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How to Go Subtly Darker for Winter

Ready for a hair change but don’t want too big a change? Winter is a great time to go a little bit darker, as the colours often match our winter clothing choices. A subtle change is often a better choice than a big change. People get a little bit weirded out if you go from bright blonde to brunette, or red to deep purple. If you go with a subtle change then you can learn towards more brunette later if you’re really feeling it, or go back lighter again easily if you decide it’s not really your thing.
But how do you go subtly go darker? Here we take a look at a few different techniques that can give you a little bit of change in your hair life.

Darken up your roots

The ombre look is still in, so that means no one really needs to be pedantic about covering up their roots when their lighter colour is growing out. If you’re a blond, instead of getting your roots done the same colour, ask your hairdresser instead to try a graduated, darker colour. This will soften up your dye line and allow you to have dark roots. You can then either let this grow out more, keep it the same, or go back to lighter after if you wish.

Darker underneath

Many people choose to get streaks via lowlights on the underside of their hair, instead of the usual highlights on top (although you can do this at the same time). Adding in brunette streaks underneath will see this colour peeping out when you have your hair out, or provide a really interesting look if you have it swept up in a pony or topknot. After putting streaks in underneath, next time you can start adding them in up top if you’re loving the brunette, let them grow out if you’re not really digging it, or put in more highlights underneath to phase them out again.

Just go a shade or two darker

Prefer an all over dye job? Instead of going full on dark, simply ask your hairdresser to see what you colour would be a shade or two darker than it is currently. You’ll find that you might notice a big difference in your colour but friends and family might be like, “Have you changed something about yourself?”. Because it’s a subtle change, it’s an easy way to see whether you do actually like things a little bit darker or not.

Use a rinse

Not committed to going brunette? Why not try out a rinse for a non-permanent change? While these colours don’t last long and don’t have a very striking effect, they’re a good way to have a little bit of a change from your everyday colour without locking yourself into something that you end up stuck with.
There are plenty of way to go subtly darker over winter and these are just some of them. If you’re still looking for ideas, then it’s a good excuse to head to the hairdresser and ask for their professional opinion. A principal colourist is a great person to ask for ideas, particularly if the salon regularly competes in events. They’ll be up to date with all the latest fashions and techniques and will be able to direct you towards what might work particularly well on your hair. You’ll be able to learn the cost for each too. Different shades of brunette work with different colourings, too, so make sure to have a browse around the internet and see which colours might work best for your hair, skin tone, and current wardrobe, too!