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Colours to consider for your new engineered timber flooring

Timber products are a great choice for interiors, as they will not only add value to your home but also natural warmth and ambience to your interior space. This is why you will not be able to go past engineered timber boards if you are thinking about upscaling the flooring of your home. Engineered timber floorboards provide an exceptional stability and durability due to their layers, which are as solid as traditional timber floorboards and can be re-sanded many times. Due to its classic look, homeowners furthermore love the easy installation and low maintenance that comes with such enduring hardwood flooring and interior designers agree that timber will always add character and beauty to any space.
Being the largest surface in your home, choosing the right flooring is extremely crucial, as it will have a big impact on the style of your interior, the mood and atmosphere. It can also turn out to be a daunting task with so many possibilities on the market, but once you have chosen to give your home the classic timber aesthetic we are sure you are one step closer to your dream home.
Flooring is a vital design element of your home and it is, therefore, crucial that you choose a colour and style, which complements the existing interior and does not compete with other statement pieces in a room. When it comes to colour, it is furthermore important for you to think about the overall look you want to achieve with your new flooring and whether you are going to choose multiple finishes to make zones visible in an open-plan home for stunning results or have one colour that extends throughout the house to create a sense of flow.
Furthermore, does flooring have a huge impact on the atmosphere in your house, whether you use lighter colours to create a sunnier and beach house feel, choose grey tones to keep your interior peaceful and cool or want to achieve a natural and rustic feel by going for brown colours. The improvements in manufacturing processes now make it possible for homeowners to access a variety of modern hues in timber flooring. While a classic tone like Sienna is still popular today, the new colours give more freedom and flexibility to create everyone’s dream interior.

We have put together some tips to help you find the perfect colour for your new engineered timber flooring

Blonde floorboards are still traditional in flooring as they match easily with a variety of interior styles. Light floors suit beachy and shabby-chic looks and thanks to the variety of soft shades in each plank, cream-coloured engineered floorboards have appeared in modern homes. Such colours are often chosen for interiors with a contemporary design but can also be found in traditionally furnished homes as the hues emphasize natural lighting and hide scratches well. If you have a room that is rather on the smaller size, just as white walls and large windows will naturally make such room appear larger, so does lighter coloured flooring. To bring a sense of light and roominess to a small space, opt for light or blonde coloured engineered timber boards such as Bistre or Freado.
For a warm and sophisticated look as it is currently the trend in interior design, dark timber flooring in shades of walnut, coffee and mahogany are still in tradition and it is not uncommon to find hues such as Argento or Penza in family homes. A large, wide space usually calls for warmer and darker flooring hues like Otta or Raba. These tones tend to make a big room seem smaller, which makes the space more cosy and intimate. When considering darker shades, be aware that such flooring will possibly show dirt better and will make a tight space feel more enclosed and narrow.
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