed down the salons you would like to try out in Sydney, you can ask them to replicate the look.

This way, you don’t experiment, and you get to assess how good the hairdresser really is.

Research on the Salon

Before you even go to a salon, do some research on it. Customer reviews on social media websites, or review websites, can give you a fair idea about how good or bad a hairdresser is.

Take the time to read the reviews, especially the negative ones. You will be able to see how the salon responds to customer compliments and complaints. You will know whether the problem was resolved to the client’s satisfaction or not.

How Popular is the Salon?

A gauge of a salon is its popularity. If a hairdresser has a long line of customers, and you need to make an appointment, then this is a good indication that that salon is worth a try. Finding the best hairdresser Sydney can offer you may be a short or long journey of discovery. But look on the bright side, as you search for that perfect hairdresser, you will also learn more about your new home!

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Eye Shadowing Techniques and Colours to Make Brown Eyes Pop

Most dark-skinned girls have brown eyes, and even professional make-up artists are sometimes puzzled over what to do with that. Their default move is to go for shimmer and sparkle – regular tones get lost in their clients’ complexion. Lately, darker celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie are being selected as make-up brand ambassadors. Also, inclusive brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty are offering a broader palette of 40 shades, covering girls blessed with skin ranges from milky olive to dark coffee.
Fenty builds its foundation around … foundation … but it also offers lip and eye shades. Their website offers skin-tone guides that help you digitally experiment and discover what works best for you. So while making your brown eyes pop seems like a simple matter of picking the right colour, you do need to factor in your skin tone. A ‘nude’ that may work on fair skin might look weird on a darker girl, while a customised nude designed for Asian or African(-American) skin would be quite visible on a Caucasian customer.
For our purposes, we’ll dig into colours that work on the darkest skin range. In practice, this colour choice will be more dramatic on lighter skin shades, but can still be flattering. This approach is more practical because coming at it the other way around could result in make-up that is invisible on a darker face. The first eye-make-up tip many of us received was to wear a colour that matches our eyes. So blue eye-shadow for blue-eyed girls, green shadow for the green-to-hazel range. Curiously, this doesn’t translate into black eye-shadow for black eyes, mostly because many eyes described as ‘black’ are actually dark brown (… and because black eye-shadow is very goth.) Still, brown eye shadow for brown eyes is iffy.

Skin tone matters

On lighter girls, brown can seem too mild to pop. On darker girls, it can disappear completely into their skin or look garish, depending on the shade of brown. So only use brown eye-shadow if you’re going for that natural no-make-up look. It’s a bad choice if you’re trying to make your eyes pop, but it can be a subtle highlight when you’re trying to make your skin look un-made-up. Instead, especially if you’re on the darker side, opt for contrasting shades with some shimmer.
Lighter girls can pick contrasting eye-shadow palettes as well, though they don’t need quite as much sparkle unless it’s a night-time event. Green is good, because of the contrast effect. It works really well with hazel eyes, because it heightens the green while contrasting the brown, and dances beautifully in those intense emotional moments when your eyes themselves seem to change colour. If you’re feeling dramatic, you can blend different shades, going green at the top and veering closer to blue for your lower lid.
Gel liner brightens the whites of your eyes, offering a more distinct canvas for your eye-shadow selection. Of course shimmer doesn’t have to pair with colour. Sparkly silver makes a good choice for brown eyes, regardless of skin tone. It can highlight eye-bags though, so watch out for that. You can move towards grey if you want a milder effect that still draws attention to your face. Shiny silver is more bold, so you need attitude to wear it without wilting. Gold shades are – interestingly – less dramatic than silver, and they work on both light and dark skin, with or without the extra gloss.

