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Losing Weight with Boxing Versus Running

Running and boxing are both great ways to lose weight. Both disciplines provide a cardiovascular workout that is great for burning calories and shedding excess weight. If you ask me, running is a bit one dimensional and doesn’t offer the varied workout that boxing training may.
Don’t get me wrong, running three times or more times a week will give a great workout although it can be quite monotonous. Whereas boxing is a diverse multi-faceted workout that will burn fat, improve cardiovascular health, build strength and agility. Boxing incorporates a variety of different exercises, completed in three minutes’ sessions that mimic the time of a round in the boxing ring.
In this post, we compare the workout and health benefits of boxing versus running.


A training session at the boxing gym includes a variety of different cardio drills such as jumping rope, shadow boxing, burpees, bag work, and pad work. The high tempo of jumping rope makes it an excellent way to burn calories and strengthen your legs and arms. If it’s good for Rocky, it must be good for the people.
Shadow boxing is like real boxing accept you don’t have a partner. It’s usually done in front of a mirror so you can keep an eye on your footwork and posture. Boxers do shadow boxing to improve their speed, agility, and footwork. Believe you me; it’s a more of a workout than it sounds. After three minutes you’re ready for a break. Shadow boxing bring the heart rate up, burns calories while strengthening your core and limbs.
Burpees are a high energy aerobic exercise that incorporates core strength training as well. You start in an upright position, then jump down to a squat, bounce back to a push-up, back to a squat then leap into the air and repeat. The exercise lasts for three minutes or until you run out of steam. You can imagine the level of fitness that three minutes of burpees requires. It not only strengthen your body, but it’s also great for shedding weight.
Bag work and pad work are also done in three-minute rounds. Working the bag, or the pads, gets your whole body moving as you bob, weave, and jab your way to fitness. Like many of the drills in boxing, bag work will increase your strength and stamina. After a month of boxing training, you will notice the weight flying off and you will have muscles where you never thought they existed.
If you do fancy yourself a bit of a wizard on the bag, you might want to get in the ring and spar with a partner to test your skills. A training session will usually end with the option to do some sparring. It’s not compulsory of course, and some people go for the workout.
Sparring in a controlled environment is a great workout. Your adrenaline will be pumping through your body as you face up to your opponent. It requires a medium level of physical fitness so you might want to wait a few months before jumping into the ring. Always remember that you are there to help each other and not hurt each other.


There is no doubt about it, and running will burn the fat right off your body. With a range of health benefits including cardiovascular health, strengthens your muscles and bones. The beauty of running that it involves very little equipment to get started. All you will need is a pair of running shoes, and you’re ready to umm… run. Running or a treadmill or the same path can get monotonous so you might want to mix your routine up by running in the great outdoors. If you’re going to increase the level of your workout, you can always try running up hills.
One of the only negative aspects of running is that it can be quite hard on your joints and feet because of the impact on the lower body. If you do experience joint pain, you might want to give it a miss and find an alternative such as boxing training which is a lower impact workout.

The Calorie Count

The number of calories that you burn during a boxing session or running session are very similar. Harvard researcher found that a runner who weighs 83 kilograms will burn 400 calories on a thirty-minute run. A boxer skipping rope will burn 444 calories in a thirty-minute session and 400 calories in a thirty-minute sparring session.
Both exercises will burn calories around the same rate. The best thing about boxing is the variety of different drills that work your whole body and will increase your core strength. For me, boxing is the clear winner of the showdown for those reasons.
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