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Keep Your Apartment Safer by Getting Roller Shutters

Safety comes first in any neighbourhood. Whether you stay in a community estate or an apartment, you can’t compromise on safety. In Australia, there is, on average, around 200,000 break-ins reported each year.  Most of these break-ins end up with stolen property or vandalism. In some instances, people get hurt or killed. Over the years, the increasingly hard economic circumstances have pushed the crime rates over the roof. This has translated to at least one house being broken into every 3 minutes. Modern burglars have also designed ingenious ways to break into houses. Some come disguised as phone, cable or gardening professional while others find loopholes in your security system. The secret to a safe and secure home now lies in adopting efficient security systems.
Intruders take time to spy on their target. They come when your apartment is most vulnerable. Some spend weeks taking notes on your movement and the layout of your house. Others peer through the windows to pick out the most valuable items. On the day of the heist, it’s a quick in and out. With only a small window period, an intruder can empty your house within minutes. They might not have the confidence to take out the furniture in an apartment building but they will definitely empty your jewellery chest and pocket any other valuable item. Most burglars know what’s inside your house and who is inside, this gives them an upper hand. Luckily, roller shutters make all the difference.
Roller shutters are an effective security installation guaranteed to keep burglars guessing. When the shutters are down, there is no way to know who or what’s inside. These window fittings maintain a high level of privacy and security. Unless someone is inside your home they can’t tell what’s going on. Intruders who peer through windows and take notes will definitely have little to take down. Roller shutters are completely opaque. They are installed on large windows that are within reach but more often than not, homeowners have them on all windows. The element of privacy gives you an upper hand against burglars and intruders.
Whenever we hear of rampant house break-ins in the neighbourhood, we quickly change our door locks and install heavy duty hinges. Unfortunately, we often forget about the windows. Windows offer a good point of entry for burglars. It is highly unlikely that you have heavy duty glass windows. Therefore, a swing at the window is enough to get into your house. Moreover, we are more likely to leave our windows open than our doors and burglars know this. In case you remember to lock your windows, they still have weak locks that are more vulnerable than door locks. If a burglar wants to get in and out quietly they will most likely use the window. Most standard alarm systems are hooked to the main doors thus entry through the windows bypasses your security system.
If you want to seal off the windows as an entry point for burglars, install roller shutters. These window fittings are sturdy and can sustain insult without opening. Once the shutters are completely closed they automatically lock. The bottom rails house slide locks for added security. When in the lock position, aluminium bars secure into the side guides on both sides of the opening. Opening roller shutters without raising an alarm is next to impossible. Aside from guarding your house, roller shutters prevent any damage to your windows. Despite traumatic attempts from a potential intruder, roller shutters are guaranteed to keep your windows safe.
From the outside, roller shutters make a house look like a fortress. This is enough intimidation to any burglar. The installation alludes to an airtight security set up in the house. Even if you don’t have a surveillance system or an alarm system, roller shutters make it look like you do. When you have roller shutters, burglars know you take security seriously. Even professional burglars will definitely think twice about breaking into your house.
Roller shutters are well designed to fit standard windows. Each shutter can be manufactured up to a total size of 9 sq. metres. The rollers come with a curtain, bottom rails and side guides. The side guides and bottom rails are manufactured from extruded aluminium while the curtains are made from polyurethane foam filled slats. Some curtains are also made from extruded aluminium. A pelmet box covers the shutters and it comes in different sizes. The axle has an aluminium rod with fully sealed steel ball bearings. The build of roller shutters is robust and secure.
The operation of roller shutters can either be manual or automatic. The automatic option has a motorised pulley system that makes the operation of the shutters more convenient. It is run electrically but a battery backup operation is also available. The manual operation is either done with a hand feed strap system or a simple hand operated winder. If you are concern about the exterior design of your house, don’t be. Roller shutters come in different colours for you to choose from. Keep your home safe with beautifully designed roller shutters.
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