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Laminate versus Hardwood Flooring

Laminate floors are made up of compressed sheets of several durable materials such as plywood and synthetic fiberboards for added strength. They are then topped with a sheet of the desired design and a melamine resin finish.
Basically, these are like a copy to the original hardwood floor design. They cost less and have some benefits as compared to hardwood flooring. Modern homemakers choose laminate floorings when they want a sturdy and attractive design without having to break the bank.
Hardwood flooring is the real deal. These are sheets made up of real wood from trees which are cut down and formed into planks. They are then sanded down to a refined look. Hardwood flooring provides a glorious, rich look to your house.
They are perfect for vintage style homes where the owners are willing to spend a little extra to get the real stuff. Exotic woods cost more than domestic wood flooring.
Let’s check out the facts and compare these to find out which one suits you the best!

Visual Appeal

Since hardwood floors are the real thing, they are generally more gorgeous-looking that laminate floors. The natural texture and unpredictable pattern of real wood is one of a kind and cannot be accurately duplicated.
It is safe to say that hardwood flooring has a timeless appeal and unique variety that only comes with this original stuff. For example, if you choose lighter colours of an oak tree, you can add a splash of colour like red, blue or purple stains to your floor.
Laminate flooring has come a long way and its quality has improved to a point where even experts can’t tell the difference between laminate flooring and hardwood flooring.
The more price you’re willing to pay, the higher quality product you can afford with more appeal and beauty. However, it is difficult to completely attain the natural texture and pattern like that of a hardwood floor.
Still, modern homemakers overlook this fact over the many benefits of laminate flooring which we will discuss here in detail.


Hardwood flooring costs more than laminate flooring. not only the product itself but also the installation process for hardwood flooring is comparatively complex and costs more than its counterpart.
In hardwood flooring, you have the option to choose between exotic and domestic wood. The former costs are higher because of its unique design. Although with laminate sheets, you can easily get a steady flooring job with a minimal budget.


One of the biggest reasons why homemakers choose laminate flooring lies in its durability. Laminate flooring can withstand tears, scratches, and heavy footfall. It is made up of stacked plywood and is very sturdy. It is perfect for private and commercial use.
Laminate flooring is also moisture resistant. It does not expand or contract as moisture levels change. It is excellent for bathroom and kitchen areas. You’d also want to stick to it if you have any pets around the house.
Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is not moisture resistant and it is prone to cuts, breakage and scratching easily.


It is easier to maintain laminate flooring because the material does not get scratched as easily as hardwood. It can endure heavy footfall and remain intact in humid weather.
Hardwood flooring gets scratched easily as it is made of actual wood cut out from trees. It does not mean that it lacks longevity, it simply means that hardwood flooring requires more care and frequent maintenance.


Repairing is the second step to maintenance. Once a problem is found, it needs to be dealt with. That’s the benefit of laminate flooring. Everything is easy and manageable in terms of cost and efforts. Laminate flooring does not require frequent maintenance.
When it does so, it isn’t time-taking or heavy on the budget. Laminate sheets can be replaced, although it is difficult to find a sheet exactly like the one you used before (design/colour), so that can become a problem.
Hardwood flooring is pricy to repair. It is also the one that needs most care as frequent refinishing and polishing are required due to its proneness to scratches and moisture damage.
There are no right or wrong answers to your choice of flooring. Once you know your budget, it becomes clear automatically on which material you can afford easily. Although, it is important to keep in mind the maintenance and repair cost in the long term.
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