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Top ten favourite Australian-based Christmas gift hampers

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are already racking our brains for the best Christmas gift ideas. For those who are time poor or distanced from others due to quarantine, there’s no better gift to give to your loved ones, clients or staff this year than a Christmas hamper full of delicious treats. 

The perfect surprise for anyone, and easily ordered online and sent through the mail, a good Christmas gift hamper will include a smorgasbord of mouthwatering goodies, from wine and chocolate to Christmas pudding and shortbread. Hampers also offer a range of options for different budgets.

Here is a roundup of our top ten favourite Australian-based Christmas gift hampers and delivery services for 2020.

1. Gourmet Basket – Season of Hope Christmas Hamper $179

Season of Hope Christmas Hamper
Season of Hope Christmas Hamper (Source:

Gourmet Basket has been delivering quality hampers for over 20 years, and offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not a happy hamper! You’re truly spoilt for choice with Gourmet Basket’s selection of Christmas gift hampers, from luxury options with fine wines to festive yet budget-friendly choices that don’t skimp on the goods.

The Season of Hope Christmas Hamper is overflowing with drool-worthy, premium brand chocolates and quintessential Christmas fare like rum balls, brandy toffee sauce, Christmas pudding and quince paste, along with a bottle of d’Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz from McLaren Vale. It’s all wrapped up with ribbon in a stylish gift box, delivered to your intended recipient’s doorstep. We love the value of this Christmas hamper for all the gourmet treats that you get. 

2. Macarthur Baskets – Sweet Traditions Christmas Hamper $141

Sweet Traditions Christmas Hamper
Sweet Traditions Christmas Hamper (Source:

Macarthur Baskets has an excellent range of gift baskets to choose from. The Sweet Traditions Christmas Hamper is presented in a traditional wicker basket that can be reused long after the sweets have disappeared. 

It contains a selection of sweet and savoury treats, including a bottle of Hunter Valley Shiraz and a bottle of Hunter Valley Chardonnay, alone with brie cheese, Christmas toffees, chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a variety of cookies.

3. The Hamper Emporium – Moët & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper $149

Moët & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper
Moët & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper (Source:

With high quality brands and hampers that are immaculately presented, The Hamper Emporium delivers in spades. For those that can’t resist bubbles, the Moët & Gourmet Nibbles Hamper fits the bill. Not only does it include a bottle of Moët, there’s also artisan Kangaroo Island crackers and olives, a variety of nuts, tapenade, quince paste, honey popcorn and cold pressed olive oil packed in to keep the festivities alive. 

This hamper is presented in a black gift box with a gold ribbon and The Hamper Emporium offers free standard delivery across Australia, with track and trace for your peace of mind. 

4. Life’s A Hamper – Happy Holidays with Premium Wines Hamper $179

Happy Holidays with Premium Wines Hamper
Happy Holidays with Premium Wines Hamper (Source:

These Sydney based hamper specialists carefully source their products to curate the perfect gift for your chosen recipient. The Happy Holidays hamper comes with two bottles of wine – a Wynn’s Coonawarra Shiraz and a Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc –  and a variety of both sweet and savoury nibbles. Inside the hamper, you’ll find Ritz mince tarts, gourmet fudge, candy canes, crackers, olives and honey macadamia nougat. 

5. Ripe Cheese – Christmas Cheese Gift Hamper $95

Christmas Cheese Gift Hamper
Christmas Cheese Gift Hamper (Source:

If you know a turophile (lover of cheese), then impress them with this cheesy gift box that showcases cheeses from all over Australia. Inside the box, you’ll find a Bay of Fires Cheddar from Tasmania, a Woombye Ash Brie from Queensland, the Berrys Creek Riverine Blue from Victoria and a semi-hard goat milk cheese called the Barossa La Dame from South Australia. There’s also the obligatory quince paste and a packet of Falwassers crackers to seal the deal. Delivery is for within Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

6. Byron Bay Gifts – Byron Christmas Beer Hamper $95

Byron Christmas Beer Hamper
Byron Christmas Beer Hamper (Source:

The Byron Bay Gifts hampers feature a range of products locally sourced as well as other gourmet bites from around the country. Most of their gift hampers are customisable, from the wines to the snacks, which means you can upgrade your wines or focus on picking the treats your special person will enjoy the most!

For the ale addict in your life, you can’t go past the Byron Christmas Beer Hamper. This box lets you taste your way through the Stone & Wood range of ales and lagers brewed in Byron Bay and is complemented by Brookfarm roasted macadamia nuts, sweet and salty peanuts, Teriyaki munchies, Puffcorn and candy canes… because, Christmas! 

7. Hampers with Bite – Burgundy Vegan Selection $80

Burgundy Vegan Selection
Burgundy Vegan Selection (Source:

Vegans shouldn’t miss out on all the Christmas cheer! Hampers with Bite ensure there’s something for everyone and have incorporated a variety of vegan hampers in their range. 

