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Feng Shui Tips for Your Granny Flat or Home Office

Everyone’s reason for adding a Granny Flat to their home is different, but typically they all have one thing in common: they are looking to add more space to their living area to create more calmness and harmony in the home overall. Today we’ll take a look at how adding some elements of feng shui to the design of your Granny Flat (whether you’re using it as a bedroom or home office) can make your bedroom more peaceful or make your home office a more productive space to work in.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing objects within a room to create an optimum flow of energy. Feng translates to “wind” and Shui translates to water, as wind and water are associated with good health in Chinese culture and thus, the practice of feng shui is meant to bring you good health and good fortune. Feng shui dates back over 6,000 years and incorporates elements of philosophy, astronomy, and astrology.
One important concept within feng shui is the idea that everything has chi or energy. A second important concept is the idea of yin and yang or the balance of opposing forces or energies. Overall the idea behind feng shui is to create balance and positive energy within a room so that you feel at peace in the space.

1. Limit Electronics

If you’re using your Granny Flat as a bedroom, try to allow as little electronic devices in as possible, or use cabinets or drawers to hide them away when not in use. According to the principles of feng shui, these items take away positive energy from the room. They also allow stresses from your work and social life to enter the room, making it more difficult to relax and sleep. The same goes for exercise equipment-if possible, keep it out of the room. You’ll associate it with high energy activities, making it harder to sleep.
If you’re using your Granny Flat as a home office, it will probably be more difficult to limit electronics. However, it’s still useful to have a place to hide your devices out of sight if you need to take some time to think deeply to work out a problem while offline.

2. Fresh Air

Maintaining a good flow of air throughout the room generate positive energy in the space according to the principles of feng shui. Whether your Granny Flat is a bedroom or home office, make sure you can easily open a window to let in fresh air. Essential oils are also great for freshening and energising the air in your room, just make sure they are true essential oils and not fragrance oils, which often contain harsh chemicals.

3. Placement of Bed or Desk

In any room, there is a position of power that should be reserved for the room’s inhabitant to observe the entirety of the space. Whether it’s a bed or desk, you’ll want to place it opposite of the room’s entrance. The entrance of the room is where energy flows in, so you don’t want to block the stream by placing the bed or desk too close to the door.
Wherever possible, you should also strive to orient the bed or desk so that there is a solid wall behind it. Feng shui notes that a wall of windows behind the power position can make the room’s inhabitant feel like they are vulnerable from behind, and thus lacking control in the room. If it’s not possible to have a solid wall behind the power position, a headboard or high-backed chair will do.

4. Colour

The colour of your room will have a big impact on how you feel inside it. For a home office, soft yellows, pale green, or blue-green are great colours to calm you and keep you free from distraction. White can help foster mental clarity, while earth tones can help to ground you if you are easily overwhelmed. For a bedroom, earth tones, especially those in the range of human skin tones, are recommended to help ground you as you fall asleep.

5. Visuals

In a home office, you don’t want your desk to face a blank wall, as this can cause you to feel that you are constantly facing insurmountable obstacles in your work. Instead, hang up text or images related to your work ethic or what you are working to accomplish. Some family photos are ok, but too many can invite in distractions from your home life that prevent you from excelling in your work. More photos of family and personal interests are fine in a bedroom setting, just be sure not to create too much clutter on the walls
Finally, make sure to choose furniture with rounded corners and choose soft but adequate lighting to reduce stress and avoid eye strain.