Rohit Puri Posted on 10:30 am

Leather Lounge Myths

There are fewer things that top the feel and look of beautiful leather lounges. However, as with many good things, there are numerous myths surrounding leather lounges. In this piece, we set out to dispel some of the most common myths about couches.

1. It is tough to Clean

This is one of the most common myths. However, this is far from accurate, and in fact, most types of leather are easy to clean. Although some people prefer using some special cleansers to clean their leather seats, a clean piece of cloth is enough to clean them.

Avoid using detergents and soap on your leather seat; they can easily get discoloured or even get damaged through staining.

If you require extra protection for your seats, go for semi-aniline leather since it comes with a protective layer.

2.It Doesn’t Last Long

This is far from reality because leather furniture often outlives their owners and are passed down from one generation to another.

Most people often go for new leather seats not because their older ones are damaged but because they want to get a more contemporary design that has just hit the market.

3.It is Fragile

This is not factual. Leather is much more durable than other lounge making materials. Whether your home is filled with kids or you host lots of guests, it is still less fragile.

It is a sturdy material that requires considerable force to damage.

4.It gets extremely hot in hot weather and freezing in cold weather

While it is indeed true that leather gets pretty hot when it comes in contact with direct sunlight, it is not the case with seats at home. All you need is to ensure that your leather seats are far from direct sunlight. Apart from heating the seat, direct sunlight also causes it to fade.

5.It holds on to allergens

This is not true, and in fact, this is one of the advantages of using leather. Unlike other fabrics that can hide pollen and dust, this kind of material cannot. Bugs won’t find anything to hold on to in these kinds of furniture.

6.They are just for the wealthy.

Another myth that needs to be busted, because you do not have to be wealthy to have leather lounges. They are not only affordable, but they can outlast all other materials making them the ideal couches to go for, whether you are rich or not. Just be disciplined and save for something that will probably outlive you.

7.Kids and pets easily damage them

This material is sturdy, which means for it to be damaged by kids or pets, a lot of force has to be used. Keep sharp objects away from kids, and everything will turn out well.

Conclusion There are lots of myths out here surrounding leather lounges. We are confident that we have been able to help dispel some of them. While there are still numerous myths out there, these are the most common. Hopefully, if you believed them, then its time you get your facts right and get yourself a leather lounge.

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