The Burgundy Vegan Selection is filled with vegan chocolate chip cookies, fennel and lemon black olives, chocolates, tea and more, which can all be washed down with a bottle of vegan wine.  

8. Bockers & Pony – Jingle Bells Christmas Hamper $129

Jingle Bells Christmas Hamper
Jingle Bells Christmas Hamper (Source:

Bockers & Pony are well known for their fine hampers that come with a touch of luxury. Perfect as corporate gifts, they offer a level of sophistication with their sleek black boxes and red ribbons. 

The Jingle Bells Christmas Hamper is intended for the sweet tooth and won’t disappoint. From white chocolate honeycomb thins and chocolate dipped oranges to gingerbread babies and razzle dazzles, the decadence is on order this Christmas. 

9. Edible blooms – Christmas Star Bouquet Deluxe $139

Edible blooms - Christmas Star Bouquet Deluxe

Who needs flowers when you can have edible blooms? A unique yuletide surprise, the Christmas Star Bouquet Deluxe is a pretty posy made up of 60 Belgian milk chocolate stars – enough for everyone to enjoy! Wrapped stylishly in Christmas colours, they include a personalised gift card. With Edible Blooms you also have the choice to “boost your bloom” with a bottle of bubbly, a plush toy or more chocolates. 

10. Snowgoose – Cheese & Hentley Farm Riesling Heaven from $169

Cheese & Hentley Farm Riesling Heaven
Image from:

Snowgoose sends fresh hampers of cherries, mangoes, cheeses and antipasto. This is a great idea for those who wish to send a corporate gift that can be appreciated by the whole team, but it’s also great for families. Nothing says Christmas like a platter brimming with cherries.

The Cheese & Hentley Farm Riesling Heaven hamper is packed with artisan goodies. With an array of plump and juicy seasonal fruits accompanied by a bottle of Eden Valley Riesling from Hentley Farm, and a selection of buttery cheeses and biscuits, this is fine living for the refined palate. 

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Why Is It Important to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you get involved in an accident and suffer injury, the first and most crucial step is to seek medical attention. As you begin to recover, many other things may way you down. Your productivity may go down, your medical bills may pile up, and you may lose a lot of time in the hospital. 

In case you suffered injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be compelled to follow up for compensation that’s proportionate to the damage you suffered. The process is never that smooth. You may have to go from one office to another, spend a lot of your time in the court corridors, and do a lot of thinking to bring forth a strong case. 

Unfortunately, the defendant is usually very busy looking for ways to bring down your case so as not to pay for the compensation. More often than not, their attorney or their representatives would give you a call to ask questions to gather evidence relating to the events leading to your injury. If you don’t guard your tongue and stand your ground, you may end up saying things that the opponent can use against you in a court of law.

It’s such realities that would make you consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. 

The following reasons you may want to consider hiring a lawyer for your injury case.

Protect Your Legal Rights

As soon as you file a case in a court of law, things might get messy if you don’t have a deep legal backing. If you take things in your hands, you may end up conceding your rights unknowingly. With the services of a personal injury lawyer Sunshine Coast, however, your rights will be protected. An experienced lawyer should make every effort to get to the root of the situation and provide the necessary advice. The lawyer will come up with a legal strategy that works perfectly for your unique needs.

Proof of Damage and Fault

Even if an accident has occurred and everyone knows about it, the interest of the court is nothing but evidence. However, gathering evidence might be a tall order, particularly if you’re attending to other things. Either way, you’ll have to convince the court that you didn’t suffer damage because of your mistake. When things get complicated, a lawyer becomes your go-to person. An experienced family lawyer, with personal injury background, is the right person to argue your case. The attorney-at-law will gather all the necessary evidence to demonstrate the level of damage you’ve sustained. By hiring a lawyer, it becomes the lawyer’s responsibility to ascertain whether the injury occurred because of the defendant’s fault and whether it’s that very fault that brought about your injury.

Lawyers Have Robust Resource Base

Narrating an incident is quite simple. However, proving that in a court of law is another thing altogether. The court needs admissible evidence. You’ll need to investigate the defendant and establish facts relating to ownership, liability, and insurance. Such information comes in handy in proving a personal injury and responsibility. That’s an uphill task if you don’t have a lawyer. Working with a decorated attorney, however, makes the whole investigative process effortless. Most law firms already have a network of investigators to gather evidence that proves your injury and the defendant’s responsibility. A lawyer also has the leeway to demand to be provided with specific information relating to the case.

Focus on Your Recovery

When a lawyer handling your case, you get the peace of mind to focus on your recovery. Your lawyer will notify you from time to time regarding the status of your case and how you can settle everything out of court. If you suffered a physical injury that rendered you unable to work well, your attorney will negotiate for you and give you a progress report regularly.

