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Getting Your Car Ready for Sale

Is it time to say goodbye to your beloved chariot? The car that has served you well on road trips with friends, family holidays, and countless hours driving to and from work. Your reliable car deserves the best price for it. If you want to get a fair price, you have to put in a little bit of effort, and that includes a mechanical check and a decent clean inside and out.  In this post, we take you through the necessary steps to ensure you get the best price for your vehicle.

Registered or Unregistered.

Expect a significantly lower price if you plan on selling your car un unregistered. The cost involved in getting a vehicle registered sits around the $1000 mark, and that’s providing no repairs need to be made to attain a roadworthy certificate. That being said, it’s much easier to sell a car that registered. Of course, you will still have to get the roadworthy certificate as it’s a condition of sale for a registered vehicle in Australia.

The Mechanicals

Before sale take your car for a service at your local mechanics. Potential buyers will pick up on the noises coming from your car, and it’s an indication of how well the car has been maintained. Getting a service will ensure that your car running well and ready to impress a potential buyer. The service also includes an oil change, and any person with a little car knowledge will check the oil to see how well the car has been looked after. Clean oil on the dipstick is a good sign that the car has had a good life and will help you sell it.

Get Your Car Detailed

Make your car sparkle inside and out for a quick sale. You could detail the car yourself but to be honest, you won’t be able to do the job as good as the professionals. You will be able to retrieve the cost of the detail service on the sale. You may even be able to mark the price up to a few hundred after the detail and make extra profit.
Car detailers are mobile these days and will come directly to your home or business and detail your car inside and out. Some companies offer a pre-sale service that includes a full vehicle clean inside and out. The detailer will even clean underneath your car and in the engine bay. When you pop the hood, you want the motor to look as good as the rest of the vehicle.

Selling Channels

There is no need to ring up the trading anymore. There are many ways to sell your vehicle on the internet for free such as a free classified like GumTree or an online car trading website. Oh… and don’t forget to post your car on social media.
There are a few things to do to get the price for your baby but if you enlist the help of a professional mechanic and car detailer it really isn’t that much work at all. Good Luck.
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