Brown and blue

If you want a soft pop, opt for bronze or copper rather than untainted gold. They’re closer to brown than yellow, so their effect is gentle but distinct. Blue eye-shadow (or eye-liner) enhances the whites of your eyes, but if you’re a darker girl, pick darker blues like navies and royals. Use mattes for daytime and shimmers for night. Lighter, paler blues can risk looking comical today, though they were popular in the 80s, so you should avoid them unless you’re going deliberately retro. Lighter girls can wear any shade in the azure range and it will beautifully highlight their brown baby blues.
Finally, the royal colour purple works on just about everyone, from Alek Wek to Lucy Liu, Keira Knightley to Britney Spears. It highlights brown eyes on any skin tone or hair shade. On darker skin, it looks elegant, muted, and bold. On lighter skin, it looks vivid, sophisticated, and playful. Pick the purple that best fits your undertone. Generally speaking, that’s indigos for darker girls and violets for lighter shades. A dark girl with red undertones can swing either way. But whichever shadow you use, never sleep with eye-make-up on. It’s the quickest way to get a sight-threatening infection, so wash that shade off!

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A Black and White Affair

So you’ve decided that your wedding will be a very glamorous event. Your future husband will wear a tux and your bridesmaids will wear black. And even if your wedding is not a formal event and you want your bridesmaids to wear black we’ve got you sorted!
Mori Lee doesn’t just design gorgeous wedding dresses, she also designs some of the most beautiful bridesmaid gowns around. Dresses that will fit all types of body shapes because we know how difficult it can be to find a dress style that suits your bridal entourage and all their body types.
Here are some of her stunning designs:

1. Mori Lee 691 Bridesmaid Dress

mori lee 691 bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 691 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

It might just be number but the dress isn’t.  This lovely gown will have your bridesmaids feeling sophisticated and ready to help you keep calm on your big day. With an elegant sheath silhouette, luxurious jersey knit fabric, Bateau neckline and ruched waistline, this dress will draw in their waists and then glide down over their hips

2. Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid Dress

Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 693 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

Definitely, a favourite amongst the options is this dress. It’s simplistic but so elegant with its lace neckline and cap-sleeves that leads to a sheer lace back with button closures. The skirt is chiffon and billows down from an empire waist. It’s the ultimate form-flattering dress. You won’t hear any complaints from your bridal entourage when they realize that this is the dress that you’ve chosen for them to wear on your wedding day. Whether their hair will be up or down it won’t matter because anything will look good with this gown.

3. Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid Dress

Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid dress
Mori Lee 696 Bridesmaid Dress (Source:

This dress is a little more form-fitting so keep that in mind before you decide on this one for your bridesmaids. Nevertheless, it is flattering in all the right places and instead of being sexy it’s just plain old glamour. The sheath style gown is adorned with lace and has a Bateau neckline. The back is in the shape of a V and a satin sash brings your attention to the waistline.

4.       30131

If you’re hosting a summer wedding you might want to think about letting your bridesmaids wear a shorter gown for your wedding day. They won’t be uncomfortable sweating in front of all your guests. It might sound tacky to have them wear something shorter but this dress is everything but. It’s perfect for a luxe outdoor wedding during the spring or summer time. Did we mention it’s a two piece? This stunning two piece knee-length lace dress boasts with a strapless sweetheart neckline and comes with a beautiful Swarovski crystal brooch that sits on the waist to the left.

Do remember that just because your wedding is a black and white affair doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids have to wear black. Some dresses in a dark colour will also look sophisticated and chic. Also, it’s your big day and you can bend the rules to fit your dream wedding as much as you want to. If you want to wear a short wedding dress then do it. Just make sure you know you’ll love it in twenty years time. Styles might change but there is a reason traditional gowns have been around as long as they have. It’s because they don’t go out of style. So just because you don’t want to be a traditional bride doesn’t mean you should completely shun all gowns that make you think of every wedding you’ve seen the past 5 years.

