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9 Reasons Why You Should Improve Relationship with Your Family

Your family does not just include those who are biologically related to you. If you consider anyone as a family, then he/she too becomes a member of your family. Families that are not biologically related have .in so many cases displayed a bond much stronger than even those with blood relations. What then is the importance of improving a relationship with your family?

Stronger Family Bond

For a family to be healthy and strong, you need to develop an emotional closeness with other members of the family. Improving relationship with your family requires you to spend time with your family. Through undertaking many fun and essential activities together, you will get to develop an intense emotional connection. As a family, you will feel closer to each other and thus more open to communication.

Better Academic Performance

The building of a good Academic performance of your child is something that starts in Kindergarten, not high school. Strong family relations involve helping your children with homework and showing genuine interest in your child’s academic performance. From kindergarten, you get to let your child know that they get more attention and reward for good academic performance. A great foundation is what it takes for a child to reach academic heights even when in college.

Greater Self Confidence

Children who spend much more time with their parents tend to develop higher levels of self-esteem. A child who doesn’t spend much time with parents might blame it on himself with feelings of inadequacy. A parent can encourage a child of his potential, and it could be a massive boost to confidence that he/she will carry for the rest of his /her life. Many adults with confidence issues can trace it back to absent or abusive parents when they were kids.

Healthy Long Lasting Marriage

Improving relationship with your family involves spending more time with your partner. This will, in turn, help your marriage get back on track. You will now have what it takes to make the relationship long-lasting. Communication will ensure that you and your partner have a happy and healthy marriage.

Less Behavioural Problems

Behavioural problems have roots in poor family relationships. A child acts out since he/she can’t express his/her frustrations in any other way. Good family relationships create good communication channels where the child can express himself/herself freely. Teenagers with poor family relationships with their parents face a lot of difficulties and end up engaging in risky behavior. If your children learn how to talk about their problems, they will most likely carry on the habit into adulthood.


Human beings all need to feel needed and cared for. Kids are no different; they actually tend to need this more than adults. Meeting your child’s emotional needs is a critical factor in how they turn out as adults. By improving the relationship with your family, you will be much more capable of showing your children the love and appreciation they crave as well as deserve. Your children will develop a sense of belonging that will, in turn, make them much happier. As a family member, you need to be active in contributing to the family so it may function at its best.

Less Chance of Drug Abuse

When the emotional needs of a family member are not met, they tend to seek out other forms of satisfaction. It is easier for this family member to be pressured by peers to engage in risky behavior such as drug abuse. Recent studies have shown that children who spend more time with their families are much less likely to engage in drug abuse. Teenagers who can’t work through their problems are frustrated and will most likely seek artificial highs. The presence of an understanding parent will make a teen feel neither the urge nor the need for indulgence in drug abuse.

Pass on Good Parenting Skills

Children are psychologically mapped to follow what their parents do. What you do to your children is most likely what they will do to their children. Improving relationship with your family has a multiplier effect that can extend for generations. As adults, some actually have enough willpower to overthrow this psychological impact, but most find themselves somewhat unconsciously modeling their parents’ actions. If you teach your children to behave, they will even try to share this information with other members of the family. You will often hear a child repeating what their parents said to other children.

Increased Chances of Success

If you think that taking your child to a good school is enough to propel him to success, you should think again. The success of any member of your family is directly linked to the healthiness of family relationships. It is a healthy family relationship that can create a conducive environment for a family member to pursue and accomplish. When there is a positive atmosphere at home, each family member has a greater chance of reaching their potential and supporting other members to do the same. According to Zig Ziglar, good family relationships also have a significant role to play in your personal success.
The Huffington Post stated that 67% of people defined their success as excellent relationships with friends and family. The benefits of improving the relationship with your family are endless; this list, however, gives you an idea of what you are missing out if you have sick family relationships.
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8 Tips for Healthy and Strong Family Relationships

Family Featured

8 Tips for Healthy and Strong Family Relationships

Family always comes. First, this is a mantra sung by most people but is hardly ever in practice especially in the 21st century. With how busy our lives have become, it’s easy to lose touch with those we call family. Nuclear and extended families of people who are biologically related are what comes to the minds of most people when they think of the term family. However, the family doesn’t really have to include any biological relations. A family doesn’t have to be a blood relative, it can be defined as anyone a person may consider to be his/her family. Considering someone to be part of your family, is among the highest honors and affection someone can show you. How then can you improve the relationship with your family?

