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How To Install Marble Mosaic Tiles

Having a mosaic floor in your home is an excellent way of showcasing your creativity and adding colour to your interior spaces.

Mosaic marble floor tiles are popular all over the world, having been introduced years go. People like these tiles because they brighten up spaces and give them a unique look. Moreover, they are not difficult to install, last for long, and, more importantly, can function both indoors and outdoors.

Here are the steps you should follow when fitting mosaic marble tiles.

Planning and Design

The best areas to install a marble mosaic are entryways, countertops, and kitchen backsplashes. This is because mosaics work well in limited spaces.

Before anything, you should research to find the mosaic pattern that appeals to you. There are various resources you can refer to, including magazines, suppliers, and the internet. Once you find a suitable option, you should contact your supplier so that they can create a design based on your preferences. If you feel confident enough, you can purchase the tiles and design them by yourself.

Doing it Yourself (DIY)

Installing a mosaic tile is quite challenging, mainly because the working space is limited. That said, the task is easier if you are using tiles with simple patterns and uniform colours.

You can fix the tiles one by one or otherwise, depending on the factors involved in your design. Considering the size, you can either purchase small ones or buy a huge tile sheet and cut it into your desired shapes.

Preparing the Surface

Once the tiles are ready, the next step is preparing the surface. First, ensure that there are no electrical wires in the space. After that, clean and sand the surface.

If you will install the tiles one by one, use a pencil and a plumb level to mark the surface. Otherwise, draw a line across the centre of the surface.


When installing the tiles, you need a trowel and mortar, use the lines drawn above as a guide, and step back frequently to ensure that the alignment is correct.  Once you finish laying the tiles, place a wooden block above them and tap with a mallet to make them firm. If some tiles do not fit well, use nippers to trim them. Also, remember to remove the covering before you start the actual fitting.

Grouting and Sealing

If the spaces between the tiles are smaller than an eighth of an inch, use non-sanded grout. However, sanded grout does not damage marble floor tiles.

You should always leave the tiles untouched for 24 hours to allow them to dry. After this, brush any residue from the surface and then use a rubber float to apply your preferred grout.  Once the grout dries, wipe the mosaic with a damp sponge and then dry it using a dry cloth. After a few days, apply a sealant.


Mosaic tiles add colour to dull interior spaces. What’s more, they bear the benefits of marble floor tiles, such as durability, ease of fitting, and a beautiful look. Keep in mind that the longevity of your marble tiles depends on the maintenance you accord them. Make sure that you clean them regularly to avoid damages and maintain their shiny look. Avoid wearing shoes over them, unless they are in an entryway that leads outdoors. Lastly, you should not let water stand over them for extended periods.

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