What it comes down to is you and your future husband and how you want to spend your day celebrating. No matter how much your family and friends meddle sometimes it’s good to stick to your guns and other times it might be better to bend a little bit. Especially if you fell in love with the bright pink off-the-shoulder wedding gown.
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The Secrets to Cool Braids

Depending on where you come from and what hair texture you have, braiding could an exotic, complicated wonder … or something you do every day before bed. If you’re unfamiliar with hair texture, it’s usually classed from 1 to 4, with letters A to C. Type 1A hair is fine, straight hair, what is considered stereotypically Caucasian. 4C hair is thick and dense with tight, interlocking, zig-zag curls, i.e. the stereotypical African afro. These are just general indicators, because Europeans can have Type 4 hair and Africans can have Type 1 hair.
Your texture is a mix of genes and environment. Most people think straight, fine hair is the best kind, so lots of hair treatments are developed to achieve that result. These include hair relaxers and heat-based straighteners. You can also wear wigs or attach hair extensions / weaves to create the illusion of fine, straight tresses. However, thick, curly hair holds braids better, because their surfaces are less slippery.
For girls with naturally curly textures, braids can stay neat for several weeks. Finer hair pulls loose from braids, so they don’t keep well. Plus, when your hair is that fine, you don’t have enough traction for fine braids, so it has to be loose and lagging. You could add extensions to it, for thickness and grip, which could make your braids stay prettier for longer. There are other considerations though. For example, the weight of hair extensions can tug fine hair and lead to breakage, especially at the ‘edges’ (hairline at your temple).

Clean parting

In countries like Kenya, cornrows are part of schoolgirl uniform. From ages 5 to 15 (nursery and primary school), girls mostly braid their hair into cornrows. Grown-ups wear cornrows too, but the adult version is more embellished. Schoolgirls are restricted – by their schools – to have their cornrows running from front to back in straight lines. Younger girls may be allowed a pussycat (pigtails), or pineapple (ponytail)with beads.
Adults will generally have curved styles and patterns with ‘hair piece’ (extensions) attached for added length. Kids can have these elaborate hairstyles during school holidays. Because ‘lines’ – as they are called – can be extremely fine, parting becomes really important. Hairdressers usually charge by the number of lines you want. Schoolgirl lines are between ten and fifteen. Adult lines can be curved and coiled, or they can be used as the base for weaves and extensions that are stitched onto the lines.
The neatness (and longevity) of lines and regular (box braids) is driven by carefully parting. Your hairdresser will use a comb to pull fine individual lines into clean partings, creating patterns where the hair contrasts bare scalp. The scalp is usually oiled to make it shiny and reduce dandruff. Individual hairs are pulled tight to keep the lines neater for longer. When your hair roots grow out, your lines get loose and it’s time to braid again. Using hair extensions in the braid can keep the braids tighter as well, because the extensions are coarser and offer more friction than your own hair.

Moisturise your scalp

To keep box braids neat, part the hair in equal portions following grid-like patterns. Remember that your scalp will show through your braids (at least for the first few weeks), so if you part haphazardly, your braids won’t be as neat. Avoid braiding the baby hairs at the front, because they break easily. Instead, you can gel into pretty coils, protecting them while keeping them flat against your scalp. Spritz some water to moisten the baby hair, add some gel, then shape it with an old toothbrush or fine nail brush.
Similarly, oil the exposed scalp between your braids to keep them neat. You can do this every two or three days. The duration of your braids is up to you. Some girls prefer to undo their braids daily, while others can keep them in for a week. In Kenya, some ladies wear braids for a month or more. To keep them fresh and pretty, they go to the hairdresser for ‘repair’. This is re-braiding the first three or four rows at the front, back, and sides so your hair looks freshly braided.  You can wash your braids as well, to reduce dust and oil build-up.
Braid spray is another handy tip. It keeps your hair from looking dry and flaky. When you first braid (or repair) your hair, your scalp can feel really tight and heavy. You might even develop pimples of your braids are too tight. But the tighter and finer your braids, the longer they’ll last, so you have to choose between comfort and duration. To ease the discomfort, run cold water on your scalp. The tightness will ease after a few days and become more bearable.