Take Care Of Yourself

While this could be a very broad term, its meaning is rather simple. If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of others? Other family members will have to take care of you if you can’t take care of your finances but for how long? If you don’t watch your diet and eat healthily, think of what it could do for your family. Couples have been reported to lose interest in each other when they stopped keeping their bodies fit and healthy. What about the expenses to be incurred if you are diagnosed with diabetes. To have strong and healthy family relationships, you need to ensure that you take care of yourself for your family and for your own good.

Be Mindful About Your Relationships

Take some time to reflect on the relationships you have in your life. Try and think of all the things that you love about every relationship. This will help you become more patient and forgiving in your relationships and create a stronger bond with the important people in your life. By meditating on the positives, you pay less attention to the negatives, and you are reminded to nurture and cater to your relationships.

Make Time for Them

You are bound to regret losing the important people in your life. If you don’t make time for them, this is what will happen. Just a few hours a week can tremendously help improve the relationship with your family. Regardless of the type of family relationship you need to be able to make time for them. No matter what we achieve in life, it’s hard to enjoy it, if we can’t share it with the people most important to us. It is recommended to spend at least five hours every week, doing something with your partner. Chores won’t count, you need to spend quality time with your partner without chores or children. Some couples use this time to go to a movie or perhaps a hike.

Nurture Fondness and Admiration with Your Partner

It is easy to be distracted by personality flaws and your partner’s annoying habits. It is a recommendation by experts that you nurture your fondness and admiration towards your partner to have a healthy long lasting relationship. Many good marriages deteriorate because of the lack of nurturing. You need to remind yourself why you love your partner, time and time again to ensure that your relationship stays strong.

Try and Have frequent Family Dinners

A recent study of 18000 teenagers showed that those who had regular family dinners were less likely to engage in substance abuse and delinquency. This proves that just spending a little more time with your children could have a huge and positive impact on their lives. The importance of family dinners is a concept that has gotten a lot of attention from the media and for a good reason. Its dinner, what do you have to lose?

Be Playful

You are never too old to play; you can utilize it as a means to improve the relationship with your family. A child’s primary form of learning, communication, and expression is through play. It does have its benefits to adults. It is a very effective form of bonding and stress relief for children as well as adults. Embracing the spirit of play is most times exactly what is missing in adult relationships.


While we all love surprises, it’s not always the case especially if it’s not an actual present. Children love routines they like it when they know what to expect. Adults too that’s why we have what we call time-tables and schedules. Making up a good routine will ensure you take proper care of your children’s needs. Kids, too, become less unruly if what is happening is routine. A night-time routine could involve a bath, stories, songs, and good night kisses.


Always find a way to show your partner how much you appreciate them. It doesn’t have to always have to be huge, just a simple token of appreciation will do. This will show your partner that he/she is valued. Don’t let the good deeds or achievements of your children go unrewarded, even if it is through a simple statement of recognition. Do it in front of the others for maximum impact.
These tips are not entirely exhaustive, but they do give you an idea of what you need to do to improve the relationship with your family. Following these tips could dramatically change your family relationships for the better. To get more information on the topic you can easily find books that can expand your knowledge.
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Home-Staging Tricks to Lighten Up Dark Spaces

If you are looking for some simple tricks to brighten up dark rooms and spaces that lack sunlight in your home, this post is for you. We all know that dark spaces can have an impact on our mood and it is well known that bright rooms make us feel happier and vibrant but major renovations can be time-consuming and expensive. Still, if your home has minimal natural light and feels more like a cave in some parts, you probably want to do something about it to prevent your place from appearing smaller and looking cramped and moody.
If you are eager to learn a little about interior design tricks and want to brighten up your home in a quick and easy manner, we have put together seven beginner tips and advanced ideas for creating light spaces and maximising what you already have. If you are tight on a budget keep in mind, there are a lot of great furniture rental places, which offer furniture pieces for a price that is easy on the wallet and a great way to try out something new and lend a finishing touch to your home’s makeover.


Mirrors hung across the largest window in your room will double the amount of sunlight in the room as the more shiny surfaces are added, the more light will be reflected back. Mirrors can also be hung directly opposite each other to create a certain depth that enlarges the room. If you intend to make a short hallway look longer, place a large mirror at the end.


Neutral colours such as grey and mushroom will make a room that lacks insufficient daylight look brighter as the paint reflects light and doesn’t absorb it. Light colours are a great contrast if you have dark wooden floors or doors. When you paint your walls new also keep in mind that glossy paint will create a glare, whereas matt surfaces reflect light in every direction.