Saving on Time and Resources

Hiring a personal injury attorney costs money. It’s worth it, though. First, your attorney will help you save time by conducting many things, including investigation, court appearances, and negotiations as you focus on other things. Second, when the defendant realises that you have hired an experienced personal injury attorney, they’re likely to agree to an out of court settlement that’s friendly to you. In most cases, an out of court settlement will save you a lot of time among other resources.

When you think about it, hiring a personal injury attorney represent you in court makes sense. Once a case goes to court, things are likely to escalate, and you may need a lawyer to stand in court on your behalf.

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Some of the More Meatier Pizza Toppings to Try

In spite of spring being around the corner, we still seek comfort in form of fireplaces, blankets, couches and, of course, food. The cooler temperatures and fewer daylight hours paired with more days spent indoors certainly have an effect on what we are hungry for. Hearty dishes such as pasta casseroles, feta stuffed meatballs and bowls packed with slow-cooked stews are usually what we are craving after we made it through another cold and rainy week.
If you have just gotten home and are looking to feast on some quick and tasty comfort food to get you through this cold and damp season, odds are you are reaching for your mobile phone and give your favourite pizza delivery service a call – and you are probably not feeling guilty about it. Pizza is perhaps one of the most iconic comfort foods in cold times and there are a few topping combinations, which are so everlasting good they should be on every menu. Read on to find out about the best meaty pizza toppings before you place your order at your favourite pizza store.

Spicy Lamb

This lamb pizza with baby spinach and fresh zesty lemon is a homage to Lahmacun, the Middle Eastern flatbread. This crust features homemade pizza sauce, delicious spicy lamb, Spanish onions, jalapenos and is topped with Greek yoghurt to take away some of the spice and a pleasant surprise of different texture.

Bubba Deluxe

For somebody who can’t live without seafood until the BBQ comes out, this is the perfect blend of flavours for you. Topped with hot salami, tiger prawns, smoked ham, creamy feta cheese and Kalamata olives and fresh herbs and lemon for a Mediterranean twist, this pie is sure to warm your belly and your heart.

Meat Deluxe

As the name implies, this pizza is generously topped with a blend of several delicious types of meat. The pizza comes with a BBQ base, featuring smoked ham, hot salami, spiced beef and last but not least cracking bacon strips. This pizza surely is a must try for meat lovers.


For some authentic Mexican flavour other than your hearty bowl of Chilli con Carne, try this delicious pizza topping combination of smoked ham, hot salami, red capsicum, Kalamata olives, jalapenos and if you like some extra spice ask for chilli flakes.


Meatlovers is probably the hero of iconic meaty pizzas as the super savoury crust holds many different kinds of meat. Loaded with ham, hot salami, bacon and deliciously spiced beef all served on a BBQ base, this pizza out-tops itself.

Porco Pazzo

There are no veggies on this pizza but we take a meat lover won’t mind when he takes his first bite of this gourmet crust featuring tender, slow-roasted Porchetta, crispy strips of bacon and zesty Soppressata salami layered on homemade tomato sauce.

The All-Star

The all-star is the perfect choice for a night in with your mates! This heavenly pie is topped with tender grilled chicken breast, crispy strips of bacon and spicy capsicum layered atop the classic tomato sauce.

Meat Supreme

When it comes to meaty toppings, this pizza really has it all. Piled on a classic mozzarella base, this crust features succulent zesty hot salami, crunchy bacon strips, flavourful minced beef finished off with spicy Italian sausage.
If you happen to read this post on your way home from work remember, a piping hot slice of pizza can not only warm the belly but the hands while you are waiting for the bus or train. Thus, find the nearest pizza joint and order a slice of cheesy gooey heaven to comfort your heart and soul.
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The Key to Data-Driven Digital Transformation: Qlik’s 3rd Generation BI Approach