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New Hairstyles for Winter 2018

In many parts of the world, winter is the worst time for your hair. There’s lots of snow and sub-zero weather, so you keep your hair hidden under woollen hats whose static does nothing for your tresses. Then you come indoors and the intense air conditioning exposes your locks to a puzzling mix of frizz and over-drying.
If you’re a naturalista, you can sail through winter in protective styling, but if your hair type is in the 1s, 2s, or even 3s, you have to be a lot more creative. Fortunately for Aussies, our geography means our winters are more tropical. Temperature is always above 10°C even in the coldest time of year. So what you really want is the type of hairdo that will brighten your dreary day and put you in the right mood.
You might also want something on the longer side, because exposed scalp is likely to enhance the chills. Hair seems to grow longer in cold months. This may be biological, to keep you warmer, or it might be more practical. You fuss with your hair less in the winter, and the additional undisturbed time gives it room to grow. That’s the principle behind dreadlocks and protective styling. The less you fiddle with it, the more it grows.

Cover from the cold

The need for extra warmth is probably why bangs seem to be in for Winter 2018. All the stars are wearing some version of a fringe. Work with your stylist, because having your hair on your face will affect your make-up choices. At the same time, your overhanging locks have to be styled in a way that hangs lose so it doesn’t chafe your skin. You should also pick something that works with your face shape and skin tone, if you’re changing hair colour.
Ringlets are a good way to achieve this off-the-face effect. Their wavy pattern keeps them dangling just far enough off your skin, but the coverage is enough for added warmth. You can wear them long and part them in the middle, adding hair extensions for a few extra inches. Ringlets also give you volume if your hair is naturally thin.
If you’re a curly girl that always straightens her hair to keep it a la mode, this season’s trend finally lets you explore your unspoiled look. If your standard curl is too dense, you can ask your stylist to lighten the bulk with a light straightening so that enough of your natural curl remains without it looking too weighty or dragging down your locks.

A little to the side

Asymmetry also seems to be popular this winter. Decide whether you want it subtle or extreme, taking your cue from your favourite celebrity. For shorter hair, put in asymmetrical extensions for a taste of your inner Rapunzel. You usual chin-length hair can be curved around your face in a cheeky bob, complete with longish bangs on your forehead.
If you’re feeling daring, sweep the bangs to one side of your face, then the other side of your face can have extensions, so that your hair mimics an asymmetric dress. Selena Gomez wore this look at the Coach NYFW and the overall effect was quirky but flirty. On the other hand, straight, shoulder-length hair with a subtle side bang allows you to play with it more, since you can wear it up or down throughout the season.
If you opt for the subtle approach, use a layered cut to lengthen the bang and frame your face. It’s a helpful tip for softening an oblong facial structure. Winter is good for longer hair, so even if you’re more of a short hairdo girl, you could experiment with length and go for the lob. It’s a bob that extends below the neck, grazing your collar bone. Style it with choppy waves or baby bangs above your brows. This pulls the eye back up and maintains the illusion of shortness, but it’s still warmer than your usual cut, which helps with the winter chill.

Razor edge

A lot of us have a problem with volume, but if you have the opposite challenge, it can be frustrating. Thick, heavy hair can be an issue when you want it to look sheikh and slinky. Instead of using a layered scissor-cut, go for a dramatic razor slash. It makes your hair look lighter, and you can pair it with a wet gelled look for that touch of slick.
Have your razor cut professionally done though. You don’t want to look clumsy or accidental. Another choice is to go retro. Give yourself some wavy volume and Charlie’s Angels glamour with long bags and layered ends. They frame your face by alternating inward curves and outward flips. It softens your face, offering old-school style, soft warmth, and femininity.

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Lipstick Shades for Winter

Colours change from season to season and so should your lipstick. Summer shades are bright and uplifting, autumn shades are earthier tones and spring shades match the flowers in bloom. Winter is a time for whipping out the deep, rich and dark tones. The vamp look is in this winter with models on the runway strutting their stuff down the catwalk wearing black, dark reds, and deep purple. It makes sense to change up your lipstick in winter, just as you do with clothes. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest lipstick shades for the coldest season.