If you have a dark room but like heavy furniture, try to keep the items down to a minimum. Heavy furniture will make the room feel darker and smaller than it actually is, hence chose your pieces carefully and maybe add a couple of lighter pieces to the set to create a more spacious looking room.

Light colour scheme

Opt for a white or neutral colour scheme when painting and decoration your room.  You can also paint the ceiling white to help light reflect back into the room. The more lighter colours you use, the more spacious and bright your room will look like. Using hues of white will also make your home appear clean and crisp.


A sophisticated approach of adding light to a dark space is installing lamps that shine down onto the walls. This is also a nice way to highlight details such as cabinets or decorative standing tables to make them a focal point of the room. Table lamps also work well on windowsills and shelves as they cast indirect light across the room


Dark wooden floors are as popular as they are beautiful in contemporary homes but drain a lot of light. To fix this matter you can add a rug in a brighter tone as an excellent statement piece but also help bring light into the room. A nice patterned rug will break up the darkness and look sharp against dark flooring and heavy furniture.


Even in rooms with little sunlight, plants make a great decoration. Not only will they light an area but come in different colours to extend the colour scheme of your interior décor. Plants like orchids or bromeliads bring light and life to any room and are also great space breakers.
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Winter is a Great Time to Renovate your Pool or Get a Whole New One

Featured Home and Garden

Winter is a Great Time to Renovate your Pool or Get a Whole New One

When winter creeps on in and you’re huddled indoors around the fireplace, your beloved backyard pool is sitting dormant and lonely yearning for someone to splash, frolic in and make good use of it. This makes it the perfect time to renovate or install a pool, ready for the warm summer weather. Make good use of your time spent indoors over the winter and plot, plan, and put into action your pool plans for the summer. Whether your pool needs maintenance, an aesthetic upgrade or you’re going the whole hog and getting a brand new one, winter is the perfect time to implement these plans, for a variety of reasons. In this post, we will tell you why! It’s time to get ready for summer.
If you require renovations, winter is the best time to do it. For many reasons, obviously the first being that the pool is not in use, so no one is going to be hanging out to take a dip, asking when the pool fixers will be finished. The second reason is winter is the slow season. You might find that you are able to score yourself a bargain, whether you’re buying a new pool or simply getting renovations done. Pool contractors often offer discounts on labour and materials. Pool equipment such as pumps and filters are usually on sale in the slow period to promote more sales. So, while you are cooped up inside your house, have a browse around and see if you can pick up some bargains.
Due to winter being the slow season, the contractors will be more readily available, and will more than likely be able to finish your renovations a lot quicker and save you some money. Generally, in summer months, pool contractors are stretched quite thin, running back and forth from job to job doing little bits at a time. Get it done in winter to avoid a long drawn out process.
If you are installing a brand new pool, winter is the ideal time. Installing a pool can be a lengthy process and if a contractor can focus solely on your pool, the installation will take half the time. Also, as I said earlier, a lot of contractors offer winter discounts, so save yourself some time and money.
It’s also a great time to give your pool a makeover. The following are a few ideas to give your pool a makeover during winter, so that when it comes to summer, your pool will become an aquatic wonderland for you and your family to splash around in.

Pool Lighting

There’s something magical about swimming around at night time. So, get your pool ready for those after dark swims with some super cool LED lighting. There is an extensive range on the market. My favourite is the LEDs that can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. You can control the colour, duration, and schedule at the touch of a button. LED lighting looks amazing and will brighten up your backyard at night time and entice people into the pool. Get your backyard ready for pool parties with friends and family.

Water Features

Water features can turn an average pool into a thing a beauty. Not only do you get the aesthetic benefits, you also get the soothing tones of running water, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your backyard. I simply love going to sleep with the soothing sounds of running water in the background. Water features can be as simple or as intricate as you like and range in price depending on how far you want to go. It’s best to have a look online for some inspiration and take your ideas to your pool contractor.

Automate Your Pool System

There are a range of pool systems (i.e. filters and pumps) on the market that pretty much do the work themselves. Once you set the schedule via the app, you can forget about it and free up time. The systems work via Wi-Fi and are completely autonomous. Some of the apps available can even analyse your water parameters and provide a detailed report on what chemicals you need to add to ensure your water is safe for swimming. Obviously, you will need to add the chemicals yourself, but there is no need for calculations; the app does it all for you.