The business intelligence (BI) and analytics landscape has and is continuing to evolve rapidly in Australia. We’re now heading into what’s termed as 3rd Generation BI to help businesses better harness the potential within their data for a competitive edge.  Qlik is at the forefront of this new approach that revolves around a crucial principle, the democratisation of analytics. Here we’ll explore how BI has evolved and what makes Qlik’s 3rd Generation BI platform and approach unique.
Data has always held tremendous value, but for decades, most of that value has remained inaccessible due to technical limits and complexities. The centralised approach of the 1st generation of BI, known as ‘The Ask/Wait/Answer Cycle’, was based on a centralised approach to BI, usually too reliant on a few people within IT that possessed the necessary technical skills, often overworked and under-resourced, and therefore slowed down and diluted the full potential of value from analytics.
With the 2nd-generation of BI, a user-friendly, more decentralised approach to data emerged and eliminated technical complexities and enabled users to freely explore and discover connections within their data. This data discovery approach to BI emphasised data visualisation, self-serve analysis and transformed how users engage with data. But as the technology gained the capacity to analyse more types of data, the need to develop a secure and governed structure to deliver accurate data and reliable analysis also grew.
What has remained steady throughout an era of rapid technological development is Qlik’s pioneering and innovating ethos. The decentralised approach of 2nd generation BI has been the stepping stone to the development of a new wave of BI- the 3rd generation.
3 waves of BI pic
Nonetheless, data literacy has persistently remained an obstacle as insight without action cannot lead to value. As of 2017-2018, only 24% of business users considered themselves to be data-literate in a study conducted by Qlik.
The need for data literacy is crucial, Gartner talk about this in their latest 2019 Analytics & Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant Report, as data is the currency of the digital economy. The ability to extrapolate intelligence and anticipate customer needs to fully capitalise on discoveries requires available data to be accessible and actionable throughout the entirety of an organisation, in turn transforming how a business operates.
The 3rd Generation approach to BI is about bridging this data literacy gap, still enabling users to freely explore data to garner insights in the way they need to but with structure and data governance in place. This is about democratising analytics.  Qlik is one of the BI platforms pioneering this innovative BI approach.
Key to Data Driven Digital Transformation

What makes Qlik’s 3rd generation BI approach truly unique?

The answer lies in the interaction of three innovative technologies as the foundation of Qlik’s 3rd generation BI approach, which also encourages more widespread adoption of analytics across the organisation.  

The three-pronged approach underlying Qlik’s 3rd-Generation BI Platform:

1. The Democratisation of Data

All data and any combination of data is accessible to all users through governed, analysis-ready, enterprise-wide information catalogues. Qlik’s approach enables the creation of an enterprise-wide data schema that fully integrates all your data, from any source, regardless of how big it is or where it’s stored.

2. Associative Indexing Engine – Augmented Intelligence = AI2

Qlik combines the power of machine learning with human intuition, highlighting new insights and accelerating discoveries for users to explore whilst also increasing data literacy and trust. This combination of Associative Index with Augmented Intelligence (AI2) simplifies advanced analytics, eliminates bottlenecks, and elevates data literacy and insights.
Like the unique Associative Indexing technology, Augmented Intelligence combines human interactions with machine identified patterns. The Associative Technology maps associations among all the data, preparing it for analysis and creating meta-data and indexes that represent the data.

3. Embedded Analytics from the Edge to the C-Suite

Qlik’s open and extensible platform allows analytics to be deployed or embedded in a range of environments from enterprise servers to public cloud infrastructure to edge devices and IoT applications. This means analytics enters the streams of daily business processes from edge devices all the way to your core applications within the business.

Why 3rd Generation?

Combined, Qlik’s approach helps businesses extract the most value possible from data for competitive advantage, making it easier to prompt and discover insights and trends within the data, regardless of the level of technical skill of the user. Qlik has managed to strip out the complexity, technical limits, resource bottlenecks and skills gaps that have previously kept analytics out of the hands of business users. A radically different approach that will help achieve data-driven digital transformation and competitive advantage for businesses.  
To find out more, read the full report in this whitepaper, 3rd-Generation BI: Unlocking All the Possibility in Your Data, to discover Qlik’s innovative approach to BI.  

Featured Personal Improvement

2019 is the Year for Change

As 2018 comes to a close and the new year is on the horizon, there may be some dissatisfactions, great or small with how the year may turned out. Maybe those fitness goals you had set at the beginning of the year may have not been met or surpassed, or maybe out of your quota of finances that you wished to save are not as much as hoped or estimated for, or life generally just did not seem to go along with the odds much in favour of you. Either way, the time for mulling over those shortfalls and beating yourself up over your failures has come to a point that it may not be very productive to hold on to. It is time to get up, dust yourself off and steel yourself for a better, more satisfying 2019.
The anecdotal narrative of “new year, new me” may be cliché and overused, but that does not make it any less true. A new year is the perfect opportunity to start over on a clean slate, putting in place better structures that will help you achieve your goals better and generally live a healthier and happier life. Almost like buying a new pen and beginning its use on a fresh page.
So, what are some of the things one may wish look into changing to combat the repeat of failure or dissatisfaction as we hop over into 2019?

Make time for things that make you happy

It is very easy to get caught up in the trappings of a routine life. Doing the same thing over and over again can lead to fatigue and dissatisfaction. This is why one should be willing to make time for things that make you feel alive. Whether it is meeting up with old friends, reading a good book or hiking a nature trail, it is important to do such revitalising activities often enough as they help keep your energies up and thus make you healthier and more productive.

Organise your time

In this day and age of smartphones, your calendar, planner and diary in the palm of your hand. Take note of how you spend your time. Cut down on unnecessary time-wasting activities such as scrolling for hours through social media and instead allocate that time to something more mentally, physically or spiritually stimulating. This will help you be more productive daily.