Navy Blue

It’s not often that you get to bust out some navy blue lipstick. It usually looks a bit out of place or a bit over the top. Well, not in winter. It’s the perfect time to wear cool and dark colours while making a statement. Pair navy blue lipstick with a lighter base – go easy on the bronzer. Be bold, be beautiful, be you, be blue.


Black lipstick is hard to pull off without looking like a total goth. The neutral tones of your winter jacket will complement the black lipstick and it will appear subtler. There are a range of black lipsticks on the market. Matte black lipstick looks amazing while wearing black sparkly clothes. They complement each other well, making your clothes and lips pop.


Plum is in this winter. So pucker up and put on the plum. If you’re not comfortable with black and you’re a fan of deep purples, then plum is for you. It looks great with smoky eyes done with shades of purple.


Winter and red wine go together like summer and champagne. So it’s kind of natural that burgundy lipstick would creep onto the runways this winter. The plus side is that when you are partaking in a wine, no one will notice the wine stains on your lips. Bonus!


Deep shades of brown done tastefully can look amazing – but be careful to get the rest of your makeup right. Brown can be a bit tricky. You should take a holistic approach when doing your makeup so everything gels well and compliments each other.


One of my favourite things about winter is the berries. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Why not use nature as inspiration for your makeup? These colours look great on people with olive skin and will look amazing with a little black dress.


The perfect mix of pink and red. If you’re a fan of either of these colours, you’ll love magenta. This one works well if you have fair skin and will give you that femme fatale look. Magenta goes great with a lighter foundation and minimal eye makeup. Maybe a little mascara and that’s all you need to do.


Purple lipstick is one of my absolute favourite tones for any time of the year although it looks best during the colder months. It’s fun, vibrant with tones of badassness. It always reminds me of grape flavoured Hubba Bubba but unfortunately doesn’t taste the same.

Deep Reds

Deep reds look amazing. There are some amazing shades out there that will turn your lips into kissable crimson pillows. Deep reds accentuate your lips and make them look plump and full. They tend to draw attention, but make sure you get the rest of your makeup right or they could be drawing attention to how bad your application skills are.
Winter is here and so it’s time to change up your makeup. These darker days are great for darker shades so experiment in many ways and show the world your beautiful face.

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Eye Shadowing Techniques and Colours to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Getting lost in those pools of blue is easy to do – if your eye make-up is done correctly and enhances your baby blues. Blue eyes are a blessing and tend to stand out from any other colour and there a variety of techniques you can use to make them stand out even more.
Eye shadow plays a massive part in accentuating the natural beauty of your beautiful blue eyes and in this post, we explore some eye shadowing techniques that will make your peepers pop.

Contrast is Important

Contrasting eye shadow is important when it comes to bringing your baby blues to attention. It makes sense that using blue eye shadow may not be as effective as brown if you have blue eyes. Your eyes will blend in with the eye shadow and get lost in the sea of blue that is your eye make-up.
However, contrasting colours will bring them to the forefront. Using orangey tones as your eye shadow will contrast your blue eyes significantly and make them stand out even more. A good technique is to make a gradient of orange-based colour – it doesn’t have to be bright. Brown is also great for making the eyes really pop. If I use a brown, I will use the natural tone of my skin to create the gradient.

Complimentary Colours

When applying make-up, think of your face as the canvas and use the natural colours, contours, and features to your advantage. When choosing your makeup to take into account the colour of your eyes, in this case, we are working with blue. Using complementary colours, such as purple, is a great option that can look visually stunning if done correctly. You can create different styles by taking inspiration from nature. Think about the sunrise and the colours associated with it. Add some golden specks to eye shadow to really make your eyes sparkle like the sun.  So work with your blue eyes and choose colours that will complement them in the best possible way.


Keep it simple Sally. Blue eyes naturally stand out from the crowd and penetrate even the toughest of souls without make up. So it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to enhance them. As I said earlier, work with what your mother gave you. Your eye make-up has the ability to make attract or detract from your baby blues. Keep your eye make-up simple to allow your eyes to be the star of the show, rather than your eye makeup. Extravagant artistic eye make-up can look amazing but will sometimes have opposite effect to what you are looking for. It all depends on your mood on the day.

