Bayazid Bostami Posted on 7:11 am

Know the Pros of Using Aftermarket Parts for European Trucks

If by any chance you have had your European truck brought to the shop to be repaired, then you would know that the price tag that comes with such services and parts could be somewhat expensive. This often leaves you with a decision to make: should you go with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or try your luck with aftermarket parts for European trucks?

Should you elect to go with aftermarket parts for European trucks, then you must be made aware of the different benefits that come with making such a choice. Sure, these parts may be fairly cheaper but there remain several questions that still need concrete answers.

But before we take a dive into those, let’s first take a brief look into what exactly are aftermarket parts.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are components of your truck or vehicle that are made by a company different from the original manufacturer. These are meant to be replacements to original parts of your vehicle that have been damaged or compromised. While many experts have debated the quality of aftermarket parts, it always goes back to the fact that the company that manufactured your truck did not produce these parts.

So the question remains: does this really even matter? Some might say that it really depends on what part it is and which company made it. Most times though, the thinking is that aftermarket parts are inferior in quality compared to the ones that were originally made for your truck. And while that may have been the case many years ago, the market of aftermarket parts have since evolved through the years, with many boasting of comparable or even better quality than those of OEM parts.

That being said, let’s now take a look at the different benefits of aftermarket parts.

The Benefits of Aftermarket Parts

1) Price

This is, without a doubt, the biggest reason why there is a demand for aftermarket parts in the first place. The price tags of aftermarket parts are almost assuredly far less than that of OEM parts, at times going as low as 40% less.

2) You Have a Wide Selection of Manufacturers to Choose From

Going for OEM parts means you only get to have one singular option, which most times, means that the price would be a lot more expensive. On the other hand, aftermarket parts are made by a wide range of manufacturers, which means it would be more convenient for you to procure such a part or components. OEM parts that can only be bought at your truck’s dealer may still need to be ordered, and these may take some time before they arrive. All these delays can only mean that you might not be hitting the road with your truck any time soon.

3) The Quality of the Aftermarket Part

This really depends on the kind of equipment from your truck that needs to be replaced. However, it is really not uncommon to locate an aftermarket part that exceeds the quality of its OEM counterpart.


If you are unsure on whether or not to use aftermarket parts for European trucks, you should try and discuss this matter with a trusted mechanic or truck expert. You can also do your due diligence and do your own research on the Internet about the aftermarket part that you are looking for and different manufacturers that are producing this.