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Expert Tips to Magnify Small Spaces

You may find yourself in a smaller space than what you are used to due to various reasons like a sudden shift of location or office, high rental costs and many more. At such moments, you need to adjust how to arrange your stuff to fit without leaving your house looking clumsy or unkempt. Below we look at tips that make a small room look bigger.

Create An Attention-Getter

Intentionally create a big eye attraction that causes attention to the room. For example, it could be a magnificent floral/landscape/animal wallpaper. This will drive the guest’s attention directly to the wallpaper and not wonder their eyes around the room.

Magic Mirror

A mirror works wonders in a small room –the larger, the better, with a magnificent attractive frame. A mirror acts as an attention-getter. It reflects the opposite wall without the need for turning. It creates an allusion of a bigger room than it is.

Positioning a Few Large Attractive Objects

It could be a large portrait of you or loved ones, an oversized classy lamp, etc. By strategically placing such large objects in a small room, it magically causes viewers to focus on their grandiosity rather than the size of the space.

Adhering to a Simple Classic Shade of Colour

These make the room to flow effortlessly, it also causes the viewer not to be attracted by the walls and surrounding, and so his/her focus remains on the grand scale objects.  The right colour to go for is white.

White has its unique reflective qualities. It is known to magically open space which comes with an airy, lightening serene and calmness. When painted in walls and ceilings, it blurs boundaries between ceiling and walls, causing the viewer to travel all the way around without encountering barriers. So, the walls seem more significant, and the ceiling appears higher. White causes viewers to focus on the architecture rather than the room size.

Invest In Low Ground Furniture

Sleek sofas or chairs use up less space than the overstuffed couches. Have them made with small legs; this way, they create a more open space above them, making the room look more spacious. For the bedroom, you can use a loft bed or a plain mattress directly to the carpeted floor.

Avoid Curtains and Rugs

Curtains tend to block distance, and so you can trick the eye to view beyond the curtain by eliminating them. These also add light to the room, making it look more spacious. However, if you need the privacy created by curtains, you can consider using an extended curtain bar that allows you to fully expose the window, cloth blinds, lightweight mesh, or shutters.

Minimize the Use of Rugs in the Room to Create Space for Movement.

  • Keep it low and simple

Managing small spaces is all about planning, editing, and executing. The more possessions, pieces and patterns in the room, the more cluttered it may feel. Try grouping items as one and avoid indulging in overwhelming colours. Avoid using heavy fabrics and materials that occupy space and absorb light, alternatively use linen fabric because they are lighter and allow room airing.


To maintain contentment in life, one should be able to make adjustments wherever they find themselves. Whether big or small space, the eye of a property stylist is vital to ensure everything fits in at the same time, remaining stylish and elegant.

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