Eyeliner to look Finer

Eyeliner is great for framing your eyes and drawing attention to the natural beauty of your eyes. Using eyeliner only on the top of the eye can be better than using it on top and bottom. Eyeliner on the bottom tends to detract rather than enhance as the bottom eyeliner will wash out the blueness of your eyes. Choose a brief sweep of eyeshadow underneath instead.
You can also choose instead a bottom eyeliner shade that perfectly matches your eye colour to really wow people.

Get Creative

Make-up is an art form and art has unlimited combinations and possibilities and the process is fun and meditative. If you have some free time and want to get creative, bust out the makeup bag and have some fun, get to YouTubing. It’s good to keep your make up bag well stocked with a variety of colours so that you have the freedom to experiment and have some fun.
Metallic eyeshadows are fun to blend with natural colours as they have the ability to really add some sheen and sparkle. Take inspiration from nature, art and of course, the internet is an unlimited source of information and inspiration. Don’t be afraid to be bold and try new techniques and colour combinations. As the old saying goes, fortune favours the brave.
Blue eyes are captivating and remind us of the ocean and sky. They have the ability to draw people in as they get sucked into your gaze. They are also fun to play around and get creative in the make-up department. You can be as bold or as subtle as you want. Sometimes simple is the best method, as blue eyes don’t take a lot of effort to enhance. That being said, of course there are some techniques that work better than others and hopefully, this post has been of some help when it comes to making your blue eyes sparkle. Get creative and some fun with it and find your own unique style.

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How to Go Subtly Darker for Winter

Ready for a hair change but don’t want too big a change? Winter is a great time to go a little bit darker, as the colours often match our winter clothing choices. A subtle change is often a better choice than a big change. People get a little bit weirded out if you go from bright blonde to brunette, or red to deep purple. If you go with a subtle change then you can learn towards more brunette later if you’re really feeling it, or go back lighter again easily if you decide it’s not really your thing.
But how do you go subtly go darker? Here we take a look at a few different techniques that can give you a little bit of change in your hair life.

Darken up your roots

The ombre look is still in, so that means no one really needs to be pedantic about covering up their roots when their lighter colour is growing out. If you’re a blond, instead of getting your roots done the same colour, ask your hairdresser instead to try a graduated, darker colour. This will soften up your dye line and allow you to have dark roots. You can then either let this grow out more, keep it the same, or go back to lighter after if you wish.

Darker underneath

Many people choose to get streaks via lowlights on the underside of their hair, instead of the usual highlights on top (although you can do this at the same time). Adding in brunette streaks underneath will see this colour peeping out when you have your hair out, or provide a really interesting look if you have it swept up in a pony or topknot. After putting streaks in underneath, next time you can start adding them in up top if you’re loving the brunette, let them grow out if you’re not really digging it, or put in more highlights underneath to phase them out again.

Just go a shade or two darker

Prefer an all over dye job? Instead of going full on dark, simply ask your hairdresser to see what you colour would be a shade or two darker than it is currently. You’ll find that you might notice a big difference in your colour but friends and family might be like, “Have you changed something about yourself?”. Because it’s a subtle change, it’s an easy way to see whether you do actually like things a little bit darker or not.

Use a rinse

Not committed to going brunette? Why not try out a rinse for a non-permanent change? While these colours don’t last long and don’t have a very striking effect, they’re a good way to have a little bit of a change from your everyday colour without locking yourself into something that you end up stuck with.
There are plenty of way to go subtly darker over winter and these are just some of them. If you’re still looking for ideas, then it’s a good excuse to head to the hairdresser and ask for their professional opinion. A principal colourist is a great person to ask for ideas, particularly if the salon regularly competes in events. They’ll be up to date with all the latest fashions and techniques and will be able to direct you towards what might work particularly well on your hair. You’ll be able to learn the cost for each too. Different shades of brunette work with different colourings, too, so make sure to have a browse around the internet and see which colours might work best for your hair, skin tone, and current wardrobe, too!