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Fuso Announces the Introduction of a Comprehensive Ready-Made Range

The Australian Trucking market has grown considerably since the late nineties, with major truck manufacturing companies moving in to set up shop down under. The options available for trucking companies are immense and anyone planning to establish or scale up a transport and cargo business would be spoilt for choice in this environment.
In the past, it was enough for the truck manufacturers to fabricate products as the orders came in but in recent years, the demand for trucks has risen so fast that the manufacturers cannot keep up. This has resulted in long waiting periods and cancelled orders and disgruntled clients. Due to the changing trucking landscape in the country, the manufacturers have picked a page from the Isuzu Group’s Tradepack brand and started stocking ready-to-go trucks. Clients can now order their trucks, drive them off the lot and begin raking in an income right away. This strategy has had such a boost in sales that every manufacturer is developing it as an option even for heavy-duty trucks.

Fuso Solution

In line with its customer satisfaction ideology, Fuso Australia has taken its time to launch this product range so as to make it right for the client. Time was spent identifying the products and specifications and truck spare parts most Aussies needed. With this in mind, Fuso began working with reliable truck body builders in Australia giving them advance orders so that the products would be ready-to-go when a client walks into the dealership.
The Fuso ‘Built-Ready’ truck range in Australia consists of eight different models that clients can choose from. They fall into two main groups, Canters and Fighters. While most of the truck bodies can be fabricated in the country, the Canter Tippers have to be sourced directly from Japan.

Canter Built Ready Range

The Fuso Canter is a light duty truck with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 3,500 kg to 8,550 kg. It is a versatile truck that can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications and offers up to 30,000 km service intervals. The Canter’s all come equipped with world-class safety features including an exclusive brake priority system that overrides the accelerator and dual airbags for the driver and passenger. They also come with a multimedia SAT/NAV unit that can support 3 reversing cameras and Bluetooth devices. The Canter Built Ready Range includes the following products.

  • The 515 Wide Cab Pantech has two body configuration options depending on the kind of loads the client is interested in transporting. The reinforced fibreglass panelling with a smooth gloss finish is suitable for robust loads while the lightweight honeycomb option is available for clients who those with increased payloads.
  • The 515 Wide and City Cab Alloy Tray models are built to cater for the construction industry and are equipped with mesh-lined headboards, rope rails, split drop sides and independent front suspension with rack and pinion steering that gives you excellent handling. The main difference between the City and Wide Cab is the dimension of the in the body size with the wide cab being considerably longer and wider than the city cab. City Cabs are well suited for maneuvering in residential areas while the wide cab is better for carrying bulky payloads in unrestricted construction sites.
  • The City and Wide Cab Tippers are ready to deliver sand, stone or rock to any site of your choosing. The 615 City Cab Tipper boasts the largest GVM available in a narrow cab light-duty factory tipper and a unique box section chassis that lowers the loading height. The 815 Wide Cab Tipper is robust and comes with an automatic tailgate and drop sides for easy access.
  • The 515 City Cab Refrigerated Body comes with a styrene sandwich panel wall, roof and front construction and can maintain temperatures of between 00 and – 210 C. This truck is excellent for delivering chilled or frozen food to restaurants and supermarkets within the city because it has a narrow body well suited for navigating residential roads.

Fighter Built Ready Range

The Fuso Fighter is a versatile medium duty truck with a GVM of 10,400 kg to 24,000 kg and consists of two truck types, the Tautliner Range and Tipper.

  • The Fighter 1124 Tipper comes with heavy-duty features such as a 5mm 350-grade hardox floor and a 2-way side swing air release tailgate as well as 500mm high sides.
  • The Tautliner Range is available in 10, 12 and 14 pallet configurations with 5, 6 and 7 ratcheting load binders in sliding track respectively.


Fuso Australia is always working with its clients and adapting to the market trends in order to ensure all-round customer satisfaction. Making these Ready-to-go trucks available in the Aussie market is just one of many efforts the company is ready to make for the benefit of its customers.
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