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Lipstick Shades for Winter

Colours change from season to season and so should your lipstick. Summer shades are bright and uplifting, autumn shades are earthier tones and spring shades match the flowers in bloom. Winter is a time for whipping out the deep, rich and dark tones. The vamp look is in this winter with models on the runway strutting their stuff down the catwalk wearing black, dark reds, and deep purple. It makes sense to change up your lipstick in winter, just as you do with clothes. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest lipstick shades for the coldest season.

Navy Blue

It’s not often that you get to bust out some navy blue lipstick. It usually looks a bit out of place or a bit over the top. Well, not in winter. It’s the perfect time to wear cool and dark colours while making a statement. Pair navy blue lipstick with a lighter base – go easy on the bronzer. Be bold, be beautiful, be you, be blue.


Black lipstick is hard to pull off without looking like a total goth. The neutral tones of your winter jacket will complement the black lipstick and it will appear subtler. There are a range of black lipsticks on the market. Matte black lipstick looks amazing while wearing black sparkly clothes. They complement each other well, making your clothes and lips pop.


Plum is in this winter. So pucker up and put on the plum. If you’re not comfortable with black and you’re a fan of deep purples, then plum is for you. It looks great with smoky eyes done with shades of purple.


Winter and red wine go together like summer and champagne. So it’s kind of natural that burgundy lipstick would creep onto the runways this winter. The plus side is that when you are partaking in a wine, no one will notice the wine stains on your lips. Bonus!


Deep shades of brown done tastefully can look amazing – but be careful to get the rest of your makeup right. Brown can be a bit tricky. You should take a holistic approach when doing your makeup so everything gels well and compliments each other.


One of my favourite things about winter is the berries. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Why not use nature as inspiration for your makeup? These colours look great on people with olive skin and will look amazing with a little black dress.


The perfect mix of pink and red. If you’re a fan of either of these colours, you’ll love magenta. This one works well if you have fair skin and will give you that femme fatale look. Magenta goes great with a lighter foundation and minimal eye makeup. Maybe a little mascara and that’s all you need to do.


Purple lipstick is one of my absolute favourite tones for any time of the year although it looks best during the colder months. It’s fun, vibrant with tones of badassness. It always reminds me of grape flavoured Hubba Bubba but unfortunately doesn’t taste the same.

Deep Reds

Deep reds look amazing. There are some amazing shades out there that will turn your lips into kissable crimson pillows. Deep reds accentuate your lips and make them look plump and full. They tend to draw attention, but make sure you get the rest of your makeup right or they could be drawing attention to how bad your application skills are.
Winter is here and so it’s time to change up your makeup. These darker days are great for darker shades so experiment in many ways and show the world your beautiful face.

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