Rest when you are tired

While we all would love to be productive and active 24/7, we are only human, and so we get tired. Do not hesitate to take some time off when you feel fatigue and burnout kick in. Resting is not a waste of time. On the contrary, it guarantees you better productivity when you get back to your daily activities.

Making better financial decisions

Your financial plan for 2019 should looks something like “Spend less. Save more.” Research has shown that that once you are able to afford your basic needs, more money does not translate to more happiness. So, stop killing yourself with more work hours in order to earn more money in search of more happiness. Instead spend that time building a more holistic life and doing things that you love doing.

Take care of your health

When speaking of health, many people lock it down to exercise and eating more greens. And while physical health is important for a happy life, mental and emotional health are just as important. Therefore, beyond joining a boxing club near you to achieve your fitness goals, and eating 3 regular balanced meals daily, reducing your toxin intake and drinking more water, it is important to reduce stressors in your life by making lifestyle changes, and invest more in all aspects of your health.

Invest more in your relationship with people

With the rise of social media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to form deeply satisfying relationships with the people around us. However, in 2019 you should set aside more time for friends and family. Meet them face-to-face and not over a Skype call. Talk to people more and less to your phone. Your loved ones are an important support system that you must take time to develop in this new year. Establish an 80:20 rule between physical interactions and electronic ones.
So, as you gear up for 2019, the goal is not just to hit the gym, but also to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Write down your goals and slowly, but surely, step forward to achieve them in 2019. Bear in mind, targets are not set to be hit in one goal but to be worked on over time, don’t beat yourself about not completing, but you are working to it and the journey is just as much important as the end goal in this life. The relationships you create should positively impact the journey you are on.
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Automotive Featured

Fuso Announces the Introduction of a Comprehensive Ready-Made Range

The Australian Trucking market has grown considerably since the late nineties, with major truck manufacturing companies moving in to set up shop down under. The options available for trucking companies are immense and anyone planning to establish or scale up a transport and cargo business would be spoilt for choice in this environment.
In the past, it was enough for the truck manufacturers to fabricate products as the orders came in but in recent years, the demand for trucks has risen so fast that the manufacturers cannot keep up. This has resulted in long waiting periods and cancelled orders and disgruntled clients. Due to the changing trucking landscape in the country, the manufacturers have picked a page from the Isuzu Group’s Tradepack brand and started stocking ready-to-go trucks. Clients can now order their trucks, drive them off the lot and begin raking in an income right away. This strategy has had such a boost in sales that every manufacturer is developing it as an option even for heavy-duty trucks.

Fuso Solution

In line with its customer satisfaction ideology, Fuso Australia has taken its time to launch this product range so as to make it right for the client. Time was spent identifying the products and specifications and truck spare parts most Aussies needed. With this in mind, Fuso began working with reliable truck body builders in Australia giving them advance orders so that the products would be ready-to-go when a client walks into the dealership.
The Fuso ‘Built-Ready’ truck range in Australia consists of eight different models that clients can choose from. They fall into two main groups, Canters and Fighters. While most of the truck bodies can be fabricated in the country, the Canter Tippers have to be sourced directly from Japan.

Canter Built Ready Range

The Fuso Canter is a light duty truck with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 3,500 kg to 8,550 kg. It is a versatile truck that can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications and offers up to 30,000 km service intervals. The Canter’s all come equipped with world-class safety features including an exclusive brake priority system that overrides the accelerator and dual airbags for the driver and passenger. They also come with a multimedia SAT/NAV unit that can support 3 reversing cameras and Bluetooth devices. The Canter Built Ready Range includes the following products.

  • The 515 Wide Cab Pantech has two body configuration options depending on the kind of loads the client is interested in transporting. The reinforced fibreglass panelling with a smooth gloss finish is suitable for robust loads while the lightweight honeycomb option is available for clients who those with increased payloads.
  • The 515 Wide and City Cab Alloy Tray models are built to cater for the construction industry and are equipped with mesh-lined headboards, rope rails, split drop sides and independent front suspension with rack and pinion steering that gives you excellent handling. The main difference between the City and Wide Cab is the dimension of the in the body size with the wide cab being considerably longer and wider than the city cab. City Cabs are well suited for maneuvering in residential areas while the wide cab is better for carrying bulky payloads in unrestricted construction sites.
  • The City and Wide Cab Tippers are ready to deliver sand, stone or rock to any site of your choosing. The 615 City Cab Tipper boasts the largest GVM available in a narrow cab light-duty factory tipper and a unique box section chassis that lowers the loading height. The 815 Wide Cab Tipper is robust and comes with an automatic tailgate and drop sides for easy access.
  • The 515 City Cab Refrigerated Body comes with a styrene sandwich panel wall, roof and front construction and can maintain temperatures of between 00 and – 210 C. This truck is excellent for delivering chilled or frozen food to restaurants and supermarkets within the city because it has a narrow body well suited for navigating residential roads.

