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Do You Have Options for Different Colours When Buying A Water Tank?

The simple answer to this question is: “Yes, you do have options regarding colour when buying a water tank.”What most people don’t know when they are buying a water tank is that they have so many options to choose from regarding colour. Traditionally, when one pictures a water tank, the first mental image that you form is of a black or grey tank. In this modern age, your choices don’t have to be limited to these two ‘drab’ colours. While the water tank colour mostly has to do with the aesthetic appeal, different colours serve different purposes when it comes to water tanks. You might find that some colours are better suited for different types of tanks. This guide will cover all the aspects that can guide your decision making regarding your water tank’s colour options.

Is your water tank holding heated water?

Most water tanks that serve household purposes may be holding water that is heated. If this is the case, then you need to go for a colour scheme that will insulate your heated water. Naturally, the climatic conditions outside of your water tank will be much cooler than your desired heated temperature. In such circumstances, nothing beats having a black coloured water tank. A black (or dark) coloured water tank will naturally absorb the sun’s heat if it is placed outdoors. If you are living in a particularly hot area, this can aid in the water heating process. It helps if the tank’s interior is painted white, or any other highly reflective colour. This is the same principle that is applied to thermos flasks that are meant to conserve the heat of the stored liquid.
The opposite colour scheme needs to be adopted if you want a cooler water temperature. A shinier external colour scheme (preferably white or silver) will deflect the sun’s rays and keep the tank’s internal temperatures much cooler during hot weather conditions. This is best used for water that is meant to be used for drinking purposes.

What is your home’s overall colour scheme?

Most people, especially if they own the house they are living with, adopt a certain colour scheme when it comes to their home’s exterior façade. If your tank is placed externally, whether on your property’s grounds or on the roof top, it might clash with the look that you were going for if you don’t customize its painting. When you are ordering your water tank, most reputable vendors will give you several options to choose from when it comes to colour. Choose one that will not clash with the overall colour scheme that you have employed for the rest of your house.

Make your above ground tank blend in with its surroundings

With most people opting to have an above ground water tank, the main challenge comes from the tank ‘standing out’ from the environment that you have placed it in. If your property features a lot of greenery, then you can have it painted green so that it doesn’t stand out as an eyesore on your property. A more wooded area can benefit from having a brown coloured tank. Your water tank doesn’t have to match your home’s colour scheme; it can blend in with the surrounding for a more inconspicuous look. This strategy is quite effective when dealing with much smaller water tanks.

Is your tank located underground?

Usually, it doesn’t cost much to order a water tank that is coloured differently. But for more ambitious colour schemes, you might have to incur a small additional cost. If your tank will be placed underground, then the colour scheme doesn’t matter. This is because the tank’s placement underground will keep it out of sight. You can opt for the ‘default’ colour if your tank will be placed underground.
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