Resurfacing Your Pool

If your pool is in need of a resurface, winter is the perfect time to drain it and get the contractors in. A leaking pool can cause all sort of problems to your backyard flora and fauna and cause erosion. It can be a costly process, so try to get some sort of discount during the slower season.
While you are freezing cold, dreaming of the summer, get your pool in tip-top order and make those summer dreams a reality. Turn your backyard pool area into an exciting, inviting and enticing place so that you, your family and friends can enjoy your pool and make the most of summer.
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How to Go Subtly Darker for Winter

Ready for a hair change but don’t want too big a change? Winter is a great time to go a little bit darker, as the colours often match our winter clothing choices. A subtle change is often a better choice than a big change. People get a little bit weirded out if you go from bright blonde to brunette, or red to deep purple. If you go with a subtle change then you can learn towards more brunette later if you’re really feeling it, or go back lighter again easily if you decide it’s not really your thing.
But how do you go subtly go darker? Here we take a look at a few different techniques that can give you a little bit of change in your hair life.

Darken up your roots

The ombre look is still in, so that means no one really needs to be pedantic about covering up their roots when their lighter colour is growing out. If you’re a blond, instead of getting your roots done the same colour, ask your hairdresser instead to try a graduated, darker colour. This will soften up your dye line and allow you to have dark roots. You can then either let this grow out more, keep it the same, or go back to lighter after if you wish.

Darker underneath

Many people choose to get streaks via lowlights on the underside of their hair, instead of the usual highlights on top (although you can do this at the same time). Adding in brunette streaks underneath will see this colour peeping out when you have your hair out, or provide a really interesting look if you have it swept up in a pony or topknot. After putting streaks in underneath, next time you can start adding them in up top if you’re loving the brunette, let them grow out if you’re not really digging it, or put in more highlights underneath to phase them out again.

Just go a shade or two darker

Prefer an all over dye job? Instead of going full on dark, simply ask your hairdresser to see what you colour would be a shade or two darker than it is currently. You’ll find that you might notice a big difference in your colour but friends and family might be like, “Have you changed something about yourself?”. Because it’s a subtle change, it’s an easy way to see whether you do actually like things a little bit darker or not.

Use a rinse

Not committed to going brunette? Why not try out a rinse for a non-permanent change? While these colours don’t last long and don’t have a very striking effect, they’re a good way to have a little bit of a change from your everyday colour without locking yourself into something that you end up stuck with.
There are plenty of way to go subtly darker over winter and these are just some of them. If you’re still looking for ideas, then it’s a good excuse to head to the hairdresser and ask for their professional opinion. A principal colourist is a great person to ask for ideas, particularly if the salon regularly competes in events. They’ll be up to date with all the latest fashions and techniques and will be able to direct you towards what might work particularly well on your hair. You’ll be able to learn the cost for each too. Different shades of brunette work with different colourings, too, so make sure to have a browse around the internet and see which colours might work best for your hair, skin tone, and current wardrobe, too!

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Korea’s Rising Stocks to Watch

South Korea is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant economies in the globe. With the world’s fastest broadband speeds, and a strong digital economy across commerce, education, entertainment and government, it is one of the world’s most technologically advanced economies. Despite an inherent hindrance to doing physical business due to their complex immigration system, it is a lucrative market if you are interested in international share trading. It goes without saying that in the digital age we live in, you do not have to have your two feet planted on Korean soil to do so, you can do so from anywhere in the world.

South Korea comes with a plethora of opportunities due to their free trade agreements, grants and tax breaks which boost investing from overseas. Local businesses are not left out of the banquet, enjoying advantages such as subsidies on costs of industrial premises and a financial helping hand with expenses for start-ups. This amplified by a vast domestic market with sophisticated consumers driving demand. With a geographical advantage of proximity to the huge markets of China and Japan and an established a global FTA network that connects U.S., ASEAN and EU the world has definitely taken to it without reservation, for over half of the Global Fortune 500 companies have invested in Korea.

As if that is not enough, worth notable mention, the “Korean Wave”, a name ascribed to the growing popularity of all things Korean. Everything from fashion and couture, cosmetics and beauty, film, music to cuisine, has been largely gaining acclaim all corners of the world.  The name “K-pop” resonates worldwide, as the colourful pop genre with its genesis in South Korea continue to spread across the world like wildfire.  This worldwide Korean cultural popularity creates unprecedented business potentials for one who is looking to diversify their portfolio and to tap into one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Korea can provide access to some of the leading companies at the forefront of growth and technological innovation, being already competitive in shipbuilding, electronics and fast-growing automotive industries. Among the already powerful stock giants hailing from the Korean nation include international technology powerhouse Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors, Lumimicro, Seojin System, Ssangyong Motor, Semicon Light, Posco and Pan Entertainment, just to name a few. Moving to the some of the emerging stocks, Korea is by far the cheapest market in Asia and has the strongest earnings tailwinds. One industry to look at is Healthcare, with what was dubbed as “the biggest potential” for growth in Asia by said Kim Jae-Hyun, a fund manager at Mirae Asset whose healthcare fund made 64 percent in 2017.”In 2018, some healthcare companies, especially those that can export their technology, could be targeted,” Kim said. Celltrion Inc., which soared 81 percent this year, produces FDA-approved drug Remsima, a biosimilar of Johnson & Johnson’s blockbuster Remicade.