Fighter Built Ready Range

The Fuso Fighter is a versatile medium duty truck with a GVM of 10,400 kg to 24,000 kg and consists of two truck types, the Tautliner Range and Tipper.

  • The Fighter 1124 Tipper comes with heavy-duty features such as a 5mm 350-grade hardox floor and a 2-way side swing air release tailgate as well as 500mm high sides.
  • The Tautliner Range is available in 10, 12 and 14 pallet configurations with 5, 6 and 7 ratcheting load binders in sliding track respectively.


Fuso Australia is always working with its clients and adapting to the market trends in order to ensure all-round customer satisfaction. Making these Ready-to-go trucks available in the Aussie market is just one of many efforts the company is ready to make for the benefit of its customers.
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Featured General

Uber Has Gotten More Expensive in Sydney

Yes, it’s official in most parts of the world. Uber has been gradually raising prices ever so slowly so that the unsuspecting customer either remains oblivious to the slight price hikes or is so used to using the application the inconvenience of changing is not worth the few extra bucks of the ride.
The explanation behind the gradual price hikes has been put down to operational costs which are fair enough. Who am I to complain, when I am in a consumer’s market and the multitude of options for travel are at my fingertips.
I used to Uber to the airport all the time for the reliability, convenience and general cost-effectiveness of the whole platform.  Due to my work, I have to travel a lot and Uber seemed like a logical choice over a taxi and getting my poor wife to drop off and pick me up in the wee hours of the morning or night.
If you are like me and travel to the airport a few times a week you might like to consider one of my recent discoveries of convenience. A park n fly service.
The park n fly service I use is great. I jumped in my car, which I barely get to drive, being away so much and living in the city, and drive myself to the airport with my music thumping, pumping me up for the day ahead.
When I arrive at the airport it’s simply a matter of dropping my car off to the valet who greets me with a smile and parks my car in a safe location and uncover if I choose that option. He will then ask me if I would like any services done to my car while I’m out of town. They provide services like a cut and polish or a full detail, so my rig is looking at its finest when I do eventually make the trip back.
A shuttle then zooms me off to my terminal and I’m good to go, ready to check in and board my plane. It’s that easy. The cost of an Uber ride to and from the airport is almost equivalent to me parking my car there and leaving it in the safe confines of my park and fly service. There is 24 hr security so I know my car will be safe the whole time I’m away. They also offer specials and deals for frequent travellers such as me, such deals or parking or other detailing services they provide.
I don’t mind admitting that I’m one of those late bloomers and later I found out that many of my colleagues have been using these services for a long time. I get excited when I get the opportunity to tell my associates about it and I’m usually greeted with the puzzled look of “You’ve only just heard about this?” One day I will get to inform someone who is yet to discover the park and fly service – but until then I will keep trying!
On my return, there is a shuttle waiting for me that will take me directly to my car. I usually get the detail because I love coming home to a clean car almost as much as I love coming home to my wife and kids. Hahaha.
So, the price hikes may have hit our beloved Uber, but this has left a gap in the market for a completely different service that caters for the frequent traveller such as me. The transition was easy actually. I was complaining to the wife about the price of getting home from the airport one night and within 20 minutes she had shown me a park and fly website. She’s a clever cookie and I value her opinion, so I thought I would give it a try.
We booked and the rest was history. Uber you served me well for airport transit a number of years and I would still probably use it around town for small journeys if I didn’t feel like driving or had a few too many beers under the belt.
But as far going to and from the airport Uber have lost me. Not just due to the price hikes, but service in general. My park and fly service gives me way more bang for my buck and we all know how hard it is to make a buck and support a family.
Hands down the park and fly service has won me over for the many reasons I have mentioned above. I am thankful in a way that Uber did jack up the prices or I would have never discovered the park and fly service. Well, my wife would never have discovered it. Either way, it’s made my life a heck of a lot more manageable and I have no hesitations in recommending it to all the frequent flyers out there.

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The Secrets to Cool Braids

Depending on where you come from and what hair texture you have, braiding could an exotic, complicated wonder … or something you do every day before bed. If you’re unfamiliar with hair texture, it’s usually classed from 1 to 4, with letters A to C. Type 1A hair is fine, straight hair, what is considered stereotypically Caucasian. 4C hair is thick and dense with tight, interlocking, zig-zag curls, i.e. the stereotypical African afro. These are just general indicators, because Europeans can have Type 4 hair and Africans can have Type 1 hair.
Your texture is a mix of genes and environment. Most people think straight, fine hair is the best kind, so lots of hair treatments are developed to achieve that result. These include hair relaxers and heat-based straighteners. You can also wear wigs or attach hair extensions / weaves to create the illusion of fine, straight tresses. However, thick, curly hair holds braids better, because their surfaces are less slippery.
For girls with naturally curly textures, braids can stay neat for several weeks. Finer hair pulls loose from braids, so they don’t keep well. Plus, when your hair is that fine, you don’t have enough traction for fine braids, so it has to be loose and lagging. You could add extensions to it, for thickness and grip, which could make your braids stay prettier for longer. There are other considerations though. For example, the weight of hair extensions can tug fine hair and lead to breakage, especially at the ‘edges’ (hairline at your temple).

