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Despite their seemingly restricted use, once installed, roller shutters are quite versatile in the scope of their function. They can serve several purposes, including insulation, security, fire retardation, and environmental regulation. In all, roller shutters have proven to be a popular addition to both homes and commercial properties in recent times. However, of all the functions that roller shutters serve, perhaps the most overlooked and often least understood would be their ability to reduce noise.

Made with aluminium and steel, roller shutters are excellent barriers. The methods used in their installation play a considerable role in this effectiveness. If they are correctly installed, with minimum gaps and a close fit, then their efficacy becomes much more apparent than if they remain mere additions on the outside of the properties’ many openings.

If roller shutters are manufactured without any enhancements but with high-quality materials, then the simple act of installing them will have a significant impact on the levels of noise within your property. When closed, roller shutters have been proven to reduce levels of noise penetrating property interiors by 75% or more! Impressive!

To get optimum outcomes, however, extra care must be taken to make sure that roller shutters are at their best. Especially vital in this respect is the type of material used in the production of the shutters. Good quality steel or aluminium that is made with thicker dimensions will always produce much better results than those of standard thicknesses. In addition to this, the mounting methods count. Setting the roller shutters up in mounts that have been carefully measured and securely installed certifies that the number of gaps are minimised. Minimal air-gaps mean fewer areas where noise can penetrate the inside of the property from. This, however, does not guarantee that the roller shutters will be completely soundproof. Air will still be able to find gaps to move through, bringing with it some noise from the outside.

The materials used in the making of the doors have already been mentioned, but there is also another alternative. Making use of insulated shutter doors has yielded satisfactory results. This process of insulation lends a measure of soundproofing to the roller shutters so that once they are installed; they will immediately keep out unwanted noise.

Unfortunately, merely implementing all the measures already suggested does not sufficiently bring out the noise reduction properties of the roller shutters. To achieve this objective, the whole system must be completely sealed to keep air from getting into gaps, thus bringing some noise in. Sealing the roller shutters is done by applying a sealant usually made of silicone between the headbox, the wall and the guides. When done in conjunction with other sealing projects around the property, including window casements and door gaps, this sealant can transform the roller shutters into a very significant barrier against noise pollution.

Enclose your property in a bubble of serene tranquillity by making use of a simple, yet complex multi-functional apparatus. Contact a manufacturer today that has the knowledge and the experience to guide you through the selection of roller shutters that will have the best noise reduction properties.

With a wide range of design to choose from, you would not have to sacrifice the overall look of your property to get the resultant benefits of a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere.

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