A similar expected growth is being seen in Cosmetics as well, Sam Le Cornu, co-head of Asian equities at Macquarie Investment Management in Hong Kong, said Korean healthcare and cosmetics companies are “very-high quality and robust in terms of their margins and earnings power.
Seoul’s rally has been driven by tech stocks like Samsung Electronics (up 53% last year; LG Electronics (066570.Korea), up 71%; and SK Hynix (000660.Korea), up 74%, while other names like cosmetic brand owners like Amorepacific (090430.Korea) and LG Household & Health Care (051900.Korea)—as well as Korea Kolmar (161890.Korea) and Cosmax (192820.Korea), which make ingredients for global cosmetics players—have been among the laggards.

SK Hynix, the second-largest memory chip player in the world behind Samsung, is a big favourite among analysts. Another analyst favourite is Hotel Shilla (008770.Korea), which runs a chain of upscale hotels as well as duty-free shops. Growth in tourism and improving margins are helping Shilla’s bottom line, notes Cara Song, Nomura’s consumer analyst in Seoul. Song has a KRW110,000 price target for Shilla, a 56% upside.

These are among the rising stocks to watch in Korea performance last year. With big gains set for this year’s first and last two quarters. These are just among the few among the stocks to watch in Korea, which are critical if you are interested in investing in offshore stock trading.

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Living room colour palettes for winter

Once the mercury starts to drop, we find ourselves retreating indoors with a nice cup of tea and a good book, cuddled into a blanket in the intimate surrounding of our living room. To make our home more inviting during the season of grey skies with the cold rain splashing against the windows, some of us love to use the change of weather to restyle our interior with seasonal flowers and winter decoration to channel cosiness into our four walls and create a comfy refuge. Winter warming your house using relaxing, sophisticated colours and decors can be a soothing task and brings more personality into your home.
Dry branches and pinecones are great elements to decorate shelves, tables and windowsills for the dark season. Arrange a couple of candles around them for a warm and cosy light source to illuminate the room as you want to maximize light as much as possible during the period of short days. When it comes to making your living room more homely, décor and accessories can go a long way but don’t forget about the smells of the season, as they are important too. A fragrant bowl of potpourri that emits a wintery scent placed on your coffee table or mantel can make a stunning centrepiece.
Getting your living room all seasonal by applying a fresh new coat of paint just for the cold season might be a bit over the top for some, but especially for people who rent their home, wall decals are the perfect winter décor solution as they are easy to apply and not as permanent as paint. Wall decals come in a broad variety of designs such as snowflakes, stars, leaves or deer and make great winter patterns. So how about adding some decorative snowflakes as a focal point around the Aria armchairs in the corner or make your Francesca lounge a centrepiece in your living room by placing a winter themed wall decal above it?
Amongst other shades, this year’s colour trend in interior design is copper and brass, which can be used in candleholders and picture frames. Using metallic colours will add a little sparkle and extravagant lavishness to your living room and also reflect nicely in mirrors when a candle is lit. Furthermore, the colour palette of this winter is introducing rich and deep colours such as berry, charcoal and navy. The trendy hues can be used to avoid the winter blues by adding some pep to neutral spaces with blankets thrown over your Italian leather lounge, fresh flowers, cushions, centrepieces and more. Berry colours such as plum, cherry and raspberry are now used to create a luxurious living room and will give accents to cushions and snuggly quilts. Especially when paired with metallic colours, rich berry shades will work well for a chic and cosy scheme.
The monochrome theme of last year is now replaced by deep black and blue schemes paired with a crisp white for a stylish and contemporary look. Navy blue is a favourite this year and a must for your living room’s colour palette. The dark hue of blue goes with almost any colour whilst being elegant and timeless. Navy blue is often chosen instead of black and can be used as a neutral colour or as an accent to spice up the living room with style while at the same time adding a relaxing feel. Dark hues will give a living room a cosy and intimate atmosphere and when crisp glassware is displayed nicely, the bright white tableware will stand out against the darker shades and give off a certain sparkle like snowflakes.
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