Rohit Puri Posted on 10:17 am

Choosing the best stone tiles for your home

The floor space offers an incredible opportunity to come up with unique interior designs. From wood to stone, flooring options are innumerable. For years stone tiles have been a popular flooring selection for homeowners. They offer both beauty and durability. However, many homeowners are spoilt for choice and variety is often a complicated process. Therefore, understanding each type of stone tile is essential in making the right decision. It’s essential to consider the price, aesthetic appeal, durability and maintenance of a stone tile before laying it in your home. Fortunately, most stone flooring options have been tried, and tested and reliable reviews can give a rough idea of which stone will serve you well.

Granite Tiles

Durability, texture and affordability are names that are used to describe granite tiles. Granite is an igneous rock formed after exposure to immense heat and pressure. The formation process explains the durability of the rock. Granite tiles are resistant to wear and tear. The tiles do not accrue scratches. Well-sealed granite tiles are also resistant to water damage. A granite floor is certain to last for years, with minimal to no maintenance required. Moreover, granite tiles come in bolder colours and refined textures. Granite is a practical and quality flooring solution.

Marble Tiles

When it comes to looks, no stone beats marble. The metamorphic rock is named after it’s unique shine and elegant look. In construction, marble is installed on entryways and waiting areas where attention is guaranteed. The tiles come in different tones, and each piece has its unique qualities. The tile is known for its unique streaks and various colour tones. The streaks are formed from impurities during its metamorphism and vary both in size and colour. It’s important first to place marble tiles on the floor and assess the appearance before having them installed. The beauty of marble comes at a cost. The price of the tiles is often higher than most stone tiles.
Moreover, the tiles have a high maintenance cost. Marble tiles also need to be sealed and cleaned regularly with specialised mild detergent solutions. Nonetheless, marble is undeniably beautiful.

Limestone tiles

Limestone is a durable sedimentary rock that s suited for high traffic areas. Despite their durability, limestone tiles are soft and comfortable on the feet. The tiles feel not only good but also look great. Limestone has a natural, timeless look that blends effortlessly with many interior designs. It can give a modern feel or a traditional look depending on the application. Moreover, limestone tiles are cost effective, offering luxurious appearances at affordable prices.


Slate is a metamorphic rock that has unique characteristics. The tiles come in almost any colour and texture. It has a unique feel and a long lifespan. When installed correctly, the tiles last for decades. However, the stone tends to split due to its softness. To resist damage, the tiles must be installed on a solid surface.
More stone flooring options exist including sandstone, travertine and engineered stone. To make the best selection for stone tiles, look, feel and consult a professional.