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Feeling Flat After the HSC? Get Back Into Training With These Tips

The HSC is one the most stressful times in our schooling lives. They are not the be all and end all but can help set up the future we desire – whether it’s getting into the University of our choice or securing a job. The lead up to the HSC is a stressful period of all-nighters, not the partying fun kind either! It’s all about study, study, and more study.
The intense cramming involved can take its toll on the mind and the body, but it’s all worth it when the scores come in and all the hard work pays off. Well, that’s of course if you get the mark you were hoping for! Regardless of your scores, once the HSC is over a wave of calm washes over you and you can finally get back to living your life. No doubt with all the pre-HSC hoo-ha your exercise routine went out the window. This post is dedicated to giving you some hints and tips on how to get back into shape.

Start Slowly

After a hiatus from physical exercise for quite some time, it’s a good idea to start off slowly. Pushing yourself too hard on your first training session will hurt physically and mentally and can do more damage than good. If you push too hard your body will ache and your mind will flinch at the idea of putting yourself through it again.
Start slowly and gradually and then work your way back up. Go for a short run and gradually push yourself harder and harder over the next month. If you’re partaking in boxing training or aerobics, take it easy on yourself and don’t push too hard, regardless of if the instructor is yelling at you to “push it push it push it!”


Yoga is my go-to stress relief and exercise. I tell all my friends to get into it because of the benefits one can receive from regular practice. The stigma of housewives in colourful pants doing yoga is long gone and now everyone from athletes to famous musicians are getting on board the yoga train. It’s a great way to strengthen your body and calm the mind. There are many different styles of yoga and a good idea is to sample all of them and see which one resonates with you.

Boxing Training

Boxing training is a great way to get back into the exercise arena. Whether you see yourself as the next Jeff Fenech or would just like to get toned and fit boxing training has you covered.  It’s quite a diverse training regime that will have you punching a bag and working on your cardio. There are boxing clubs in pretty much every city and town across the country and you don’t need much equipment to get started. Just grab yourself some bag mitts and away you go.

Team Sports

Team sports are a great way to increase your fitness, make friends and learn some valuable skills that will help you in other areas of your life. Being part of a team has a multitude of benefits such as leadership skills and learning to cooperate with others while striving for a common goal. So, if basketball, soccer or football is your gab, jump online and check out the local sporting teams in your area. A good place to start is your local club as they have a bunch of sports and activities to get you back in the exercise arena.

Cross Fit

Cross fit is a multi-faceted exercise regime usually done at high intensity and incorporates elements from a variety of different disciplines, from running, to aerobics, to weightlifting. It has gained immense popularity over the last decade and continues to gain momentum. The great thing about cross fit is the diversity and the range of movement that it provides. It’s great for building strength and increasing your cardio while having fun. Well hopefully. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


Parkour is an exercise and training discipline that will give you the necessary balance, skills, and strength to navigate an obstacle course, usually in an urban environment. It was developed from military obstacle course training and involves jumping, climbing and pretty much everything that is required to get from the start to the finish. Ninja Warrior, the popular television show, is a prime example of Parkour where the contestants have to navigate a difficult obstacle course to reach the finish in the fastest time. Obviously, to get to the Ninja Warrior level, it will take years of dedication and training, but your local club has beginner classes that will get you started on your parkour adventure.
The HSC’s are over. There is no excuse anymore to slack off on exercise. Your body is your vehicle to drive through life and the better it performs the easier life will become. Think of it like a car. The better you take care of it the longer it lasts. So hop to it!
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