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Eye Shadowing Techniques and Colours to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Getting lost in those pools of blue is easy to do – if your eye make-up is done correctly and enhances your baby blues. Blue eyes are a blessing and tend to stand out from any other colour and there a variety of techniques you can use to make them stand out even more.
Eye shadow plays a massive part in accentuating the natural beauty of your beautiful blue eyes and in this post, we explore some eye shadowing techniques that will make your peepers pop.

Contrast is Important

Contrasting eye shadow is important when it comes to bringing your baby blues to attention. It makes sense that using blue eye shadow may not be as effective as brown if you have blue eyes. Your eyes will blend in with the eye shadow and get lost in the sea of blue that is your eye make-up.
However, contrasting colours will bring them to the forefront. Using orangey tones as your eye shadow will contrast your blue eyes significantly and make them stand out even more. A good technique is to make a gradient of orange-based colour – it doesn’t have to be bright. Brown is also great for making the eyes really pop. If I use a brown, I will use the natural tone of my skin to create the gradient.

Complimentary Colours

When applying make-up, think of your face as the canvas and use the natural colours, contours, and features to your advantage. When choosing your makeup to take into account the colour of your eyes, in this case, we are working with blue. Using complementary colours, such as purple, is a great option that can look visually stunning if done correctly. You can create different styles by taking inspiration from nature. Think about the sunrise and the colours associated with it. Add some golden specks to eye shadow to really make your eyes sparkle like the sun.  So work with your blue eyes and choose colours that will complement them in the best possible way.


Keep it simple Sally. Blue eyes naturally stand out from the crowd and penetrate even the toughest of souls without make up. So it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to enhance them. As I said earlier, work with what your mother gave you. Your eye make-up has the ability to make attract or detract from your baby blues. Keep your eye make-up simple to allow your eyes to be the star of the show, rather than your eye makeup. Extravagant artistic eye make-up can look amazing but will sometimes have opposite effect to what you are looking for. It all depends on your mood on the day.

Eyeliner to look Finer

Eyeliner is great for framing your eyes and drawing attention to the natural beauty of your eyes. Using eyeliner only on the top of the eye can be better than using it on top and bottom. Eyeliner on the bottom tends to detract rather than enhance as the bottom eyeliner will wash out the blueness of your eyes. Choose a brief sweep of eyeshadow underneath instead.
You can also choose instead a bottom eyeliner shade that perfectly matches your eye colour to really wow people.

Get Creative

Make-up is an art form and art has unlimited combinations and possibilities and the process is fun and meditative. If you have some free time and want to get creative, bust out the makeup bag and have some fun, get to YouTubing. It’s good to keep your make up bag well stocked with a variety of colours so that you have the freedom to experiment and have some fun.
Metallic eyeshadows are fun to blend with natural colours as they have the ability to really add some sheen and sparkle. Take inspiration from nature, art and of course, the internet is an unlimited source of information and inspiration. Don’t be afraid to be bold and try new techniques and colour combinations. As the old saying goes, fortune favours the brave.
Blue eyes are captivating and remind us of the ocean and sky. They have the ability to draw people in as they get sucked into your gaze. They are also fun to play around and get creative in the make-up department. You can be as bold or as subtle as you want. Sometimes simple is the best method, as blue eyes don’t take a lot of effort to enhance. That being said, of course there are some techniques that work better than others and hopefully, this post has been of some help when it comes to making your blue eyes sparkle. Get creative and some fun with it and find your own unique style.