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Home-Staging Tricks to Lighten Up Dark Spaces

If you are looking for some simple tricks to brighten up dark rooms and spaces that lack sunlight in your home, this post is for you. We all know that dark spaces can have an impact on our mood and it is well known that bright rooms make us feel happier and vibrant but major renovations can be time-consuming and expensive. Still, if your home has minimal natural light and feels more like a cave in some parts, you probably want to do something about it to prevent your place from appearing smaller and looking cramped and moody.
If you are eager to learn a little about interior design tricks and want to brighten up your home in a quick and easy manner, we have put together seven beginner tips and advanced ideas for creating light spaces and maximising what you already have. If you are tight on a budget keep in mind, there are a lot of great furniture rental places, which offer furniture pieces for a price that is easy on the wallet and a great way to try out something new and lend a finishing touch to your home’s makeover.


Mirrors hung across the largest window in your room will double the amount of sunlight in the room as the more shiny surfaces are added, the more light will be reflected back. Mirrors can also be hung directly opposite each other to create a certain depth that enlarges the room. If you intend to make a short hallway look longer, place a large mirror at the end.


Neutral colours such as grey and mushroom will make a room that lacks insufficient daylight look brighter as the paint reflects light and doesn’t absorb it. Light colours are a great contrast if you have dark wooden floors or doors. When you paint your walls new also keep in mind that glossy paint will create a glare, whereas matt surfaces reflect light in every direction.


If you have a dark room but like heavy furniture, try to keep the items down to a minimum. Heavy furniture will make the room feel darker and smaller than it actually is, hence chose your pieces carefully and maybe add a couple of lighter pieces to the set to create a more spacious looking room.

Light colour scheme

Opt for a white or neutral colour scheme when painting and decoration your room.  You can also paint the ceiling white to help light reflect back into the room. The more lighter colours you use, the more spacious and bright your room will look like. Using hues of white will also make your home appear clean and crisp.


A sophisticated approach of adding light to a dark space is installing lamps that shine down onto the walls. This is also a nice way to highlight details such as cabinets or decorative standing tables to make them a focal point of the room. Table lamps also work well on windowsills and shelves as they cast indirect light across the room


Dark wooden floors are as popular as they are beautiful in contemporary homes but drain a lot of light. To fix this matter you can add a rug in a brighter tone as an excellent statement piece but also help bring light into the room. A nice patterned rug will break up the darkness and look sharp against dark flooring and heavy furniture.


Even in rooms with little sunlight, plants make a great decoration. Not only will they light an area but come in different colours to extend the colour scheme of your interior décor. Plants like orchids or bromeliads bring light and life to any room and are also great space breakers.
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