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How To Choose The Right Water Tank

Water is an essential element, which why people usually invest in tanks for storage purposes. With plenty of options to choose from, it can be quite challenging to identify the best tank to buy. 

Below are some considerations you should take when shopping for a water tank.


Location of the Tank

The site that you intend to place the water tank affects your choice. It also determines if you need to build a foundation and make other adjustments before installing the tank. The two main types of water storage tanks are above-ground and underground. 


Above-ground Water Tanks

Above-ground tanks are easier to install than underground tanks. They are also cheaper, as you do not need to excavate the ground. You can easily identify any damages on an above-ground tank, and you do not require specialised equipment to fix them.

The most significant disadvantage of above-ground tanks is their exposure to elements. They are highly susceptible to damage resulting from accidents and storms. This means that you might have to buy a new one or incur substantial repair costs in case of damages.


Underground Water Tanks

Underground water tanks are a popular choice because they do not take up large spaces. Their location means that they are not vulnerable to harsh weather and accidents. On the downside, underground tanks are more expensive to install because you need to excavate the ground.



Another factor to consider is the material of the tank. In this regard, there are three main options – steel, fibreglass, and plastic.



Steel water tanks are ideal for commercial use because of their strength and vast storage spaces. They are also easy to install.



Fibreglass tanks are famous for being lightweight and durable. They are easy to install and immune to rusting and corrosion. Since they are readymade, they have a maximum diameter of 15 meters so that they are easy to transport. 



The majority of water storage tanks are made of plastic. They are cheap and easy to install. They are also portable, meaning that you can take them with you if you are relocating. 


The Purpose of the Tank

People have different reasons for buying tanks. For example, you might need a rainwater tank, while another person might need it to store water for construction purposes. 

If you need a tank for collecting rainwater, 5,000 litres should be sufficient. For construction purposes, you will need a bigger option. 


Colour of the Tank

If you opt for a plastic tank, ensure that it is dark in colour. This prevents sunlight, which can promote the growth of algae and bacteria. Such organisms can affect the taste and the colour of your water. Some of them are potential health hazards.

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