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Décor Ideas for Your Granny Flat

Granny flats have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the surging prices rent and owning a home. If you can’t afford to move out, then move into a granny flat! It’s the perfect combination of independence and comfort – but how do you make your little flat feel like a home? We’ve wrapped up a list of some of our favourite décor ideas for styling small spaces such as a granny flat.

Going green

Indoor plants are a fantastic way to improve the air quality around your living space and brighten up a room. Houseplants absorb a certain amount of carbon dioxide, meaning they have a natural ability to clean the air. This is a wonderful benefit to small living spaces in particular, as the cleaning effect will be stronger and more recognisable.
Selecting a variety of indoor plants with different sizes, leaves and pots will add interest to any room. You can really get creative with your choices as there is such a large variety of greenery on offer, so choose a plant that reflects your personality and tastes.
Studies have actually shown that the sight of indoor plants actually improve a person’s mood and reduce their stress levels – which can never be a bad thing!
Lastly, choose an indoor plant that you know you’ll be able to maintain. Many plants only require watering on a weekly or even a monthly basis, which is a wonderful low maintenance option.

Open and airy vs warm and cosy

Small living spaces can be decorated in more ways than you might expect, but it’s a good idea to pick a design theme before purchasing furniture and decorations. A warm and cosy design is perfect for the cooler months – think faux-fur throws, plush cushions and luxurious satin sheets. Dark mahogany colours and wooden textures are perfect for recreating a cosy ski chalet look – you can curl up on the sofa at night with a book and feel like you’re in your own secret haven!
During the hot summer months, you’ll want to give the impression of open, airy spaces – even if your space is limited! This can be achieved with several techniques. Keep colour to a minimum -indoor plants will provide a splash of green, while brassy accents will add a modern luxe touch. An all over bright and white look will create the illusion of a continuing space between the floors and the walls, while sheer curtains will allow the natural light to radiate throughout the room. Keep all fabrics light in colour and thickness – think pure cotton and linen rather than heavy leathers and textiles.

A work of art

Even if a granny flat isn’t your final destination on the property ladder, purchasing some key ornaments and paintings is an investment that you can take with you across a number of homes. Do your research into the artists and styles that best reflect your interior tastes and preferences. Maybe you enjoy and relate to landscape ocean-side paintings, or perhaps an abstract piece has more complex levels for you. Your taste in art might change over time, but it’s important to hang something on the wall that you actually like to look it – so don’t be convinced to take on any hand me downs when it comes to artwork, unless you really like them!
It’s not just wall art that brings a place to life – ornaments and homewares also play a very important part. It can be easy to accumulate a lot of junk over the years, so try and keep your decorations and trinkets to a minimum. That way, you’ll only purchase items that you truly like. A $500 ceramic bowl will last a lot longer on your shelf than a cheap and tacky ornament! Plus, a few key decorations can really tie a room together – especially small spaces in a granny flat. So, next time you’re in a homeware store, make sure you give that “must-have item” some thought before you make an impromptu or lacklustre purchase.

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