Clean parting

In countries like Kenya, cornrows are part of schoolgirl uniform. From ages 5 to 15 (nursery and primary school), girls mostly braid their hair into cornrows. Grown-ups wear cornrows too, but the adult version is more embellished. Schoolgirls are restricted – by their schools – to have their cornrows running from front to back in straight lines. Younger girls may be allowed a pussycat (pigtails), or pineapple (ponytail)with beads.
Adults will generally have curved styles and patterns with ‘hair piece’ (extensions) attached for added length. Kids can have these elaborate hairstyles during school holidays. Because ‘lines’ – as they are called – can be extremely fine, parting becomes really important. Hairdressers usually charge by the number of lines you want. Schoolgirl lines are between ten and fifteen. Adult lines can be curved and coiled, or they can be used as the base for weaves and extensions that are stitched onto the lines.
The neatness (and longevity) of lines and regular (box braids) is driven by carefully parting. Your hairdresser will use a comb to pull fine individual lines into clean partings, creating patterns where the hair contrasts bare scalp. The scalp is usually oiled to make it shiny and reduce dandruff. Individual hairs are pulled tight to keep the lines neater for longer. When your hair roots grow out, your lines get loose and it’s time to braid again. Using hair extensions in the braid can keep the braids tighter as well, because the extensions are coarser and offer more friction than your own hair.

Moisturise your scalp

To keep box braids neat, part the hair in equal portions following grid-like patterns. Remember that your scalp will show through your braids (at least for the first few weeks), so if you part haphazardly, your braids won’t be as neat. Avoid braiding the baby hairs at the front, because they break easily. Instead, you can gel into pretty coils, protecting them while keeping them flat against your scalp. Spritz some water to moisten the baby hair, add some gel, then shape it with an old toothbrush or fine nail brush.
Similarly, oil the exposed scalp between your braids to keep them neat. You can do this every two or three days. The duration of your braids is up to you. Some girls prefer to undo their braids daily, while others can keep them in for a week. In Kenya, some ladies wear braids for a month or more. To keep them fresh and pretty, they go to the hairdresser for ‘repair’. This is re-braiding the first three or four rows at the front, back, and sides so your hair looks freshly braided.  You can wash your braids as well, to reduce dust and oil build-up.
Braid spray is another handy tip. It keeps your hair from looking dry and flaky. When you first braid (or repair) your hair, your scalp can feel really tight and heavy. You might even develop pimples of your braids are too tight. But the tighter and finer your braids, the longer they’ll last, so you have to choose between comfort and duration. To ease the discomfort, run cold water on your scalp. The tightness will ease after a few days and become more bearable.

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Tips to Keep Your Home Germ Free

Germs! We all hate germs. They spread disease and infection and can be potentially dangerous to humans. But what are germs? The word germ is a broad term for the micro bacteria, fungi, and viruses that attached themselves to hosts and have the potential to make them sick and that is why it’s of the utmost importance to keep your home clean and germ-free. Obviously cleaning thoroughly is a good solution but sometimes isn’t quite enough to keep germs at bay. In this post, we take a look at some hints and tips to keep your home free of germs and safe for you and your family.

Wash Your Hands

An obvious one is to wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day. Always use soap and dry your hands. Hand sanitisers will do the job adequately if you’re out and about and don’t have access to facilities to wash your hands. It seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many cases of the flu could have avoided by people correctly washing their hands. School children as cute as they are notorious for this and are little germ carrier. So, educate your child early and do your part for society.


Wiping things down thoroughly with antibacterial soap will also help keep the germs at bay. This should be done often in all rooms of the house to avoid germs from getting the best of you. This goes for everything including remote controls, benches, light terminals, and keyboards. Wipe down anything that has contact on a regular basis. There are various natural products on the market that will kill the germs without being harmful to your family.
Or better yet. Get a professional cleaner in who has all the skills and equipment to give your house a thorough clean, saving you time and giving you peace of mind in the long run. Setting a regular clean once or twice a week is simple and takes the burden off you. It will also free up valuable time to be spent with loved ones instead of fighting germs.

Clean Your Cleaning Tools

This is one that people neglect all the time. If your cleaning tools are old and tarnished, you can probably bet that they are riddled with germs. It’s important to change cloths and scrubbers on aa regular basis to ensure you’re contributing to the germ problem rather than solving it. Always designate your cloths, sponges, and scrubbers to specified areas. You’re not going to use something to wipe up the floor on your benches, are you? Simple common sense has to kick in and will help aid you in your battle against the germs.

