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Living room colour palettes for winter

Once the mercury starts to drop, we find ourselves retreating indoors with a nice cup of tea and a good book, cuddled into a blanket in the intimate surrounding of our living room. To make our home more inviting during the season of grey skies with the cold rain splashing against the windows, some of us love to use the change of weather to restyle our interior with seasonal flowers and winter decoration to channel cosiness into our four walls and create a comfy refuge. Winter warming your house using relaxing, sophisticated colours and decors can be a soothing task and brings more personality into your home.
Dry branches and pinecones are great elements to decorate shelves, tables and windowsills for the dark season. Arrange a couple of candles around them for a warm and cosy light source to illuminate the room as you want to maximize light as much as possible during the period of short days. When it comes to making your living room more homely, décor and accessories can go a long way but don’t forget about the smells of the season, as they are important too. A fragrant bowl of potpourri that emits a wintery scent placed on your coffee table or mantel can make a stunning centrepiece.
Getting your living room all seasonal by applying a fresh new coat of paint just for the cold season might be a bit over the top for some, but especially for people who rent their home, wall decals are the perfect winter décor solution as they are easy to apply and not as permanent as paint. Wall decals come in a broad variety of designs such as snowflakes, stars, leaves or deer and make great winter patterns. So how about adding some decorative snowflakes as a focal point around the Aria armchairs in the corner or make your Francesca lounge a centrepiece in your living room by placing a winter themed wall decal above it?
Amongst other shades, this year’s colour trend in interior design is copper and brass, which can be used in candleholders and picture frames. Using metallic colours will add a little sparkle and extravagant lavishness to your living room and also reflect nicely in mirrors when a candle is lit. Furthermore, the colour palette of this winter is introducing rich and deep colours such as berry, charcoal and navy. The trendy hues can be used to avoid the winter blues by adding some pep to neutral spaces with blankets thrown over your Italian leather lounge, fresh flowers, cushions, centrepieces and more. Berry colours such as plum, cherry and raspberry are now used to create a luxurious living room and will give accents to cushions and snuggly quilts. Especially when paired with metallic colours, rich berry shades will work well for a chic and cosy scheme.
The monochrome theme of last year is now replaced by deep black and blue schemes paired with a crisp white for a stylish and contemporary look. Navy blue is a favourite this year and a must for your living room’s colour palette. The dark hue of blue goes with almost any colour whilst being elegant and timeless. Navy blue is often chosen instead of black and can be used as a neutral colour or as an accent to spice up the living room with style while at the same time adding a relaxing feel. Dark hues will give a living room a cosy and intimate atmosphere and when crisp glassware is displayed nicely, the bright white tableware will stand out against the darker shades and give off a certain sparkle like snowflakes.
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