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How to use dark marble in your kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Most architects and interior designers struggle to come up with quality layouts for kitchens. The difficulty is a consequence of the numerous fittings that are needed. From the sink, faucets, and cabinets to the tabletop and cooking area, there is a lot that goes into kitchen designs. The colour scheme on kitchen walls is crucial. Moreover, tiles complement the colour of the walls. Therefore, your tiles have to match the colour of your walls and your ceiling design. Most kitchens have warm colours on the walls. Consequently, most designers opt for warm colours to complement the design. Nonetheless, dark tiles and slabs have their place in kitchen designs.

Marble Tiles

In the kitchen, tiles cover the floor space and sometimes part of the walls. Marble is an excellent durable option that is not only affordable but also beautiful. Its application ranges from tabletops and floors to facades and internal walls.  Very few natural stones top the aesthetic appeal of marble. It’s one of the most beautiful stones in the market offering elegant kitchen finishes. Marble tiles come in rich colours and have natural textures that cannot be replicated. Variety of marble tiles exist and one can easily find a design that fits their needs.
For a unique design, dark marble tiles go well with most warm kitchen colour schemes. These tiles offer a subtle contrast that makes your kitchen stand out. There are numerous dark natural marble tiles in the market with exceptional appearances. Selection is based on price, colour, and personal preference.Once you choose the colour design the next step is to settle on the finish. A honed finish has the surface ground to be smooth, flat and consistent. Since marble has a natural shine, the polish is removed to leave a matte surface with minimal reflection. A honed finish is suited for surfaces that have a lot of foot traffic like the kitchen
On the other hand, a polished marble tile has a highly reflective surface. This accentuates the character of the stone bringing out the vibrancy of the stone’s colours. The texture is smooth and not very porous. A seal is applied on the tiles and this covers all the pores preventing moisture damage and stains. A polished floor is easy to maintain and offers a unique glossy look that makes the floor space and walls in the kitchen attractive. Other finishing options include sand-blasted, brushed, flamed and tooled.

Dark Marble Tiles

Most marble tiles come in warm bright colours ranging from white to beige. However, some tiles are dark coloured and offer the perfect contrast for kitchen floors and walls. Here are some of the top-selling dark marble tiles available in the market.

  • Dark Emprador Tiles

This is a stunning tile that has been a top seller in interior construction. The dark brown 3mm thick marble tile has an unparalleled appeal that makes it good for kitchen floors and walls. The tiles are lightweight saving on the installation process due to low labour cost and low adhesive cost. The tiles also have the option of a honed finish that is ideal for kitchen floors and walls. They measure 600mm by 600mm and 600mm by 300mm with custom designs available.

  • Castile Grey Marble Tiles

The Castile grey tiles are a popular selection for many interior spaces and they blend in seamlessly with numerous kitchen design. The dark grey colour is suitable for most kitchens and offers a stunning contrast with most warm colours. The tiles come in a honed finish that appeals to many interior designers.

Dark Marble Slabs

A dark marble slab makes for a good kitchen countertop. It offers a good contrast to the wall paint and it can be installed to match the floor tiles. Polished finishes are good for countertops since they have an attractive gloss and are resistant to moisture. The sizes range from 290cm by 160cm slab to 270cm by 190cm. The slabs can be used for both rustic and contemporary interior kitchen designs. The Castile Café is a dark grey slab that comes in a honed finish and offers a stunning design solution for kitchens.
Use dark grey marble to offer contrast or compliment the colour scheme in your kitchen. If you are not certain of the best colour selection. Consult an interior designer or an architect for design solutions that meet to your needs. The good thing about marble is that you cannot run out of variety. Therefore, keep your imagination wide and consult to find the closest design solution that matches your dream kitchen. Whether it’s on your floor, walls or countertop, you can never go wrong with dark marble.
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