Wash Your Bedding

Materials from bedding and pillow covers have the potential to collect germs. So, it’s imperative that you wash them on a regular basis. Your sheets should be washed at least twice a week for your own comfort and peace of mind. Cushions on couches should also be washed frequently depending on the volume of usage.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a haven for germs because germs love moisture. Try to keep your bathroom dry by using bathmats and ensuring that you dry off in the shower. The less moisture the better. Always ensure that your bathroom sink is in pristine condition and your toothbrushes and other bathroom utensils are stored correctly in a sealed vessel.
Your toilet is a germ magnet due to the things that it has to endure. Keeping your toilet clean is detrimental in fighting off germs. Always have the lid down when flushing to prevent germs from becoming airborne and into the lungs of innocent bystanders. There are many products on the market that can be installed into the cistern or around the flushing area that release antibacterial cleaning agents into your toilet to help keep it germ-free.
Cleanliness seems to be the key element in keeping your home germ free and safe from viruses and diseases. If you lead a busy life and you don’t have time to clean don’t hesitate to call in the professionals and let them take care of the problem for you.
If you do choose to do it yourself don’t forget to change your cleaning tools on a regular basis and use antibacterial products to kill the germs. Try use products containing natural ingredients to avoid toxins and other nasties. Keeping your home germ free is a daily battle that can be one using these simple tricks and tips as mentioned above. Good luck.

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Bedroom colour palettes that are hot right now

Your bedroom should be the one part of your house that you are most comfortable in. It is the last room you are in everyday and the walls are usually the first thing you see when you wake up. This is why more people are paying added attention to their bedroom décor, with colours taking centre stage to create the most relaxing environment.
Different shades are put together with the furnishings and the bedding in a bid to turn the boudoir into either the most restful or the most romantic place in the house. The results usually let you know what the person was going for.If you are looking to improve the appearance of your bedchamber, we have put together several colour palettes that are hot in 2018. These schemes are will work with different agendas to add a vibrancy to your otherwise underwhelming room. Here are some of the choices.

Fresh with teal and shades of blush

This look incorporates a bit of everything and injects an air of freshness into your bedroom. For it to work, it uses everything from the bed, to the carpeting, the paint in the walls and even the choice of duvets and pillow cases. It has used jewel tones of teal on the throw pillows and the art to set off the greys on the bench. The walls are a cool white and the duvets are in different shades of blush to keep the room looking light. You can even put in a plant to add a touch of green.

Play around with chocolate

Chocolate automatically turns any room into a warm inviting space. When used as a base for decorating, the dark hues are usually offset with brighter colours such as salmon pink and dusky shades of blush. To make the transition between dark and vivid seamless, neutral colours such as beige and grey are added. These are usually used on throw rugs and the pillows with the salmon pink, or any other bright colour, coming in with the bedspread. The chocolate is usually on the bed itself, with certain brands such as the Memphis collection offering a base for décor thanks to the chocolate and walnut coloured bed, bedside tables, and the storage drawers. You can add a light fixture to the room to give it a masculine touch and tie the look together.

Add a bit of turquoise

This is one of the looks that seem to tread on the bold side, while remaining soothing. It is meant for people that are not afraid to try new things and want walls that draw the eye. The walls are painted deep shade of teal to give the room a certain air of class while at the same time setting the tone for the rest of the decor. Adding rose coloured bedding and a splash of dusty coloured art works in contrast with the teal to give the room a romantic yet refined feel. This type of décor works especially well with modern furniture, for instance the Montecarlo range where the design and lacquered surfaces reflect the deep teal. Chrome profiles are also at home here. A couple of marble coloured throw pillows and a turquoise throw rug add a bit of texture and bring the entire theme together.

Make it princess pink

Every little girl at some point has dreamt of having a pink bedroom, either from the many movies they watched as a child or picking it up from a friend’s room during a sleepover. You can use pink to create a lush yet vivacious look for your bedroom that incorporates shades of white to create a soft feminine room. For this to work, the walls, the curtains, window frames, and the carpeting are all coloured white.  A pink bedspread and throw are added to offset the white. Alternating beige and light coloured browns on the pillows will break the monotony of the pink and the white. Instead of a bench you can add a loveseat, a bit of elegant lighting, and a large mirror to complete the look.

Mix greens with a bit of grey

This is a colour scheme that is designed to be contemporary and couple-friendly. It turns what is traditionally a minimalist outlook into a stylish and elegant end product. A sage green is used on the walls to give the room a certain outdoorsy feel. Ash coloured rugs and curtains add the contemporary aspect especially when used with modern lighting. Brocade fabrics are used on the pillows to bring in a vibrant dash of colour and white bedding is used so that they do not appear too garish. Mixing patterns bring in some much needed personality.
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